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Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

I am so glad they didn't go with the traumatized route with Nick encountering Claudine. It was great to see him so confident in front of her and help another guy out who could have went through the same thing he did.

It was also nice to see himself handle Leon so well, that confrontation had me thinking Nick might be in trouble but it went completely different from what I was expecting.

This Arithmetic Bare Knuckle thing sounds kind of stupid though lol, are they going to be doing arithmetic whilst boxing each other or something?

Whoever • 3 months ago

we have Chess-boxing so why not

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

I saw this in another comment section but I'm not familiar with it, I feel like I might have scene a clip somewhere in passing but the idea sounds weird lol.

Whoever • 3 months ago

Two combatants play alternating rounds of blitz chess and boxing until one wins by checkmate or knockout.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

Who the hell came up with that?! That's ridiculous lol.

Whoever • 3 months ago

it's a bit complicated

dogboy • 3 months ago

imagine getting your head rocked and then proceed to get all of your chess pieces stolen because you have a concussion haha 2 Ls in one

theBlackOtakupodcast • 3 months ago


Larry Satterlee • 3 months ago

Oh yeah chess-boxing!:)

Crash Bandicoot • 3 months ago


Oviej • 3 months ago

First time I heard of this was from Disguised Toast & PointCrow's YouTube channel.

Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago
This Arithmetic Bare Knuckle thing sounds kind of stupid though lol, are
they going to be doing arithmetic whilst boxing each other or

It sounds stupid and it's actually stupid, sadly.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

Great, I'll go in expecting stupid next episode lol.

KingKrash • 3 months ago

isn't that just Rock Paper Scissors?

Meroko Yui • 3 months ago

Sounds like an RPG lol.

JDC • 3 months ago

I kinda love this season of non pathetic MCs. All the MCs this season have been chads. Fking love it something average dudes can relate to. All the loser, passive, apologetic, nerdy MCs are way overplayed.

MeguminExplosion • 3 months ago

Nick went Kazuma, no f*cks given.

Omnipresent, V2 • 3 months ago

To be fair nick’s personality seems to be that type of guy.

Experienced, responsible, and confident. The man reminds me more of the dependable buddy the main character usually has than a main character I swear.

He’s even got an idol cheering him on.

Yeah, I personally am tired of waiting 8 episodes before I see the humiliation. Prolly that's one of the reasons redo of healer was so popular. The past tamer anime was not bad either in that regard.

vovan1 • 3 months ago

I'd bring a calculator if i was Nick!

QuadL • 3 months ago

They do have that magic abacus...

Talo Grim • 3 months ago

I feel like I just lost 20 mins of my life.... this show feels like it's time to drop

Ipinefortheapple • 3 months ago

I was scrolling down to check if I was the only one who got bored to sleep watching this episode

Ace Knight • 3 months ago

Its a pretty sorry adaptaion ngl

Osaru Sensei • 3 months ago

It's about to get slightly more interesting, if memory serves.

theBlackOtakupodcast • 3 months ago

that's what i thought/ I am waiting for

KrondaliX • 3 months ago

How it works ? Like the first finding the correct answer can punch the opponent ? I'm not sure about it...

Shiro Aikawa • 3 months ago


Kwarevo • 3 months ago

Lack of money

MeguminExplosion • 3 months ago

Elaina from wandering witch got me saying "Okaaaa ney" everytime i hear money.

LesK • 3 months ago

when i hear money, my mind always hears 'SHAKEEM!' as said by the demon Senbei from 'Oh! My Goddess' voiced in the English dub by Kevin Collins. i know shakeem actually means debt, but it still just resonates in my memories. :>

Piratesgoyarrrr • 3 months ago

I heard that in my head as I read it lmao

Omnipresent, V2 • 3 months ago

Hell megumin even knows the struggles of money

Dbz Directioner • 3 months ago

You have seen her Family's Living condition, Right? Of course she knows about money struggles.

Omnipresent, V2 • 3 months ago

Ur damn right I done forgot about her livin' conditions

In fact, I was rewatching the whole series just these past couple days and the only thing I hadn't gotten to yet was the movie.

This calls for me to review.

Byno • 3 months ago

Mathematics bare knuckle....is that just a fancier way of saying rock paper scissors?

Grandpa Lampshade • 3 months ago

Hey, sounds like as good a guess as any

Ace Knight • 3 months ago

basically a 2v2 where one person answers test questions and the partner of whoever gets the higher score gets a free attack... its pretty roundabout

ChosenOneX • 3 months ago

Well, that wasn't much money they had.
I really like Bond, he is a really fun character - and the way he walks is just hilarious. That parallel skill of his is quite useful and Bond himself seems like a strong sword/guy... whatever.

I really like the telepathy they can now use. But damn, was Bond annoying when he started shouting into Nick's head.

Anyways, good job Nick - saving that guy/boy (he looked kinda young) from getting swindled by Claudine.
Also - what the hell is Arithmetic Bare Knuckle?

Azureink • 3 months ago

The fact that Bond borrows his stamina from Nick is interesting.

Rival11236 • 3 months ago

I love how Curan instantly went from "You can buy a snack!" to "A snack is all you can buy!" XD

Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

curran is already a snack

Lobstronomous • 3 months ago

She's a southern fried meal.

Judgment526 • 3 months ago

So Claudine is swindling little boys now huh?

It’s not just me who thinks this entire episode felt incredibly awkward, right?

Ohms Nuttachai • 3 months ago

No, you are not alone. The animation is totally inconsistent. For example, Bond's fight scene was totally awkward but his tantrum was very smooth somehow. I don't think they got the priority correct lol

norigami • 3 months ago

I watched it at 1.5x speed so the awkward pauses aren't so apparent. Although sometimes when they are walking it looks like I'm watching shadow puppet theatre lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

I feel like the quality of the show is kind of low so I've been coming in with such expectations but it's just hard to ignore lol. I like the setting with how the party was formed but I kinda wish it had either better writing or better animation, preferably both of course.

MeguminExplosion • 3 months ago

You can always donate your money and crowdfund their studio... 70k per episode and some more if you want it flashy.

Junnie Mae • 3 months ago

Yup. It's kinda a weirdge episode. Especially the end. As for Claudine targetting kids now: Ew! She'll be swindling elderlies soon I'll bet.

QuadL • 3 months ago

That was kind of the point they were making about her. She is scraping the bottom of the barrel now after swindling so many peeps for so long...