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MahiruWorshipper • 5 months ago

This episode will make me scream in the middle of the night.

Amane: I'll cover your mouth without my hand if you do this again.
Me: Please do...

Mahiru ain't gonna let someone insult Amane. She just keeps spitting facts, especially the part where she describes Amane.

My fellow AmanexMahiru shippers. THE SHIP HAS FINALLY SAILED😭

This made me feel fulfilled yet so empty at the same time.

If you think you'll finally recover from diabetes. Tonikaku Kawaii season 2 is upcoming.

If you're gonna read the Light Novel.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 5 months ago

Those boys could never match Amane's level, they would be so surprised if they learnt he said that to Mahiru lol.

JDC • 5 months ago

bro I wanted them to show cool stylish amane in school for once. Now i gotta read the manga and LN for that specific scene just to rub salt in those idiot's wounds.

Hidwig Panuncialman • 5 months ago

the manga is not that far yet

majaketrix • 5 months ago

anywhere near that they could make S2 immediately?

Stupid Guy • 5 months ago

I want it now too!

Sri Ram • 5 months ago

LN is though

SPACE-86 • 5 months ago

were in the same page do yo have a site to read it?

Mahiru Shiina • 5 months ago

just search "otonari no tenshi light novel jnovels" on google

or, buy the book from amazon

SPACE-86 • 5 months ago

i poor so ill just use a link

Mahiru Shiina • 5 months ago

Just search "otonari no tenshi light novel jnovels" on google

You can download it from jnovels for free

SPACE-86 • 5 months ago

yeah yeah i did ty

Furno • 5 months ago

search for the otonari no tenshi discord. it has links to all the volumes, and a fan tl of volume 5-8, which hasnt been oficially translated yet.

chattiachraf • 5 months ago

what chapter do i start from after the anime tho ?

Kias Dragger • 5 months ago

My device doesn't support the downloaded file!! Which app should I use to open & read it?

Mahiru Shiina • 5 months ago

For epub files download any epub reader from the appstore (i use something named "lithium" to read epubs)

And for pdf files u can just download adobe reader

Kias Dragger • 5 months ago

Ok thanks ✨

AnimeVibesYT • 5 months ago

Is this the end of the series I mean the LN or there's more story after this?

john doe • 5 months ago

That way is a pain to download sadly

Hisoka freecs • 5 months ago

Buy the book? F u, straight up. Buy the book comment on gogo, smh

MRpaisan • 5 months ago

Here you go enjoy LN. ps there are a total of eight volumes, but only five are available to buy. You can buy the volumes from amazon if you so decide.

Ian Nava H • 5 months ago

I wish we got more type of scenes like that
In MANY romcoms, we have the cliche of "jealous guys try to beat / insult the protagonist up, out of jealousy for how the protagonist got with the girl idol of the class"
AND IN MANY ROMCOMS, the girl, despite showing clear interet in the guy, just let the others beat / insult the guy up

Not here. Here, Mahiru just defended Amane in such a sweet but "as-a-matter-of-fact" way.
It was so refreshing to see.

Zack D. • 5 months ago

Even with budddy bangs down his better looking than them no homo

yalocaldex • 1 month ago

forreal dude I don't even understand how he is "dull" πŸ’€ how dare they said that when Amane literally have a model face and they have the most extra face I've ever seen lol.

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

Amane was above them from the very start did they even try to help Mahiru when she was about to be splashed with insanely hot curry no not them oh right it was Amane who gently pulled Mahiru close to him and started scolding them with nothing but facts on the dangers of the kitchen

Lugaw Ay Essential • 5 months ago

The kitchen is a true battlefield.. and also the bedroom....😁😁😁

Pflxck • 5 months ago

Yep. the anime is cute but the novel is soooo much better. Pure diabetes

WorldGN18 • 5 months ago

This episode was really so perfect except for the fact that they didn't kiss T.T but well at least the ship sailed, I'm quite happy with the pacing one of my favorite animes this season

Stupid Guy • 5 months ago

I share those tears comrade, if only they had put the cherry on top. but I enjoyed the show very much still.

Ian Nava H • 5 months ago

yeah. that's the only thing missing

Kias Dragger • 5 months ago

Why start from begining? Can't continue or the story differs what? In LN?

MahiruWorshipper • 5 months ago

The Anime's romance seems faster than the LN, it also missed a few parts, it has some scenes that wasn't adapted so well, and the LN hits more differently.

Kias Dragger • 5 months ago

Thanks Cult member πŸ˜‚πŸ™

Skyfall (Ponytail lover) • 5 months ago

Yeah my diabetes will be half gone but then tonikaku kawaii will bring it back

Lucyw18 • 5 months ago

im reading the manga and have since volume 1 but i allso know that the guy who married tsukasa and Nasa is the same guy who is the elderly butler from hayate the combat butler

TRUCK- kun` X_X ` • 5 months ago

I definitely could've stacked more on the insulin but guess it gotta end, I'd actually maybe know this further on as the diabetes anime, didn't do anything much further but it sure gave out that...

RogueBlender • 5 months ago

Does this have a manga?

Shinpei • 5 months ago

Amusing as always🀣

Kritaarth • 5 months ago

Now which ch of LN should I read after 12th episode

Tecno • 5 months ago

Pretty sure LNs come out in full volumes instead of chapters. Also I suggest reading the entire thing since people say the anime skipped a lot of content which sucks.

Kritaarth • 5 months ago

Ok thnx 😁

Simp for cute girls • 5 months ago

Straight go reading volume 5 from start..
Because episode 12 ended with volume 4

Unsweetened_Tea • 5 months ago

Definitely read the light novel. You'll never want to rewatch the anime again.

lonemonkey • 5 months ago

web novel has around 250+ chapters, and this web novel or ln is pretty average, after 120 chapter in web novel you will get bored πŸ₯±πŸ₯± and story will get just prolonged nothing new. It just my view, not imposing anything on you. Just trying to saving one comrade from prolonged and saturated story.

Unsweetened_Tea • 5 months ago

Yes I agree they prolonged the LN, but as for this particular part, it could have been much better hence the reason I recommended the novel.

lonemonkey • 5 months ago

I would suggest that read upto 100 chapters and decide yourself whether to read more or not. Anime will only give diabetes to only new audiance to romcom anime. Casual or regular anime watchers will not get affected by this anime. Story is pretty average 5.5/10(my pov) even for highschool romcom. Even many light novel readers get upset by prolongation of story by writter. And this anime is to much overrated nothing else. There are many high school and mature romance light novel are out there, far much more better than this.

BabyMagnum • 5 months ago

Guys did you read the afterwords of the author at the end of the volumes? The author warned the reader that this story is intentionally written as slow paced and I liked it that way. Sorry bro but complaining seems dumb to me.

lonemonkey • 5 months ago

Writter has to give that explanation at the end of the volume because of negative response from audiance. Nothing else. I respect every animator and writter who has put their valuable time and skill to entertain us. But with honest review we can give new pov for the writer or animator.

kt • 5 months ago

You forgot to use the emote πŸ€“

Rip TF • 5 months ago

Give us some names? Of this style