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Ohms Nuttachai • 10 months ago

Amane + Mahiru: "We are not in that kind of relationship"
Me: "Yeah. Keep denying"

We have seen so many sides of Mahiru today. Pouting, anger, blushing, smiling, etc. The wholesomeness of this show is so extreme that it should be illegal. People will die from diabetes at this point.

Amane: "Your room or my room? Choose!"
Mahiru: "I'll sleep in your room..."
(͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Lol Amane was already upset that the secret is not only theirs anymore, he wants it to be exclusive.

Ian Nava H • 10 months ago

When Itsuki said "it is weird Amane hasn't developed feelings for her already" i thought "Amane has such a good poker face"

Itsuki really knows his friend

Y-Man • 9 months ago

DAYUM, her tilting her head while playing the racing game was KAWAIIII😭

Ian Nava H • 10 months ago

That line at the end made me chuckle for how easy to misinterpret is

Atharva Dutta • 10 months ago

They are almost like husband and wife (͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

anime godz 69 • 10 months ago

Idk what you mean? me and the boyz always act like they do, we cook for each other, clean up and sometimes if we get lonely we snuggle a lill bit. Totally norms if you ask me.

OfficialDrixMalone • 8 months ago

Lmao, this can be true, good friends like family are a blessing.

BizzaReOtaku • 7 months ago

bruh i see u everywhere now.

Anime animusphere • 10 months ago

It always makes me giggle when peeps like you guys comment on gogo and gogo as usual messing up with the wrong anime upload

Ohms Nuttachai • 10 months ago

I already knew the episode was messed up before making the comment but since there's no point in waiting for them, I left my comment anyway so I can go and watch the other shows.

strange guy • 10 months ago


ABC • 10 months ago

Reminds me of a certain scene from redo of healer..

MahiruWorshipper • 10 months ago

I didn't wait a whole week to watch some random anime.


Edit: The episode is later than usual but THE WAIT WAS FREAKING WORTH IT!!!! This episode is a killer, I might as well be a guy that is that lived through a non-stop heart attacks. Especially that, "Amane, you idiot," after giving him light smacks got me screaming.

And holding hands?! I usually say "This is too lewd," but this got me shouting, "THIS IS TOO SWEET!!!"

Amane: She's bad for my heart. Fans: Both of you are bad for my heart.

My boy be looking good without those bangs.

Ookami Dwarf 鴉 狼 • 10 months ago

They even turned Mabrio Mart into a cute moment. They never even got to play Super Brash Mros

strange guy • 10 months ago

Just watch the episode somewhere that’s what I did

MahiruWorshipper • 10 months ago

Unfortunately, there's still non. Even on other website.

strange guy • 10 months ago

I saw just saw it

Psychodeathspaz • 10 months ago

Were tell me were !!!!

taijitu • 10 months ago

hurry up and get the heart attack before the anime comes out...

sc-strawberry • 10 months ago

I had to laugh sooo hard.
After Amane said "she's bad for my heart" I said "you're BOTH are bad for my heart. And then I saw your comment right after it :D

Tristan Xei • 10 months ago

kubu wont let me be invisible

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

Lol they constantly deny there's anything going on in their relationship or that nothing will happen but they looked like a real convincing couple this episode and they're both starting to feel the attraction slowly but surely.

I am not complaining though, they were real sweet to watch, constantly had a smile on my face watching their adorable interactions.

WorldGN18 • 10 months ago

they are so obviously falling i love which each other I love to watch them

Amane-kun • 10 months ago

but they finally get together in vol 4

Ian Nava H • 10 months ago

how many volumes the anime has adapted so far?

cyber5042 • 10 months ago

It's highly unlikely we'll see anything official happen this season, maybe season 2 if it gets one

Void • 10 months ago

100% it will get season 2
Such a sweet romance anime, it will be a riot if they don't give us season 2.
Have to see this through until the end.

LOTRfreak101 • 10 months ago

yeah, but it's pretty common for romance anime to not get a second season.

Void • 10 months ago

Masamune-kun no Revenge get season 2 where no one expected it would have.
I have faith and will keep await for season 2.
Even Quintuplet get a whole animation.

Amane-kun • 9 months ago

Bro till now it has adapted 2

4XSnow • 10 months ago

only vol 1 for now till eps 4 is the end of vol 1

Noah Winns-Cromer • 10 months ago

Oh for Christs sake....REALLY GOGO?!

You gave us the wrong episode!!!

Kwarevo • 10 months ago

Classic gogo

Void • 10 months ago

GoGo wouldn't be GoGo if it never makes such a mistake. But, I guess that's what we like about GoGo. Random mistake can be funny for most of the time XD

We don't mind much about it because we would often watch the episode somewhere when GoGo mess up then come back here to comment.

Perhaps it just show how much we are attached to GoGo than 9ani

Ohms Nuttachai • 10 months ago

Not only the wrong episode. It's totally a wrong show. LMAO.
And I've complimented them just recently.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 10 months ago

In MHA, I saw your comment.

THAT aged well. XD

ohmiodio • 10 months ago

its free and its better than crunchyroll. report and dont feel entitled to free content.

Scorpi Corn • 10 months ago

i hope you learned your lesson there :D

Ohms Nuttachai • 10 months ago

I hope they learn theirs but that seems to be a tall order xD

Scorpi Corn • 10 months ago

Gogo not being drunk is not possible. Thats a paradoxon wich would make the universe cease to exist if that ever happens XDD besides its funny to read those comments of the desperate people who dont know other anime sites to watch the shows without issues.

Note to myself: i should take bets on when and how gogo would mess up next time, could make some good money with that idea ;D

Judgment526 • 10 months ago

Nothing new, lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 10 months ago


Well, I'll be making breakfast in the meantime.

Whoever • 10 months ago

>>>> 9ani

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 10 months ago

It finally got uploaded so I'm watching it there instead.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 10 months ago

I'm already there.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Same here

strange guy • 10 months ago

Lol I just finished the episode for this week

Bay • 10 months ago

Getting our hopes up and then destroy it

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

I was wondering when they would fvk up 🤦‍♂️