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Gojo • 10 months ago

there's another season? this & King's Avatar 🐐

King's avatar is getting new season?

Zer0lel0uch • 10 months ago

yea but it was delayed again, was supose to get it this years but i doubt it will happen now

blacksparkss21 • 10 months ago

insert: Doubt!

KnightFury • 10 months ago

I totally forgot about this anime. Glad that its back and its the only chinese anime that I really enjoyed.

Berry • 10 months ago

douluo daluo and shin wang zuo?

le derp • 9 months ago

bro try "spare me great lord" it's hilarious and amazing

Nasty • 10 months ago

you tried King's avatar? my favorite of all the chinese shows.

James Murphy • 10 months ago


Just messin' wit ya >: ]

Tang San • 10 months ago

Episode 3 needs to come out already

hau huynh • 10 months ago

finally is out holy crap lets gooooooooooooo

Arã Arã • 10 months ago

Damm this was literally 🔥
If the next episode comes out someone please remind me

Keyaru_The Healer • 10 months ago

Wow the ending song was really top of the class,,,,, really liked it Very much

Billy • 10 months ago

the novel is amazing, the manga mediocre and the anime absolute trash...

Jeffrey Chung • 10 months ago

pretty much, the difference between these three are huge

I watched first 3 eps somewhere else since subs on ep 1 were shit but subs on this one are quite good. Hope they keep these.

hau huynh • 10 months ago

need episode 3 and 4 asap damn

blacksparkss21 • 10 months ago

i`l wait for whole season :D then i`l watch ^^

Galib • 10 months ago

That's better 🥺

blacksparkss21 • 10 months ago

yea,can`t wait for each episode,unless its one piece ahhahaha

Y3RC • 10 months ago

2 years n we finally got s6

Clawzes • 10 months ago

YUS Sixth Season!

MeguminExplosion • 10 months ago

not a fan of the arrogant MC. Reminds me of China's arrogance in the eastern seas. China is going to f*ck around and find out soon when all the ASEAN countries start turning on china.

Jeffrey Chung • 10 months ago

just separate anime from politics, entirely different things

Robert • 9 months ago

Lol except for in CCP China where your anime has political messages

Nasty • 10 months ago

this is how MC's should be if they are strong and know it and not the wimps that are in 90% of animes.

Jeffrey Chung • 10 months ago

yes, mo fan know when to fight back and when to be a good person

blacksparkss21 • 8 months ago


Shanesai • 9 months ago

lovely lovely episode. best episode yet.

Robert • 9 months ago

He’s a mad goose wizard Harry!

Deniz Bircan • 10 months ago

at end they show a clip of blades of guardians, i never seen a anime serie showing a clip of a other serie, like those live action series, seems fun to also watch only 3 episodes of it though

Quality king • 10 months ago

It finally came out,waited my whole life for this 😁😁😁

Harsh Vardhan • 10 months ago

Bcoz season got so delayed I read it's manhua and now anime is getting boaring bcoz I already know what's gonna happen.

Mr Stolen Donghua • 10 months ago

He got beaten right

equinox • 10 months ago

Oh man just few more minutes...it was getting to the good part

trick101 • 10 months ago

the chapter in the manga is this

Andyr07's Adventure's • 10 months ago

damn it that cliffhanger got me hard, was expecting to see more.

delu5 • 10 months ago

First 2 episodes are so bad..

Eternallygr8 • 10 months ago


Jeffrey Chung • 10 months ago

animation is disappinting

Nasty • 10 months ago

the animations for this show have never been good aswell as the translation on the subs. But still decent to watch. Im still waiting for third season of King's avar :P

Jeffrey Chung • 10 months ago

yeah will still watch it anyway, actually animation is not the main problem but the execution and ideas, even ppt can be good with good exeuction like umineko visual novels, ppt fights are actually quite entertaining