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Con D Oriano • 6 months ago

Kaido is so drunk, he forgot to laugh in wororororo

I love the gap between serious Kaido and drunk Kaido, that's pretty funny

Oden a.k.a Chad Kozuki • 6 months ago

he just went and jackie chan it lol

Solar • 6 months ago

I see what you mean you’re talking about that drunken Fist movie he was in,lol

Ace of Fire🔥 • 6 months ago

It's like when Rock Lee drunk booze instead of his medicine fighting against Kimimaro. I know it's somehow related to Mr. Chan's drunken fist movie, and these animes are doing it very well.

idk • 6 months ago

"druken fist secret kung-fu of the south " jackie chan in the forbidden kingdom

Gilad Ohayon • 6 months ago

Both Rock Lee to Kimimaro and Kaido lost to Luffy so its better to not get drunk.

Littyktheslums • 2 months ago

But look how long it took

Gilad Ohayon • 2 months ago

The anime of One Piece is known for its bad pacing.

Solar • 6 months ago

Exactly 👍

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

actually Jackie Chan had inspired Drunken Fist from to Bruce Lee

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Drunken master lol.

Oden a.k.a Chad Kozuki • 6 months ago

yes, tbh jackie was sub for bruce after he died, in early jackie's movies he's basically playing bruce

King Luffy • 1 month ago

Haha, loved what you said

Kei • 6 months ago

He started talking like Big Mom when she talks to mother Carmel lol.

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

Kaido's drunken first and sorrows
Big Mom's hunger crisis and red bean soup

Ny3 • 6 months ago

Gap moe Kaido??

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

no just drunk kaido. I know people like that who have a second alibi while drunk

Utsuro • 6 months ago

Kaido- Mugiwara I think you like me too much.

tbh I do.

BlacKyScYthe • 6 months ago

There are only 2 people who deserve Luffy`s affection. And they are both female: Boa Hancock or Yamato.

idk about yamato cuz she actually liked ace and she might not develop that kinda feelings for luffy and luffy isn't the type to fall in love first
but boa hancock is legit waifu material candidate

He's a little too weird for Luffy. I feel like Hancock would have a better chance locking Luffy down mentally (with food). Feel like Yamato would fight Luffy for food, then again, would that be Oden of him?

seems u didnt get the joke. me being luffy as my name indicates .. saying that "i do" meaning i love kaido ..

Arun Singla • 6 months ago

wait till you see him actually flirting with luffy in 5 episodes or so

ChiriX • 6 months ago

Not Luffy telling someone to be serious. Wow

DragonGoatWithAHat • 4 months ago

This is why Kaido is one of a kind best Villain.
I never seen a Villain i love to see go down so much yet i cant hate one bit.
Hes so manly he can do horrible war crimes and excuse it with people just being to weak and annoying him. and somehow cant hold it a against him because man WAHT a unit of man. XD

Ny3 • 6 months ago

The 5 stages of... drunk?

Background Nerd Guy n°24 • 6 months ago

One of the "lost in translation" parts was the moment when he clashed gatlings with Luffy.

It's called "Thieving Drunk" in the manga, as Kaido uses it to copy the opponent's abilities.

disqus_IKjT5cdHL1 • 6 months ago

not yet thieving drunk yet that's when he copies Luffy's future sight

james trenton • 6 months ago

pretty damn solid. p good fighting that zhou looking creepy AS F. is that mink tribe showing up. is that fire tank pirates too? looking lit

blacksparkss21 • 6 months ago

i think it has to do with the awakening of that specific fruit

Hisoka freecs • 6 months ago

Any chance the giant shadows we saw after thriller bark are the giant elephants?

james trenton • 6 months ago

no clue

Pineal Armstrong • 4 months ago

didn't they just say that zunesha is a devil fruit, it's only 1 giant elephant there is not more giant elephants only 1 of them because it's a devil fruit. And the reason the island is on the back is punishment for a crime zunesha commited for joyboy and it was punished to carry the island on it's back

iAmAmine • 6 months ago

those were the shadows of people in sky island bro why did everyone skip that arc

Steven KUN • 4 months ago

yup, we were also shown a big shadow of luffy when he was in the sky island from the pov of noland's descendent(I can't remember his name), so I think those shadows were also of sky islands people

Hisoka freecs • 6 months ago

I think that theory was debunked

iAmAmine • 5 months ago

nope those were the shadows of people in sky island lmao

Hisoka freecs • 5 months ago

Dude you're an idiot lmao...
Ready? if those are shadows of from the sky then why do their eyes glow RED? haha. Please do tell what chapter oda revealed what the Florian triangle shadows were?

iAmAmine • 5 months ago

a single google search would deem you the retarded idiot one here lmfaooooooo

Hisoka freecs • 5 months ago

Google search?? That's not an answer, that's how I search for your moms hub videos. Why don't you do the Google search and let me know what chapter oda answered that gem. I didn't know shadows from the sky could have RED EYES. Lol, seriously tho quit being a scummy lil Pubic hair and tell me.

iAmAmine • 5 months ago

stop embarassing yourself with the petty middle school insults lmfao you're just mad that you're wrong lil bro its okay

Kapp • 4 months ago

the guy was talking about this

this is not the shadow of skypeople

Hisoka freecs • 5 months ago

Please lmk what chapter or episode it was revealed, or at least which arc.

Hisoka freecs • 5 months ago

Name the chapter and I'll admit I was wrong. I've searched Florian triangle shadows and no answer pops up. So come on big bro, if you're so mature and know your info then quit being such a pos and just tell Me where oda revealed that info? You can't because it hasn't been revealed. Lol the lengths children go to. 🤣🤣😂

Mʌʀɩɱo Zoʀo • 6 months ago

Im pretty sure those were numbers giants

Hisoka freecs • 5 months ago

Yeah i don't really know what they are. But the elephant sure looks like the same size. And I wouldn't be surprised if the giant elephants end up being an ancient weapon since they are connected telepathic just how the princess mermaid is also connected with the sea creatures. It's pretty obvious.

Kei • 6 months ago

FT pirates lost their ship, it was the 2nd best ship in One Piece after Thousand Sunny, Nostra Castello the only amphibian ship, not even Thousand Sunny is amphibian.

CrimsonPotato • 6 months ago

did you see the "world govt" in their ships lol

james trenton • 6 months ago

didnt see it on the ship with suits must have missed it. thanks.