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Judgment526 • 1 month ago

Goblin Slayer doesn't like this development.

arra1213 • 1 month ago

lets see if this goblin will get his own sword maiden lol

I like this anime because it reminds me of Slime Isekai with its "Notice" system screens lol. All that's missing is our wonderful Raphael-Sama to voice the Notices lol.

smileyklock • 1 month ago

Re:Monster is one of the inspirations for Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken the novel came out 2 years before slime.

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 month ago

The budget for this one seems to be really low though. Not nearly as high as Slime

smileyklock • 1 month ago

Well its not as loved as slime sadly but it is a good story none the less assuming you are into battle junky stories.

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 month ago

Oh, I've kept up with the manga on Mangadex. The story *is* actually pretty good, yes. I'm just sad that the budget's so low. The sparring match was, frankly, pathetic =\

It's actually funny though, the further Slime goes the less interesting it is, and the further Re:Monster goes the more interesting it seems to get. Don't want to spoil anything for the anime only's though.

Vampressqueen Colvin • 1 month ago

I personally didn't like Goblin Slayer. However, I'm thoroughly enjoying this 1! 🥰. A lot mor than i thought i would. 😊

LOTRfreak101 • 1 month ago

also cooking stories!

kitemay • 1 month ago

as a player of both gemcraft games and tales of maj'eyal i don't care about visuals much, long as you can tell the difference between different characters i'm happy

oh damnn

That maybe the case but anime watchers doesn't care at all, as long as the "anime" came first, it's the original ahhahahahah.

Nubloi • 1 month ago

that makes no sense -_-

LesK • 1 month ago

as an anime only US otaku since 1990... it makes perfect sense. if you never read any source materials, and unlike me didn't dig into details of publishing books/manga and when the anime adaptation of each source came out... Rimuru would be the inspiration for Goburou... even down to the 'ahh cmon! what a lame name!' joke here in episode 1. they both eat things. they both got stabbed to death in their first lives. they both get abilities from eating things. they both end up as leaders of their groups... heck Rimuru's FIRST underlings were goblins! etc.

Sarkross • 1 month ago

Yeah, but there is some modern little thing named "Internet" everybody can use to verify infoirmation before writing BS, meaning people had no excuse for actually doing this ... especially lame one like " I don't read manga, so the first with an anime is the first existing, and because I said this I'm right".

LesK • 1 month ago

did i say i was right? nope. i said via perspective, what comes first is the original and everything else was inspired by it. a good number of folks exist on this planet in various forms of information vacuums. there is a whole country in Asia with the initials C and A that has a government that actively filters incoming and outgoing internet traffic. language barriers exist as well. comprehension skills within the same language. American young lady that i knew years ago went on a trip to London, England as a tourist for the first time. as she's checking into her hotel at the front desk, the young gentleman, very handsome, asks her, "What time for a knock you up madam?" she pauses a very long time... not knowing that was British slang for 'a wake up call' and not an offer to impregnate her himself. two people, separated by one Ocean, speaking the same language... can't easily communicate face to face.

also? not everybody uses the internet the same. dude just 6 hours ago responded to me on gogodisqus trying to say, i'll paraphrase: 'gogo knows best that Moonlit Fantasy S2 is completed right now.' seriously, dude is going by gogo's little 'completed' word on MF S2 page and not looking stuff up himself. when me, and around 10 or more folks have been commenting on gogodisqus pages for MF S2 to other folks for 3+ episodes... about how this season will be continuously run for two calendar seasons and have 25 episodes. but dude still thinks the show concluded, this week.

// • 1 month ago

As another anime only I disagree completely. Not knowing the order the source material came out in does not reverse the causality.
It remains a fact that anime adaptions are sourced from their Manga/LN. If Slime came out after the source of this and was inspired by it then so be it. You don't get to decide what inspired what, that's a matter of reality.

I also was immediately reminded of Rimuru, but that doesn't give me the right to say 'nu-uh Rimuru inspired Goburo' when it actually happened the other way around.

LesK • 1 month ago

shrug, causality is relative to nothing without perspective. if you don't have the perspective, you just absorb and encounter what happens when it happens to impinge on your viewpoint.

Tiki • 1 month ago

it may even more resemble that spider reincarnation anime

Piratesgoyarrrr • 1 month ago

Considering the animation, or lack thereof, this seems to be the more apt comparison lol.

AnimeVibesYT • 1 month ago


Chase Gonzaga • 1 month ago

this goblin's sword gets too much

DeathTheHorseman • 1 month ago

I read the manga and he doesn't stay goblin for long. Also he marries a bunch of human girls their group captured but they become very willing very quickly when they see his excellence.

// • 1 month ago

Why would you do this? Are you just out to piss people off?

Sarkross • 1 month ago

Nothing can piss people off more than comment about Goblin Sayer every time another story involve goblins ... especially when Goblins aren't evil (or at least are just typicall monster, not a sadistic male-only species... )

// • 1 month ago

Not the point of what I said.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 month ago

*Goblin Slayer's breathing intensifies*

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 month ago

Note: Do not tell Goblin Slayer about this series lol

Solar • 1 month ago

He always did say goblins are not complete fools but a human being reincarnated as a goblin didn’t even cross his mind,lol

john doe • 1 month ago

He knows that's why he allways kills the kids

vovan1 • 1 month ago

Yes, just look how much a small goblin cave achieve in 14 days. they became full fledged educated murdering teenagers.

If you don't exterminate them fast enough, they can crush whole kingdoms.

Triduo • 1 month ago

I don't think he'll need us to tell him... Knowing him, if there're goblins to kill then he'll just arrive with a plan and lethal force... O___O'

LowJack187 • 1 month ago

Might be time to breakout the old Boomstick and Wiz.

BangZad • 1 month ago

Goblin Slayer will cry seeing this story.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 month ago

Goblin Slayer has troubles with hot goblin wiaifu's (Perter Grill)
Goblin Slayers has troubles with Rimuru's goblins.

// • 1 month ago

To be fair though the Goblins in Reincarnated as a Slime at least weren't a menace to society and now are fully rehabilitated. He might not even classify them as Goblins.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 month ago

Same could be said with Overlords.

// • 1 month ago

I'm not sure I understand

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 month ago

The Goblins In S1 Ainz gave a goblin calling flute to a girl in a village he save as his adventure persona and showed the goblins helping the village in and also were very intelligent. They were more human moral than the usual goblins.

LOTRfreak101 • 1 month ago

you misunderstand. in peter grill that was goblin Layer

Saint Evo • 1 month ago

Goblin Slayer: Did someone say GOBLINS!!!

Deus The Great • 1 month ago

"The only good goblin is the dead goblin."

-Goblin Slayer

MeguminExplosion • 1 month ago

Watched this at the crunchyroll premiere showing at sakura anime con 2024. Manga basically similar to reincarnated as a slime + multiple harem.

john doe • 1 month ago

Sorry this guy has humans on his menu list

MeguminExplosion • 1 month ago

You do realize rimura massacred thousands of humans right?

vovan1 • 1 month ago

but did he eat them?

MeguminExplosion • 1 month ago

He ate their souls. Flesh and blood used it to revive his village.

I love how nonchalantly you said that lmao.

MeguminExplosion • 1 month ago

Well he used their souls to revive his people so he ate their souls.

vovan1 • 1 month ago

the process matters. I think here he just eats them bone by bone.