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Judgment526 • 1 year ago

I was definitely not expecting the max setting on that bark cutter to be that ridiculous, lol

Typecero • 1 year ago

Like someone came to a knife fight with a god damn lightsaber.

Another • 1 year ago

bruh === a lightsaber become an X-burst cannon

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Right XD

vovan1 • 1 year ago

yep, i also only figured it last ep.
This is Gravitational Beam Emitter(GBE) of this universe.

So nice to see so many Blame! references <3
ps. sad that most commenters forgat about it.

James • 1 year ago

Nope I thought so too! I'm with you bro!

Lilims Lilith • 1 year ago

Nice to see people who still reference Blame! ... :) If you have a manga recommendation please let me know.

QuadL • 1 year ago

Hey don't BLAME Kiama for going to 11 on the settings.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

Gladly, i've posted some on my about page. I've lastly read Unordinary. And now plan to continue with Kubera. I recommend to finish: kenichi strongest disciple,bloody monday,Claymore,bio meat nectar,Battle Royale.

I might recommend more, but i'm more into anime lately.

I'm also curious if you got any recommendations for manga?

Junnie Mae • 1 year ago

ikr? Basically it's a laser hand canon in disguise! Genius to whoever made this thing!

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Big things come in small packages

Xyrus • 1 year ago

Who could have thought that the number 3 on the fan is a fckinn hurricane

Shiro Aikawa • 1 year ago


Xandiel • 1 year ago

I just started laughing. It's like if he had a water gun turned up to its max setting and suddenly the force of the water sent the thing into orbit.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

It's was practically a fvking beam cannon XD

QuadL • 1 year ago

Setting explained (not)
Set it to one, Cuts bark for fun.
Set it to two, It'll cut me & you.
Set it to three, to take out a tree.
Set it to four, Will open any door.
Set it to five, why!? Sakes alive!
Set it to six, turn a house into sticks.
Set it to seven, send Fighter Jets to heaven.
Set it to eight, Make holes that are great!
Set it to nine, mince monsters up fine.
Set it to ten, it'll make scared children of men.

Set it to 11... Well you all saw what happened.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

nice rhymes!

unknown • 1 year ago

A ghost told me this:
Settings explained (note)
Setting at one, Cut things just for fun.
Setting at two, It'll light up me & you.
Setting at three, To take out a tree.
Setting at four, Will open any door.
Setting at five, Why!? Keep them alive!
Setting at six, Turn a house into sticks.
Setting at seven, Send a Fighter Jet to Heaven.
Setting at eight, Make big holes and numbered gates.
Setting at nine, Mince up monsters making crime.
Setting at ten, Make scared children out of men.
Setting at 11... Send everything to Heaven!

And for your grift, QuadL, you have been made an Honorary Knight of the Laser Light. Take two of them to fight, and don't forget what's right. Happy Hunting.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

I adjust my staff settings sometimes too.

QuadL • 1 year ago

From Bark cutter to EXPLOSHUN!


Tedants • 1 year ago

that was cyclops' mega optic blast

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

Yup. That laser can burn Kaina's hand but he's fine somehow lol

Lord • 1 year ago

That was funny.

James • 1 year ago

Anybody else getting BLAME! feels?

Nyih • 1 year ago

Let's go straight to the important question:

How do we recharge that thing?

Jibril • 1 year ago

Probably need a type C

QuadL • 1 year ago

Triple A rechargeables... Get them at Rite-Aid!

Yuki Hill • 1 year ago

I'm thinking solar, but I don't see any built in panels.

unknown • 1 year ago

Need a Biocell.

mjs3790225 • 1 year ago

It probably absorbs Higgs Particles out of the surrounding area. That energy source is prevalent in Tsutomu Nihei's other works.

If interested, I wrote a longer write up about this tool in its own thread below.

forLogic5 • 1 year ago

Yea, its just the same tech used in 00 Gundam, except super portable

mugensekai • 1 year ago

I had thought the art and that beam looked familiar :P

Saintess Jest • 1 year ago

They said "You wont be able to use it for a while", so it presumably passively recharges itself. Who's to say for how long, however long is plot convenient.

Grin Berryall • 11 months ago

crank the handle for a few hours.

Whoever • 1 year ago


until the Movie comes out

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

So there's gonna be a movie then.... Sweet ^_^

Watchforever • 1 year ago


Heysthatprettygood • 1 year ago

Yooo a movie let's goo

mjs3790225 • 1 year ago

For those wondering about the stupid powerful "laser" tool...

Like I mentioned last week, this story takes place in the universe Tsutomu Nihei created for his science fiction writings.

