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Con D Oriano • 4 months ago

Snake-Man Jet Culverin and Divine Swiftness White Serpent, two snakes that is some really nice combo there. That was epic no wonder there was a leak of this scene 2 days ago.

And I saw on Twitter it has been exactly 4 years since we last saw Snake Man on WCI, how time flies.

zo • 4 months ago

One Piece fans went from leaking manga chapters to leaking episodes now xD. I don't blame them, that truly was phenomenal.

This episode was plus ultra!

Ace of Fire🔥 • 4 months ago

Actually, Momo not able to fly was kinda beneficial here. Luckily, he showed Luffy to everyone by accident and made everyone sure that the King is still kicking. 😎😏😎

Vince :D • 4 months ago

Hell yhh! They saw that true King is back, creating miracles once again, that'll give them a morale boost! 💯💯

Plus he destroyed parts of the castle.

Paul Saviour • 4 months ago

It was dope

Abhinav Neoharys Varma • 3 months ago

Reminds me of how GOT episodes used to get leak even before the official release of a previous episode

Shinpei • 4 months ago


like that reddit guy who leaked almost everything of the manga and nobody is sure if he's right.

Solar • 4 months ago

It would’ve been even better if Luffy use king cobra With Yamato’s white serpent it’ll be like double dragon fist but with snakes,lol!!!

Just a passing by bear • 4 months ago

I am more looking forward to the drum beat. He's coming.

Endrit • 4 months ago

4 years????? Za fukkk you are telling me Luffy vs Katakuri wasn't last year???

Byno • 4 months ago

ikr? Felt so recent....

Endrit • 4 months ago

my lif is fcken gone :(

Sazoku • 4 months ago

it was 4 or so years ago lmao

Endrit • 4 months ago

no wonder I am bald at 25, my lif is ova

Vince :D • 4 months ago

Gear Fourth with Ryuo Haki!!!! 💪💪
Yamato is so badass too!!! Best Girl! 🤩 She's like a valiant knight!
Boss battle round 2, let's go!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Loving the battle music and Yamato's voice acting!!
I've been replaying that final attck scene too many times 😂

Shinpei • 4 months ago


Mike • 4 months ago

I was hoping he would have used Black Mamba attack and had the 2 snakes gliding side by side

Rannen 19 • 4 months ago

Kaido was a tank though very tough.

That was amazing!

Raunak , • 1 month ago


MadMoXie • 4 months ago

There was a episode leak?

Rayquaze • 4 months ago

Yep IDK how they leaked it but I saw it too

Zabe • 4 months ago

was it on hole cake arc right


Milluki Zoldyck • 4 months ago

The last part looked like an entire semester budget XD

Worth it.

EnteryGT • 4 months ago

It looked like a fan drew it, tf you mean semester budget? The only thing that used budget was the flashing lights, everything else is absolute shit

FuckYou • 4 months ago

bro is malding so hard he's replying to every single comment
cope harder retard

EnteryGT • 4 months ago

Even a chinese anime that was canceled after 5 episodes has better animation, keep coping that one piece is good retard

Ny3 • 4 months ago

Perhaps learn the difference between animation and art style and you would see an argument doesn't even exist here.

Zeffery IGZ-42 • 4 months ago

cmon man if ur just gonna talk shit abt ppl's opinion how bout u just fk off frm here and watch other anime. U think ur opinion matters above all? Everyone has rights to their own opinion but ur just here to berate them. Worst piece of shit i've ever seen

EnteryGT • 4 months ago

Yeah i do, it's my fucking opinions, which does and always will matter above all, you can go cry about it all you want, doesn't change the fact its a bad art style

Regal Giant • 3 months ago

You happen to have the right opinion, I hope they stop this crappy style, the big attacks and key moments have had great animation for years, not this wet paper mache crap.

KuroZe • 4 months ago

i kinda agree tbh lol , the quality of the drawing get so low because there's too many stuff to be animated in the scene for it to be high detailed, so the standards kinda get lowed for them to be able to animate such scenes, im glad the scene where the worst generations enter the rooftops got an epic animation with high equality drawing

Stephen Simpson • 4 months ago

They did a similar animation like how Luffy punched a celestial dragon. It looked so good actually like they were hitting Kiado back into the manga amazing episode.

Steeltoe • 4 months ago

gives me pain flashbacks, theres a reason naruto getting a remake.

toei fucking around more and more, this ain't dragon ball.

Milluki Zoldyck • 4 months ago

Compared to the CG if you can't tell how many frame they need to draw to make that last part then we're done here. In a week time limit though.

Milluki Zoldyck • 4 months ago

Ok, sure. You can keep your opinion to yourself. All good.

Vince :D • 4 months ago

damn, get a life, why are you hating so much
you're moving like a bot with how much you've spammed the same comment in this comment section

Iced Up Dragon • 4 months ago

they used the art department budget up so much to do that graphic we wont see gear 5 til they do more fundraisers in august

disqus_IKjT5cdHL1 • 4 months ago


Wisely Kamelot • 4 months ago

Amazing episode! We got to see Yamato vs Kaido, and finally Luffy landing on Onigashima which was beyond hilarious, Momonosuke can't even open his eyes and at the end Luffy + Yamato attack on Kaido was epic with him going Gear 4th Snake-Man which we rarely see.

clo • 4 months ago

that looked amazing, but im a little confused on where his punch was dirrected, was it right next to oden attack and they hit kaido at the same time from the front? is luffy attack still going to hit him next?

or did they even notice luffy being there? would be strange if kaido didnt see that huge dragon RIGHT behind oden, not seing luffy ok, but that dragon should have been on his vision

Solar • 4 months ago

I know it’s been too long Luffy should’ve done that in the first place!

Jude Delos Santos • 4 months ago

One Piece suddenly became Dragon Ball Lol 😆😆

sasu46 • 4 months ago

you noticed now?...

EnteryGT • 4 months ago

It never did and it never will be, keep dreaming