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Annie leonhart • 4 months ago

A moment of silence for all our fallen comrades who were not able to witness the greatest moment of One Piece.


Pirate King Luffy • 4 months ago

Here I hope everyone would live long enough to see the ending of One Piece

Rayquaze • 4 months ago

See you all to the Laugh Tale, be safe not everyone can make it till the end. New World is Dangerous.

Enemy Of Humanity (Alice) • 4 months ago

Yup, just don't die, ez.

A Sparrow • 4 months ago

This is awfully inspiring. We all gon' make it.

MSA • 4 months ago

we will brother see eachother there

Ace of FirešŸ”„ • 4 months ago

Each week after watching one piece. I thank God many times for introducing me to this anime, and the chance to experience the most exciting moments of my life. We all must be grateful for that.šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜‡

MSA • 4 months ago

us moment

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Yo this was absolutely amazing!!! It's been years since it's been this good. Since doflamingo I would say a n d zoro hasn't been this good since thriller bark

Rastko • 4 months ago

And Reddit manga readers are gonna have another 1000 words essay about how Toei managed to fuck up yet another brilliant episode because King flew off at a different angle than what was in the manga.

Oussama Merzoug • 4 months ago

animation is good pacing is shit, i hope there will be a remake or better editor cut version that compact 2 episodes into 1 in the future

Lisa • 4 months ago

Pacing bla bla bla always the same drama

Yoyo • 4 months ago

every fckin time this manga fascists have something to btch about. oh he flew of 1 centimeter to the right like fck off. you ungrateful son of a btch.

AnimatorME • 4 months ago

cuz always same issue

disqus_IKjT5cdHL1 • 4 months ago

the pacing of the last two episodes have been good in a long time so what are you on about?

AnimatorME • 4 months ago

last ep was literally a rewind what are you on about

Kei • 4 months ago

lol and King's dinosaur form was pathetic and looked weakest without the mask.

Floatergod • 4 months ago

He has a Pteranodon fruit. And Pteranodons are ugly asf so the hell did you expect.

Jeremiah • 4 months ago

he wanted to see a cute lightskin dinosaur LOL

Sheer F***ing Awesomeness.

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

I'm in awe. This episode was on par with demon slayer

JoeBlack • 4 months ago

Here we go again with the Demon Slayer anime as standard.

ace • 4 months ago

i mean yeah animation wise demon slayer is top tier. garden of words has better animation but its a whole different style so the only thing we can compare it to is demon slayer

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Name 1 anime of better quality

Evilhead • 4 months ago

jujutsu kaisen I think or vinland saga

De-da-deee • 4 months ago

Yeah right, Vinland's animation is top tier too. One of my favorites this season; even more so than demon slayer because of its depth and maturity.

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Smh, jk is trying its hardest to look like ds. Vinland saga doesn't even come close to the first seasons of aot. Even the last two seasons of aot might be the about the same quality. There is only a few anime out there that stand a chance and it's not those two. We're talking about consistency of a full season. The zoro vs king episode is an example of how a mediocre anime can surpas a better quality anime for 1 episode. But Ds keeps the quality coming non stop

Negr0Hunter1836 • 4 months ago

bichboy ratio with your demid slayer goofyass

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Answer the question, quit pivoting.

Fate zero is easily better.

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Made by the same studio you noob

ik that u ass but fate zero is still easily better.

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

How is it better you noob if it's the same studio? Same artist and a bigger budget. You just like fate zero so you're being biased

biased? .. Bro did u watch it? same studio or not it has one of the best animations in the whole anime world, unarguable point .. if u didn't watch it fk off.

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Of course I watched it...that's how I know you're such a fan boy šŸ˜† hahaha

yeah sure, somebody named Hisoka calling a fan boy.. How ironic.

Hisoka freecs • 4 months ago

Lol, hisoka is the best bro wtf you talking bout? Imo hisoka and Saitama are the top characters in ALL ANIME. But that's irrelevant. Your argument is stupid. Ds and fate zero are made by the same studio. They were both high end projects that used the same quality animation. The only difference is ds is about 10 years more modern. So you championing fz as a better quality anime is based on being a fanboy.

yh whatever i dont care your argument is fkin stupid.

Hisoka freecs • 3 months ago

That copium hits pretty hard šŸ˜†

Datte • 4 months ago

Peak fiction fr šŸ”„

Coldplay23 • 4 months ago

yup, i'm sure a lot of people didn't make it this far to these this

Datte • 4 months ago

Today the strawhats are one step closer into finding the One Piece!! Zoro showed us what it means to fulfill his promise. W ZorošŸ”„

One Piece was, is and will continue to be peak fiction. Hope we get to see the day Luffy become the king of the pirates

Raunak KORI • 3 months ago

RIP šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™‡šŸ™‡

Mustached human • 4 months ago

toei loves zoro more than sanji bruhšŸ’€šŸ’€šŸ’€šŸ’€šŸ’€šŸ’€

Serif Mango • 4 months ago

This wasn't the greatest moment in OP. They butchered this episode. Totally exagerated the fight. The studio is forgetting that they aren't animating Dragonball. Read the manga.

Andrej Ilijevic • 4 months ago

How about you go and read and leave us watch, since you like it that way more.

HominumOO • 4 months ago

Yet here you are...

EHE • 4 months ago

wtf r u even saying, can't even enjoy a good fight? sheesh

De-da-deee • 4 months ago


///Marco • 4 months ago

Serif Mango i can give my left hand that u are fat in real life