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SpeedyGraffiti • 1 year ago

What is your favorite and most popular story? I like this one💯:

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

quite charming indeed. There should be mecha tag too löl.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

Sarcasm on:

WOw this action is out of this world!
ANd the Ending had unbelievable twist, Did YOu see how ducklings started riding the Slide!

TLL Gestalt • 1 year ago

I second this.

this is actually better than morbius

TLL Gestalt • 1 year ago

BRUH! When the duck took out the phone, that's hilarious. The emotions that can be portrayed through "yoyo" and "wawawawawawah" shows the power of animation, not to mention this stop-motion is great. Cute ending too.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

I'm so high that i approve this message!

Darth-Vulpes • 1 year ago

Biasalah manga

TarvaNova • 1 year ago

Dari mana sejarahnya mamalia keloar dari teloorr??? Dan chp sebelumnya ada siluet bayi di telor nya dan sekarang jadi rubah. gk jls nih author isi otak nya ewe teroos

Pukoy • 1 year ago

This is weird.