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Raidenxx • 8 months ago

This ep was such a tearjerker, I was not prepared enough for the hurt god. I remember listening to the drapa and ended up in tears, it was so emotional. Prri staff gave it their all for Nayushiki. Kanata's anguished scream was heartbreaking. I really felt for Shiki, he has to relieve his trauma every time and that is so horrible.

I always wondered what the metal erosion would look like and damn it looks disturbing. Poor boy did all his best to survive and help out his only fam member even if he had to suffer. They deserve all the love. We had a glimpse of him with long hair too
The anime really made him amiable, istg they changed up the twins' personalities but it's nothing bad. The drapa was way intense and angsty because he was aggressive.
Many would be curious as to how Nayuta is alive if he fell and why doesn't he remember Shiki, well we shall find out in the coming eps.
Would definitely suggest reading Hidden MEMORY Track after watching this ep because it provides additional insight into Nayuta's perspective and character. The way he described his feelings when he fell was crazy (extraa hurtt)

Aside from that, Ryu was so loud and funny lmao, the way Yohei had to put up with his antics to get him to stop, and then bind him was hilarious.

And omg we got a new song by our rooftop buddies! Thought the insert song would be another performance but this was unexpected. The illustration at the end??? Oh, my sweet precious boys. Loved this ep, definitely one of my favourites. Also AT can go to hell.

Btw the full version of the op "RISE UP" and "FLY HIGH" by Bae will be released on Spotify once midnight hits in your timezone! I am soo excited!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 8 months ago

Oh I wasn't expecting the ED to be rapped by Nayuta and Shiki, I like how their unit is called "Rooftop Friends", I wonder if next few episodes will involve more units or not.

Sucks that Nayuta doesn't remember Shiki due to the side effects of the experimentations, I'm surprised that he doesn't even realize he's missing memories since I'm sure Kanata would have pointed it out. I find that weird in terms of writing.

EM • 8 months ago

Maybe Kanata knows about it but keeps it secret. Or both their memories were erased. I'm sure we'll see what happened in the next couple episodes.

nevermind • 7 months ago

Kanata doesn;t know about his whole friendship with Shiki so he wouldn't know it was erased, and about the night he "died" he probably think its traumatic (to both of them) so he doesn't talk about it with him. Maybe kinda like "its best if he doesn't remember anyways"

Utsuro • 8 months ago

Now we know why Shiki is always saying "I'm Sorry" when he has Trap reaction

EM • 8 months ago

3:44 徑機嫌 (gokingen) - either "temper; mood; spirits" or "safety; health; well-being; one's situation" or "in a good mood; in high spirits"
It's good to see characters from different teams have relationships too. But it's quite tragic how they ended up.
Oh, and that guy with Fyodor's VA! Completely forgot about him.

nevermind • 7 months ago

But damm Nayuta that's kinda mean to invite your best friend to watch you die, very traumatic

Paradise SLU • 7 months ago

Sad backstory, good episode.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 8 months ago

This episode was absolutely amazing! I cannot believe Shiki has to relive this terrible memory forever and Nayuta doesn't even remember him now! :'(

Glinda • 7 months ago

I am so sad now 😒😒😒...
Good episode.

WhiteShadow12 • 7 months ago

Even knowing Nayuta and Shiki's history before watching this episode, it still nearly had me tearing up. This episode was really well done but I was kinda looking forward to seeing their tracks songs being performed.

Otaku Noob • 7 months ago

Man I really really wished Nayuta got his memories again, I just need these two to reconcile