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Usami Mizuki • 6 months ago

It's with Great Sadness that this is the last Episode.
Actually enjoyed this series. When I first heard it is gender-bender or whatever, I assumed it was some perverted mc trying to self-insert himself into CGCDT genre but Mahiro is an adorable and has a good personality character personality.

Hopefully there's a 2nd Season soon.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 6 months ago

We're ending this with culture at the onsen!

Normally we'd get the onsen episode 4-5 episodes ago.

Judgment526 • 6 months ago

Me: *sees onsen. Tunes out and waits for uncensored.*

Ohms Nuttachai • 6 months ago

It's onsen episode so better wait for the real version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

JadeJade • 6 months ago

Such an amazing show this has been. Both this and Reincarnated Princess have been the biggest stars of the season for me and now that they're over, I can't help but to tear up 😥😭

Here's to hoping the next seasonals are just as stacked! 🥂

N99dels • 6 months ago

This anime is a hit or miss
Like marmite, you either like it or not but its not too weird with the genderbent aspect si its easier to watch for some people

Its still a cute girls doing cute shit anime and i love it

The op and ed are a goddamn banger and the visuals make my eyes orgasm

8.9/10 this shit very good

Paradi • 6 months ago

Have to admit, this made me mildly uncomfortable at some parts, but made up for it with the humour, fun and overall cuteness. Hoping for a season 2!

Lone Mark • 2 months ago

isnt humour the only reason we sticked to this show? xD

reddddd • 6 months ago

damn i wanted more ;-;

Waverly_ppl • 6 months ago

The final episode.
Time to be depressed until season 2.

JadeJade • 6 months ago

Who were those two characters at the end credits? The long blue haired girl and the other orange haired one

Golb89 • 6 months ago

Season 2 teasers, apparently.

(Though that does NOT mean there'll ever be a Season 2)

JadeJade • 6 months ago

Oh I know it goes. I'm still waiting for a second season of "School Live!" after their little end credit teaser.

Sadly.... I'll be waiting in vain 😔
Hopefully it's not the case with this anime

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Onsen was amazing, they had lots of fun episode was great.

Anime was really nice final rating is 9.1/10

Really wonderful nice ending.

DressrosaCR7 • 6 months ago

peak 10/10

pologs81 • 6 months ago

I can see where I'll have to rewatch the uncensored

Waverly_ppl • 6 months ago

This episode was so heart warming and adorable.

Daniel Jun • 2 months ago

animators went through 1-11 episodes, said "shit, we have extra budget" and then went hard on ep 12. Gigachad animators

Jarl Qboyq • 2 months ago

Originally I thought this was a show about a younger sister that wanted to change her brother for some selfish reason. The drug is created through anime logic for sure. No way this was tested in the first place and had with perfect symptoms. I would've liked an awkward transformation cliffhanger mid class or something that nobody saw coming and then just end the show lol. Very fun and enjoyable show to watch overall. If you watch this starting at episode 6 it would just seem like any other show with all girls doing girly stuff. It never really drives home that "This is a dude in a girl's body." Can't hate it though. 8/10

Coffee Beans • 3 months ago

i mean, this show's alright

Noju Kuramu • 5 months ago

People expected somwthing else on this anime but it just turned out to be CGDCT SoL type of anime 😂

Pietje van Dongen • 6 months ago

squishy squishy 😋
imagine that your imouto has to touch your p3nis to show what's the problem (at least i think that's what she touched after giving the medicine.
Onimai is a place? 🤔

lady vivi ★ • 6 months ago

You’re going to have to start calling her imouto-chan!

Mirai Fudou • 6 months ago


Joash_C. • 6 months ago

With him wanting to continue to be a girl atleast now people cant complain that it was forced and how bad the sister was and dump hate on it.

Seiryuu Knightwalker • 6 months ago

Really good anime, but quite curious about how Mahiro's going to reveal the secret in the end... He can't possibly live his whole life as a girl, since the medicine doesn't just change his gender, it apparently rejuvenates him younger too.. So eventually he's going to have to tell them about the truth right? Or will the siblings just say that the girl Mahiro moved away?
Just can't imagine a good ending for them... Either say the truth and potentially get hated by everyone for deceiving them or lie again which won't really solve anything...
Or maybe go the anime solution where they reveal the truth in such a way where somehow everyone forgives them and everything becomes a happy ending??

Kaidoscope • 6 months ago

1. 10:01 ahhh thats why the pingas scene wasnt there, they changed the order and also the scene entirely
2. oh its the last episode (of the season, probably, the way they set it up makes it really easy to end the entire series right here though, but i guess thats just an animation studio thing, just in case they never make a second season)

EM • 6 months ago

‎Anime of the season easily. Praying for season 2
After this I'm definitely watching anything Bind will make

Sev7N • 6 months ago

What a wholesome winter season... Im glad Im a gave this piece a chance...

FaZe. boy1 • 6 months ago

Honestly a little upset that he decided to stay a chick, reason he stayed was because he was forced to be a chick and get used to it.

Fran Miles • 6 months ago

another reason he stayed to be a woman that is to rehabilitate his lazy behavior, her sister even mentioned it on the 1st episode

Marcelus • 6 months ago


vagelis • 6 months ago

Wonderful and relax anime hope for s.2

sayounara Onimai

silentani • 6 months ago

look at all the censor lol, i gonna wait uncensor now

Himiko Mizukawa • 6 months ago

be patient for uncensored

Payghambar • 6 months ago

Damn ,he should've turned back but he chosed to run from reality and deceive people around him

And Gogo plz hire a hacker that can delete gamble ads, im annoying when doing typing its always going to ads even im not touch it, and that maybe the reason Gogo always change sites, the money go to that gamble sites if from hentai haven or something like that maybe i can touch it hundreds or more but its not we are not ttouching the ads and it going by it self

must have seasooon 2
as always rate 6.9/10