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Lucyw18 • 6 months ago

finally a Father in pokemon that isn't a dead, missing, on his own journey or all three edit: allso its not Ash so the shippers can zipp it now that Liko's dad made an appearence

Azureink • 6 months ago

Not only that, but Liko has a Mother that isn't any of those things as well.

She has two alive parents who aren't messed up. Thank Arceus.

Lucyw18 • 6 months ago

but its much more often that the dad isn't in the picture

Watchforever • 2 months ago

Lol those shippers

Night • 6 months ago

Probably Nemona when she meets Liko and Roy: hi I'm Nemona, let's battle. 🙂

Triduo • 6 months ago

... The saddest part is that I can't argue with that part of her character...

Lucyw18 • 6 months ago

she would

ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

She may as well have a VS Seeker to force anybody to battle.

Daemon Redfox • 6 months ago

100 steps
*selects favourite item*
repeat steps for exp farming

toling54 • 6 months ago

Liko, the richest protag so far? hahaha

Kranesh • 6 months ago

Well... to be fair, the only anime protag we ever knew was Ash, and it's easy to assume that he wasn't from a super rich family considering how modest Delia's house was, not to say he was super poor tho.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

wasnt goh rich?

brianuuu • 6 months ago

Gold (or ew Ethan) from the movie is crying lol

PicHor • 5 months ago

Liko's grandma is adventurer. Her mother does field work and her father is a painter.

Goh's parents work in the office and can let him built several electric devices. unsure.

Haruko • 6 months ago

Well yeah so far, but not after the next episode. xD

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 6 months ago

Yeah her family is fucking loadeddd

Kranesh • 6 months ago

So we're basically taking a full dive into Paldea and I think I'm going to enjoy it! Granted, Scarlet and Violent weren't that great as games... but with characters? Hell yeah, give me my anime Nemona next week and I'll be happy!

Other than that, quite the change with Liko's dad being the one in the house while the mom is the explorer, guess now we know which side of the family is the stronger... makes me wonder if we'll ever meet her or if Liko's dad will be the next Delia by having a mysterious spouse that never shows up... only time will tell.

MasteR GreeeN • 6 months ago

wait till they reveal that one of her dad's other Pokemon is a Gardevoir.......

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Likos father is a great painter.

Night • 6 months ago


Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Yes. 👍

Thank you Night.

HawaiianPunch-chan • 6 months ago

Um...was that pokemon making motorcycle noises?

ThatMan666 • 6 months ago

They're commonly used as bikes in the region after all.

HawaiianPunch-chan • 6 months ago

i dont own a switch unfortunately. last pokemon game i bought was Sun for 2ds (3ds makes my eyes hurt)

Alicia34 • 6 months ago

You can just turn off the 3d screen that's what I did.

Keith Anderson • 6 months ago

well theres a pokemon in this reigon who looks like a motor called Revavroom

nick • 6 months ago


Hade ni Ikuze • 6 months ago

Fidough's Japanese name is Puppymochi? That's so heckin cute!

If Liko wasn't in such a hurry, she might've put the pieces together that Dot = Gurumin. I'm surprised Dot was actually careless enough to just leave the costume out there for two whole days. But I guess she must've done it before Liko and Roy joined so she just did it out of habit.

Next episode I'm excited to finally see some game characters join the cast! I wonder if Roy is taking on the gym challenge. That's what it looked like. It would've been nice to see Liko take on the gyms though.

Right!!! i love that the food based pokemon have food pun names 🥺

Firstaid223 • 6 months ago


SkyNatsu • 6 months ago

Also Brassius too

looserr • 6 months ago

seems like Liko got all her beauty looks from her grandmother and absolutely not father

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

take that back!!!! her dad is hot too

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 6 months ago

Yeah but he has twunk vibes xD

looserr • 6 months ago

Akane from My clueless first friend is just like him and he's better so i have no room for him in my heart srry!!

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

thats a good point because I also love grim reaper akane nishimura

Asian Lady Jean • 6 months ago

Maybe the mother too!

looserr • 6 months ago

We haven't seen her yet but I'm looking forward to that!! but we also saw a more clear shot of the grandmother and that made me realize she REAAAALLLY looks like her granny.

Uzumaki lighto • 6 months ago

I'm loving this series even more 🥰🥰

theultimategamer95 • 6 months ago


Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Her home is wonderful, Puppymocchi is a cute pokemon, his bread is delicious.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

That last painting is so adorable.

Wholesome episode, Liko father is amazing I like his paintings.

I hope we see her mother soon.

Triduo • 6 months ago

Paradoxe : I'm gonna laugh if it's revealed that she's a Pokemon Professor.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Okay Triduo thank you.

Justice • 6 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised.. Friede is also hinted as a Pokemon Professor or some similar sort.. It could be simply connection that she built through jobs, or probably Friede and Liko's mother are former work partners, so she trusted Friede a lot for taking care of Liko..

Kuronix • 6 months ago

Friede is already confirmed as a Professor. The post-credits basically have Professor Friede on the title.

Asian Lady Jean • 6 months ago

Shame I didn't get to see how Liko's mom looks like. Anyway I think Liko might getting who she is fan off. The grandma seems cool & beautiful even though I don't see her completely.

nick • 6 months ago

they really got cyclizar sounding like a 5 yr old pretending they driving?

brianuuu • 6 months ago

next episode is gonna be laggy af if you know what i'm talking about lol

Narsan • 6 months ago

idk why for me this episode felt laggy when they visited all those places in mesagoza