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Amano erika. • 8 months ago

Asking to sort your "brother's" hentai by genre. That is either a high or low point in life lol

Golb89 • 8 months ago

"You always gotta put someone else's hentai back in order after you're done reading them"
- The Penguin aliens ("Daimidaler")

Noah Winns-Cromer • 8 months ago

Stay tuned for the cultured version folks!

Golb89 • 8 months ago

Why though? There was literally nothing to uncensor in this episode, thus no reason to delay watching it.

Tao Divinity • 7 months ago

Maybe there was a secret xxx scene.

Void • 8 months ago

Why the hair color of Momiji matches Mihari?
And MC's hair color matches Momiji's friend?

lady vivi ★ • 7 months ago

Another wholesome friend, which of course comes with another fakeout!

HontoniChotto • 7 months ago

0:32 That looks like Yotsuba&! on the manga shelf

Nova Aren • 7 months ago

Also No Game No Life around 0:54. Sorry, I mean "No Live No Life"

Sublime Hurdle 1542 • 8 months ago

Somehow I thought my headphone is broken when I was at the middle of the episode

N99dels • 8 months ago

Bro orderd the smallest american pizza combo, big mistake 💀

I think we can all agree that we never do the chores before we do whatever we want when our parents are gone, always doing the chores as last minute as posible

Endcsline • 8 months ago

Just ordered a small american family pizza deal...

Paradise SLU • 8 months ago

Lets goo!

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

the intro tho xD is this a different anime?

Paradise SLU • 8 months ago

Good episode.

Jarl Qboyq • 2 months ago

Watching TV in 2023 lmao.

Kaidoscope • 6 months ago

1. 16:13 damn it i havent even watched bocchi the rock yet

yep. i can't tell the diff between the uncensored and "normal" versions at all!

CunnyGamer • 8 months ago

"This isn't right."

Girl, let him cook.

Neko Chan • 8 months ago

Bruh how could anyone think that girl was a boy tho? Lmao, I thought she was a girl immediately. Maybe if they had ACTUALLY drawn her to look like a boy I would’ve believed it lol

Pietje van Dongen • 8 months ago

the scene where he and his sis were playing a sumo game, they really fooled me....

Kerlark Dgrayman • 8 months ago

Mahiro is bottom, confirmed.

Paradi • 8 months ago

I thought the lesbian energy was real until he was a boy. Then I saw that scene and I was like, 'what to call this?' Very confused. How to ship.

tomato • 8 months ago

man uncenosr version is taking too long, i want to sleep

Golb89 • 8 months ago

There is literally nothing to uncensor in this episode though.

Guest • 8 months ago
Void • 8 months ago

Japanese rarely use their cars.
Often walk.
Probably mostly used for travelling or going to next region.
Otherwise, just bullet train to anywhere they want to go.

Guest • 8 months ago
Void • 8 months ago

They do use motorcycle.
But, it is really just rare to see people use their own vehicle in Japan.

And by rare, it doesn't means the road is empty with only a few vehicle all the time.
Just not that much people using vehicles on road, which is why a traffic jam wouldn't last for long.

Bruh • 8 months ago

time to watch the weird anime

Golb89 • 8 months ago

1:08 >"Eh, amateur..." - Miyako Hoshino ("WataTen")

17:05 >"Eh, amateurs..." - Tomo Aizawa ("Tomo-chan")

20:35 >"Eh, amateurs..." - Aika Tenkuubashi and Reiko Arisugawa ("Shomin Sample")

(But really, that scene would have been MUCH better if one of those dirty mangas, preferably a yeux lis one, somehow escaped the purge and was lying around in plain sight...)

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

I dont like the little sister sounding like a gay boy though, thats disturbing. He should sound like Rimuru

DY4Y • 8 months ago

She doesn't tho? Not even close

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

Your ears must be defective then cause that don't sound one bit like a normal girl

DY4Y • 8 months ago

Or more likely you just haven't talked to many women before. And her voice isn't even that low. It's almost as high Kaede's ffs...
Also, some women just have low voices. It's normal. Me, my mum, my sister, and my ex-gf all have lower voices than Momiji

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

You clearly have forgotten that jobs exists. I do work and do have many interactions with female customers and have never in my 2 years of working (currently 20) heard of a woman sounding like a gay man

DY4Y • 8 months ago

I mean, I don't know if I believe you since Momiji sounds extremely fucking normal. Like, I hear women who sound more masculine than her daily. I mean, she sounds almost exactly like Kaede.
Also, what exactly does a gay man sound like? Because they're a very diverse bunch. Just saying "gay man voice" is like saying, well, "voice"

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

Bruh. I'm done with you. If you think that voice is normal then you aren't normal

DY4Y • 8 months ago

Thank you.
Though I still don't get it. How is Momiji's voice not normal when it's basically the same as Mahiro's, Mihari's and Kaede's?

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

??? You think all the girls so far sound the same???

DY4Y • 8 months ago

Their voices are all distinct but they're also fairly similar
Mainly what I'm saying is that they all sound equally feminine/masculine in their own ways. I don't understand how Momiji sounds like a guy to you but Kaede doesn't etc

Neko Chan • 8 months ago

Kaeda has a low and feminine Ara Ara Onee Chan type voice, meanwhile Momiji kinda sounds like a shouta but still feminine, I think that’s the kind of difference they meant

DY4Y • 8 months ago

Yeah, can't hear it. Tbf, I haven't heard many shouta voices but still Momiji just sounds like a normal girl. I can't hear anything "boyish" about her voice

Neko Chan • 7 months ago

Ah, for me I notice it because I’ve watched a lot of anime (like a lot). The shouta voice is usually what a female voice actor sounds like when she’s trying to sound like a young boy (depends on the character tho). I used to always think shota’s just sounded like girls, but my ears got used to it. Now I can recognize the tones of that kind of voice. (I feel a little proud of that skill tbh haha) Idk about the gay voice part tho, cuz even with the slight shouta tones in her voice Momiji does still sound like a girl.

DY4Y • 7 months ago

I've watched a lot of anime but only like two or three of them have shouta in them. I try to avoid them like the plague

Neko Chan • 7 months ago

Haha, understandable considering the name. I’ve seen a lot of them as like the little brother of a character, I can’t think of the characters off the top of my head, but the animes were usually cute or wholesome

Aedeuliyan • 8 months ago

it's weird that you're more bothered about a tomboyish girl rather than Mahiru who was a boy before

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

thats fucking true xD but it wasnt shown that he was turned into a girl, he started out as one episode 1. I do know the plot and i have read the manga so i do know he was a boy

Sleepy Maribo • 8 months ago

thats because shes a tomboy in the manga.

Spo0on12345 • 8 months ago

i know but tomboys dont sound like actual boys xD they are just dressed and act like one