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Christian • 2 months ago

thats alot of di*k shaped mountains blown by Blackbeard

shinwolf ford • 2 months ago

So I thought im the one who only sees that moutains di*k Hahah

Christian • 2 months ago

immediately when i saw i just said WTF di*ks XD


Nemesis Claus • 2 months ago

you see what you wanna see

AAVI • 2 months ago


For a second I was so happy that Law became a new Waifu only to be disappointed again lol.

It's been a while since we saw Pudding I guess the Blackbeard Pirates want her so that she can read the Poneglyph with her third eye, that's the same reason why Big Mom wanted a child from that species.

And Aokiji is as cool as ever XD

NaraFuFu • 2 months ago

The kuzan scene was so cold

Power Ed • 2 months ago

Literally got chills mane

I don't know, his powers are kind of hot

Con D Oriano • 2 months ago

Would like to see Ivankov vs Doc Q

Marktherapist • 2 months ago

Whole world becoming women, Sanji died from nosebleed

Rare • 2 months ago

nah, his ptsd would kick in cuz even the women would turn to men.
or maybe he would just fawn over himself like he did when he was in nami's body

Solar • 2 months ago

For a moment there I thought it was Ivankov’s doing,lol

Guest • 2 months ago
phoenix • 2 months ago

Why it isn't a spoiler if you're on this episode you should know who ivankov is.

POKÉFREAK • 2 months ago

Ivankov is already a woman so he/she human already ummune

Solar • 2 months ago

Still a mystery of which gender Ivankov was originally before He/She ate that fruit

bzzz • 2 months ago

no its not

Solar • 2 months ago

it might as well be a mystery,lol

bzzz • 2 months ago

no its not since we saw him in the kuma flashback as a boy

Solar • 2 months ago

You don’t know that Ivankov probably already had fruit power as a kid, heck Luffy had powers when he was a kid and so did Robin

bzzz • 2 months ago

he got his fruit after they escaped the god valley

Haziq Saffari • 2 months ago

He was born male. Kuma's backstory about his past showed it.

Fiddler Green • 2 months ago

It's not a mystery. He's a guy. The theme of his character is a drag queen, which is a guy dressing as a woman.

Gol D. Roger • 2 months ago

Ivankov is a tranny

Utsuro • 2 months ago

Man, Kuzan was already icy, but damn, he was cold in that scene lol

Solar • 2 months ago

I wonder why Aokiji joined blackbeard guess we’ll find out in the much later LATER episodes😓( and no spoilers from Manga readers Please)

Sibazz • 2 months ago

He joined because he figured out the secrets of the world government and now is hoping to use black beard to destroy the marines

NotMe • 2 months ago

lol….he aint thought of doing anything….we don’t know what’s kuzan’s main idea behind joining black beard. But I’m pretty sure it’s not to destroy marines or knowing secrets of world govt. By the story….untill now he went with the flow….that’s it.

Peter • 2 months ago

No one said he wants to use them other wants to destroy Marine

Peter • 2 months ago

You forged that

Gol D. Roger • 2 months ago

He's pretty much gen z, doesn't know if he/she is good or good

Marktherapist • 2 months ago

No wonder Oda drew the female version of each of the strawhat in SBS before, Oda foreshadowing something again, Oda freaking genius

POKÉFREAK • 2 months ago

male robin chan

and male nami chan pls

Solar • 2 months ago

Sanji’s nightmare,😂

Kei • 2 months ago

Sanji's fire will burn even more brighter than in thriller bark lol.

Coldplay23 • 2 months ago

no thank u

Enemy Of Humanity (Alice) • 2 months ago

A teleporting sniper, bro is playing Chamber.
Usopp has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to be the sniper king with a slingshot.

He uses an actual sniper and teleports, but Usopp probably still at least close to him. That's how crazy Usopp is.

Konohamaru • 2 months ago

playing chamber lmao XD, looking like pre nerfed chamber sheesh

Wisely Kamelot • 2 months ago

Interesting episode, I thought this is gonna be like the manga where half the episode would've been Law against BB and the other half Egghead, but they managed to expand it and make it whole episode instead. Also good of them to tell us how Pudding was captured. In any case this fight is an amazing one indeed.

Konohamaru • 2 months ago

tbh this felt longer than a normal(horrible) paced one piece ep

popplewellify11 • 2 months ago

Do you have any idea why they capture pudding? Spoil me pls

Can we get much higher? • 2 months ago

the three-eyed tribe people have the special ability to read poneglyphs once they awaken it, so the blackbeard pirates need her for the same reason big mom needed her for.

Sibazz • 2 months ago

This ain't even a spoiler bro just didn't pay attention to it ig

City Boi • 2 months ago

Even thou Law's crew is useless, I've to say, i was quite surprised that they could actually do something. Nonetheless, they're still useless but still surprised me.

Solar • 2 months ago

And the way Law’s 2 crewmembers fight in the water ,I think they’re part fishman that’s like the only explanation I can think of🤔

City Boi • 2 months ago

I honestly thought they were going to do some fishman transformation... like, how tf they could swim like that, much less shoot water balls

do you think if it was ussop, he would do something like heart pirate fodders or he would just be screaming like coward. I don't think he can do first one. So let's not call them useless, they are 100x better than what ussop would do for his crew in same situation.