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Whoever • 6 months ago

It's hard to watch young Kage and his Mom knowing what happened with them.

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

also Queen Shiina

strange guy • 6 months ago

Keep in mind this isn’t season 2

Whoever • 6 months ago

I'm well aware that it's a spin-off, but that doesn't change what happened with ShadowClan and watching hapy young Kage with his mom knowing what happend is still not that easy

strange guy • 6 months ago

Well it happened in the past but it’s time to move on

Itinerate • 6 months ago

Weird comment man.

strange guy • 6 months ago

Sorry about that

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

it will never be easier

Demma • 6 months ago

Tf this wasn’t season 2 ?

strange guy • 6 months ago

Yeah it’s more like ova

Yeah, hope Kage and his mom's dream comes true, and he becomes a knight in future.

This was so lovely and heartwarming.

Kwarevo • 6 months ago

Smol kage want to strong

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

Kage no Jutsu

Sprayquaza • 6 months ago

he wants to be a kage no jitsurokshiya

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

kage bunshin

LesK • 6 months ago

a bull fight... inside a circle of columns... WITH NO WALLS!!! \facepalm/ idiots.

Mimi • 5 months ago

my thought as soon as I saw it

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago


Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

What the bull doing? lol

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago


Billy Bob • 6 months ago

what does the fox say?

Itinerate • 6 months ago

Flippity flippity woop wooop!

Abhinav Neoharys Varma • 6 months ago

Fighting, it's in the name "bull fighting"

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I'm glad Kyo saved Kage, he didn't discriminate because he was part of the Shadow Clan and was so cool too. I wonder if we'll see him in the original series if it gets another season.

The animation style change was a surprise, I found myself wanting it to revert back though. It was nice to see more of Bosse and Shiina, the little nose touches with Bojji was cute.

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

i think they wanted to give it a story vibe to show past. But the other style was much better

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

reminded me of Kyo kun from Fruits basket

Byno • 6 months ago

That must've been the easiest childbirth of all time, with how small Bojji is compared to Queen Shiina

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Very nice episode seeing Kage and Bojji bonding with their family is really wholesome.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 6 months ago

Wöähhh Knight Kyo is so höttt ÖwÖ

Billy Bob • 6 months ago

nice balls on his chin

Divine demon GOD Aris • 6 months ago

very hot

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Hubba Hubba (*whistles*)

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

what kind of mother leaves her little child alone outside, everybody knows they get distracted easily...

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

That knight shoved that bull like it was nothing, he is incredible and cool.

Little Kage, he is so cute!!!!

strange guy • 6 months ago

10:40 seeing that style is cool

strange guy • 6 months ago

Finally I can watch the episode

looserr • 6 months ago


Shimfoni • 6 months ago

It doesn't matter what form Ousama Ranking takes, still a beautiful story and story telling. 10/10.

CrimsonPotato • 6 months ago

Don't worry shadow mommy and Queen Shiina, they grown to be the kindest, and they found each other and became real homies.

Momonga • 6 months ago

pinky promise > devil's contract

jahsp • 6 months ago

the whole miranjo thing is still confusing. dude is an awful parent.

Viper • 6 months ago

Miranjo claimed ownership over Bosse. Bosse felt resposible towards Miranjo because he killed her father, which in turn led to the tragedy that befell her clan.

Zarunagi Iromano • 6 months ago

Things in this anime is really complicated and I love it because of that. It doesn't shy away for showing misconducts and the guilts are way heavy on this one, and not just for one side of the story. This is the very first one I've ever seen, such is life after all

LesK • 6 months ago

how can you call it living in seclusion when you live in town?

peculiar change in animation style for the 2nd story... it almost looks like paper-doll stop-motion technique at the beginning.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Ep8 lets goo guys.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Cool backstories, Bojji mom and dad are amazing.

Nice catch.

Nymphaea • 6 months ago

Haaa that second story makes me dislike Miranjo even more :')

MicaXIII • 6 months ago

as much as I enjoyed the second story in this ep, I can't help but think the animation change was for budgetary reasons. I don't remember any other story this season doing this so far, not to mention the delays happening with other animes rn.

That is to say, I love that they could do this instead of either delaying the episode or half-assing the regular animation style!
It fits the vibe of the show so it fly feel like they took the opportunity to be clever with their lack of time and money^^

Trepanning • 6 months ago

It fits the fairy tale theme.