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Con D Oriano • 1 year ago

So they bring out those hateful characters Apoo, Orochi and Kanjuro in this episode huh, as always they plotting something nasty again

But next episode, Law and Kid gonna awaken their devil fruit, that's gotta be epic

Solar • 1 year ago

I know like what does it take to kill those pricks especially Kanjuro!?

Rayquaze • 1 year ago

Every character in the One Piece takes a lot to die...and on the other hand "Died from the stairs" Death D Stairs

Sparrow • 1 year ago

the only way to truly kill someone in one piece is to do it while sad music is playing or in the middle of a flashback.

vinni • 1 year ago

Or to make em donut :(

Except for that mink that strapped some dynamite to himself and died in the big mom ark

Rayquaze • 1 year ago

I really appreciate Pedro's Sacrifice, no tricks and pricks...straight death

Byno • 1 year ago

That Mink? At least give him the respect he deserves and call him by his name! His name is Pedro!

The Birth of Ecstasy • 1 year ago

I mean in this arc they almost all feel immortal like damn just die lmao

By next episode, I think you mean next next next episode's last 30 seconds.

Shinpei • 1 year ago

Orochi and Kanjuro are truly evil!

AnimeMan • 1 year ago

Talking with farts lol

Solar • 1 year ago

Dang it’s been like over 450 episodes since Kin’emon talk with his farts when he was just a torso back in punk hazard And now it’s happening again, that shit takes me back,lol

𝓚𝓸𝔂 • 1 year ago

Animation going crazy in the last minute. Shii

Mr.Cookie • 11 months ago

thats the sickest to be continued they've done yet

Taggedin • 1 year ago

it's how they pull you back in when each episode is like 5 minutes long and we should have ended this cock and ball torture and got to the damn luffy kaido fight already

Seven • 1 year ago

I wonder how half a body can produce enough gas to actually talk with farts ROFL

quaniggalus jones • 1 year ago

one piece

grawss • 1 year ago

but he's in two pieces

T.F.C. • 1 year ago

Where logic dies

Samsz • 1 year ago

Crazy, Right? Farting without a stomach... One Piece ....

Rayquaze • 1 year ago

Also his talking style changes a bit after getting half body...buuu

Arã Arã • 1 year ago

Animation was way too lit in the end .... Shhhhh❤️‍🔥

Rayquaze • 1 year ago

CP0 is finally in the act...
Finally its revealed Queen is Ronaldo's fan 21:13 suiiiiiii
It's always last few minutes; animation goes fire

talking using fart? 🤣 i am surely in the manga he says he talking with hit butt mouth 🤣

Syncist • 1 year ago

Lets gooooooooooooooo best time of the week

jorbe • 1 year ago


Fearless Freep • 1 year ago

Congrats, you got Firsties!

Wisely Kamelot • 1 year ago

This was a good episode, but seriously seeing both Apoo and Kanjuro not to mention the most hated character in One Piece in my book Orochi again really ruining One Piece. The reason Kin'emon is still alive probably because in Punk Hazzard they didn't attach him correctly when Law cut him to pieces. So CP0 finally come out from the indestructible room to hunt down Robin. Finally the next episode is about awakened Law and Kid vs Big Mom, was waiting ages for this to be animated.

Idk • 1 year ago

they keep on showing every fight for about 10 seconds to prolong everything. its so annoying these fights are never going to end. if they actually showed each fight for a good amount of time thhings would go much faster. But ofcourse they have to drag everything to the max. Wano has to be the slowest pace onepiece has ever been at. Its like were watching the same episode everyweek.

Ka0s • 1 year ago

Toei milking one piece, same as usual. just read the manga imo

Ashurī Nikorū • 1 year ago

Early omg this is going to be great

Abhinav • 1 year ago

I am starting to hate this anime.

disqus_IKjT5cdHL1 • 1 year ago


Abhinav • 1 year ago

little too slow for me

Kill kajuro already! Man got more lives than fire fist ace 🔥 💀

Daycrist • 7 months ago

Otama felt that.....

CapybaraFan14 • 1 year ago

i hope we one day will get a full chapter's worth of content in a single episode

Why do episodes have so less content 😭😭😭

Krazy_Kirby • 1 year ago

they really love using the japanese banjo in wano

Thomas Mccullough • 1 year ago


Negr0Hunter1836 • 1 year ago

Hell yeah, it's Law's time to get the dirty room with big mom and puncture through her

AnimeMan • 1 year ago

Tried reading the manga but the art style is pretty messy :/

Hisoka freecs • 1 year ago

Wtf are you smoking? The manga is top notch art, it makes the anime look like trash

Ny3 • 1 year ago

He's right. The style is messy. But it's more the paneling than the art.

AnimeMan • 1 year ago

Read the chapter with Kinemon's lower body walking around. That shits messy AF. (are there two different versions because no way is that top art. Because then you gotta check out OPM, Murata version)

Pain • 1 year ago

the panels are way to messy

ThaGodOne • 1 year ago

He smoking d***k.

WayDownDeepInTheDisqus • 1 year ago


Ain't no way in hell that all three of these random guys have better aim than literally ANY other ranged fighter in one piece, three shots, three hits on a guy with observation haki, and none of them have it(I would assume)...

If these guys had been any earlier in the series, the entire straw hat crew would've got wiped! THE GUY IS DODGING LIGHT SPEED LASERS AND THEY HIT HIM WITH BULLETS!


Team Supreme • 1 year ago

Well maybe because sanji isn't calm at that moment was in his own thoughts