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Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 3 months ago

Damnnn :o Bold for them to admit the war crime & astrocities :o
Anyways glad he lived :) I mean, he has no other options than to come back when he gets to the sea löl xD

Sameerah Motabgani • 4 months ago

the ending is vague we never got to know what happened after...

Sakura2020 • 2 months ago

This is based on an actual WW2 incident and there even was a post-war trial.
This may have been too complicated to include in the anime movie.
More details https: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Liu_Lianren

Mridul D.Hossain • 5 months ago

Good or bad?

Sameerah Motabgani • 4 months ago

depressing but really good

Mohanna Adwani • 5 months ago

Depressing. not worth your time.
basically Bad...

Marcelus • 5 months ago