Remember that Toha Heavy Industries was one of the mega companies on Earth responsible for building the seed ships that evacuated the planet during the Guana invasion. Only two of those ships are ever named (Sidonia and Aposimz) but many, many more were launched from Earth taking humanity (and the Engineers of Toha) with them. Presumably some fraction of those seed ships found new worlds to inhabit (maybe this one), and some are still floating around in space.

Also remember that the Guana were still hunting the humans even after they destroyed Earth, and that they were notoriously hard to kill-- requiring special weapons. Knights of Sidonia details the struggles of that whole ordeal.

Like other people commenting on this episode, I agree the "laser" "woodcutter" tool has striking functional similarities to the Graviton Beam Emitter most famously presented in Blame! Like in Blame! the GBE had multiple intensity settings and could easily blow clean holes through literally everything (the only way they were able to bust through the Megastructure in that story).

But what is not being mentioned is that the Graviton Beam Emitter was also featured in Knights of Sidonia. It is in that story where the GBE is first developed, and used in part to fend off attacking Guana. I also personally believe the events of Blame! come after Knights of Sidonia, though I do recognize there are some time transport / parallel world transport things that could trouble all that. Regardless, I think it is MORE appropriate to say that this laser tool lies between the development of the GBE used in Knights of Sidonia and the one seen in Blame!-- not after Blame!

Now with the context that the GBE was originally developed to help stave off the Guana, we can begin to understand why it is so powerful. The GBE is designed for space warfare. The GBE beam is known to punch holes for over 70km in absolute straight lines.

Where does it get its energy from? Remember the old man in the village said if the higher power settings were used, it would take a while for it to be useable again. I believe this means the tool relies on the collection of Higgs Particles. These particles where featured heavily in Knights of Sidonia as an energy source, and they pretty much exist everywhere. So the tool is just absorbing them. Also remember that the Guana used Higgs Particles (which they pretty much just pulled out of thin air) as their energy source too, and that the very first working GBE was crafted using the body material of Guana before one was made from "high tech" technology. So in other words, Higgs Particles and the GBE are somewhat related. Lots of stuff in Sidonia relied on Higgs Particles for energy.

But then the final question is this: why does this small laser "woodcutter" have such a powerful setting, and why is it so easy to activate? First, remember that this tool is a relic. Then with that in mind, I believe we need to again consider Knights of Sidonia, but mainly the brutal day-to-day lives they faced-- those people lived in a reality where they could come under attack by Guana at any moment, and for the most part stood zero chance. Should the Guana attack, and should anyone find themselves in an absolute do-or-die situation (say, a worker on the exterior of their respective seed ship performing maintenance work), they may as well be able to dial up to 11 whatever beam tool they have on hand and give that Guana one heck of a blast as a last resort on their way out.

That's my bleak outlook on why such a mundane beam tool seems to have such an unreasonable and unprotected setting-- emergency Guana defense.

Though not explicitly seen in Knights of Sidonia in a handheld format, it would not be unreasonable to imagine the other seed ships working on GBE tech in parallel along their respective operational timespans. And we really have no idea how Guana were harassing any other ship besides Sidonia, but I think we should assume they weren't unique in that respect. Other ships may have been dealing with them even after Sidonia resolved their problem. But even if Sidonia was the only one to develop the tech, why should they assume they felt they could let their guard down after destroying all the Guana that were persuing them? I don't think it would be unreasonable for them to assume that more could still be out there, and if so, they definitely had incentive to make the GBE portable.

the Finance Guy • 1 year ago

Never finish watching Knights of Sidonia. Just couldn't get past the 3D art. Good to know this anime is connect to another anime about sci-fi mecha.

Typecero • 1 year ago

There are two downsides I feel the Knights of Sidonia series has:

Establishing plot points that I feel don't get resolved.

A few too many episodes of filler that do progress some romance, but don't really fit with the ongoing plot.

Shiro Aikawa • 1 year ago

"Its not just about size, Its about how you use it"

-bark cutter

pimprick • 1 year ago


Whoever • 1 year ago

This little thing packs a punch

Judgment526 • 1 year ago


Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Settings from laser cutting to nuke ray 😂

vovan1 • 1 year ago

"The GBE fires condensed graviton energy, with the beam emitted literally pushing away the atoms of whatever is in it's path" - yeah it's awesome!

Para Noid • 1 year ago

yep like killys litte "weapon of mass destruktion" hand gun

kurdbubbles • 1 year ago

Super man eye laser.

Typecero • 1 year ago

"The Orbital Spire Tree had its chance!"