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Watchforever • 2 months ago

After 4 or 5 years the luffy vs kaido fight is over

disqus_IKjT5cdHL1 • 2 months ago

It was since 1015 but Kaido has been fighting since 995 and first Luffy vs Kaido fight was 914

Shinketsu aka Craty • 2 months ago

So you're telling me it was about 160 episodes ago since they went to wano kuni and then fight kaido o_o, also thats equivalent to 3 years and 1 month o___o

Edit: Considering some fillers and hiatus/breaks, it's even longer than this...

Mr.Cookie • 2 months ago

its so weird how in the one piece time its been like 3 weeks since they met up at sabaody

phoenix • 2 months ago

No way it's been just 3 weeks you're telling they destroyed punk hazard, liberated dressrosa, went to zou, went to whole cake island rescued sanji, went to wano, and liberated wano in less than a month

Mr.Cookie • 2 months ago

yeah kinda doesnt make sense but oda does it intentionally so i guess theres a reason for it

Alexander D. Montblanc • 1 month ago

More like 1 or 2 months since Sabaody post-time skip.

Gaakura • 2 months ago

This just broke my brain

BRUH MOMENT • 2 months ago

the crazy thing is that we were slowly waiting for somthing that would comein 3 years thats amazing

Zekkon • 2 months ago

Was it really that long. Man it doesn't feel that long.

dembed-jimbe-mank • 2 months ago

Their first encounter was at episode 915 which was aired December 2019 where Luffy was sent away in one hit. Luffy managed to beat Kaido after 3 years and 10 months.

Arken • 2 months ago

wow time does really fly , it thought it was last year didnt think it was that long ago when they had their encounter

Jacky-Chan • 2 months ago

There's even a delay due to covid even some weekly delays and fillers.. Don't forget the recaps...>~>
In the Manga it feels less than that.

BRUH MOMENT • 2 months ago

cus it only took 2 years for the manga

Super • 2 months ago

After 3 years and ten months that ours timeline but how many days have passed in wano arc from Luffy one hit ko to him defeating kaido?

Shinketsu aka Craty • 2 months ago

about 2 maybe 3 months ?
edit: nvm i reread it in the wiki, "about two weeks before the upcoming festival, Monkey D. Luffy and his group arrived at Wano for the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance's plan to take down Kaidou."
So 2 Weeks

So 1 day in the onepiece timeline is about 3,17 weeks our time lel

Divinedragn • 2 months ago

dam how time flies felt like just last week luffy took that club to the face....now that kaido is unconcious whats to say he wont regain cansioucness and go back to being a twat i will miss seeing the 3 chestys nami robin and kaido *son*

Klaxxi • 2 months ago

Thats a long time xD

Watchforever • 2 months ago

This arc started in 2019

Guest • 2 months ago
Zekkon • 2 months ago

Bruh, religion is cringe.

Ny3 • 2 months ago

That is the amount of time I expected Luffy to train to be able to go from getting 1 shot to yonko level. Canonically achieving it in like a month is wild.

AnimatorME • 2 months ago

so now kaido gonna join the team ?

Vince :D • 2 months ago

nah we got Kaido at home (Yamato) 🤣🤣
I bet she'll be joining, she'll be a cool addition and her fruit seems interesting!

Watchforever • 2 months ago

No it’s just the wano arc in the anime is almost done

JDC • 2 months ago

zou to wano arc yes but not luffy vs kaido fight.

Wisely Kamelot • 2 months ago

That was so epic, Luffy finally defeated Kaido once and for all this time, I guess they showed us that Kaido flashback because if one really was a villain in otherworldly level and is about to be defeated they show us what he has been through. Anyway about that last CP0 member who simply fled Onigashima having failed their mission was a disgrace to them. And so were close to the end of Wano arc at last!

Timbeans • 2 months ago

wasn't he moving through the air like sanji though?

Shinketsu aka Craty • 2 months ago

it's a common technique in the CP units to master the formel six, as "moonwalk" aka "geppou" he used it to flee
idk how sanji achieved it tho, probably through ivankov

xX><Xx • 2 months ago

He was running away from the okama on the island he spent the time-skip on until he started running in the air xD. I'm pretty sure that's actually how.

Sanji runs from culture
Zoro hunts it

Monkey Dollar. Luffy • 2 months ago

The personification of "Freedom" (Joyboy) within the One Piece verse beats the walking trant who enslaved a country for 20 years. Funny how things work sometimes.

MadMoXie • 2 months ago

Wow that does feel like a whole year ago!

Daniel_M_ • 2 months ago

Am I the only one who didn't really felt that spark when Luffy was fighting with Kaido. Even like in previous episode. I was more happy happy when he was fighting with Doflamingo or with Katakuri.I think when someone will edit their full fight it will be much better than this. The spacing and stretching did really take number on this fight.

IDesmond • 2 months ago

i am combining them :)

Katarina Du Couteau • 2 months ago

yeah same lol, I didnt felt that "spark" of excitement when luffy finally defeated kaido or was fighting... the spacing really ruined the hype and the excitement for it. I hope someone will edit it for us to enjoy it to the fullest

Stag • 2 months ago

I think a lot of it has to do with how many times Luffy fought Kaido, and the show breaks out this amazing 'final attack' animation for the segment, only for nothing to happen. 3 or 4 times of that and the thrill has really diminished when the REAL final attack happens.

Daniel_M_ • 2 months ago

yeah but when gear 5 was released I was jumping as a fan like a kid and I am 23 right now but after that when they were fighting like last 2 episodes these so op attacks it was more like "yeah thats nice but can we end it finally." even like last attack with Doflamingo was more to get into the fight than this. Like I said the spark wasn't there with their last attack like with Doflamingo when you could feel these emotions in that last attack

A Refined Gentleman • 2 months ago

I really liked the finale music.

Xavier Xavier • 2 months ago


Congrats If your seeing this comment you’ve survived to see the end of the Wano Arc! Congrats on making it this far in ONEPIECE

Almond • 2 months ago

Totally agreed
It took more than four years for this arc to finally reach its ending

Lenroy Lewis • 2 months ago

its not the end of the arc

Lelouch vi Britannia • 2 months ago


A Refined Gentleman • 2 months ago

KAIDO will forever be one of my favorite characters. [WORORORO!]

Solar • 2 months ago

I’ve gotten used to that laugh for four years And now for the next main villain’s laugh,lol

xX><Xx • 2 months ago


Thunder1914 • 2 months ago

Probably Zehahahahaah next

Thoughts • 2 months ago

anyone ese cry a lil? am i weird?

You weird ass bastard, crying is for weirdoes.