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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Uncensored in this title caught my eye, so I click lol

Edit Oh wait I remember this title and series now and uncensored version made it's way to Gogo.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Never knew it had a uncensored version.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

It does, the uncensored version is the BD/dvd version that came out like six months later after when this finish aired and depends on which anime sties got to uploaded when it was accessible.

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Oh I see, thanks for the information and comment Archie.

LesK • 6 months ago

yup, when the disk version came out in Japan Sentai Filmworks ALSO streamed all 13 eps on HIDIVE at once (in a single batch) both with subs n dub... all they had to do was edit the uncen files SLIGHTLY since the episodes are almost exactly the same... just with vaguely altered scenes...

Paradise SLU • 6 months ago

Yes youtube had the episodes and that anime called Black God watched all eps on it.

Sadly the mc died.

zo • 6 months ago

This was one of my fave ecchi shows I watched when I was knew to anime. Guess I'll rewatch it for old times' sake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

And For Academic Purpose sake as well (¬‿¬)

Sp1cy_Rubber • 6 months ago

We do be making Mayonaise

AnimeSenpai2003 • 6 months ago

This s the only hanime with great genre like teacher on gogo lol😂😂.
but love to if the teacher was milf

This is real masterpiece. One can really see the amount of work and budget the studio has put into this show to make it such high quality show. I especially like how much creativity has author been having at time of creating this title. 10/10!

vovan1 • 6 months ago

i really enjoyed this comment xD

Uchiha Cola!! • 6 months ago

one more ep of fanservice even though i thought its finished we still ended up with a bonus... big thanks to the studio for breaking their words and delivered an extra masterpiece...

Ravneet Singh • 6 months ago

There is one more actually. It's OVA, where everyone go on a trip after graduation

Uchiha Cola!! • 2 months ago

i think i saw that one, since i forgot i might revisit it

Kevin Sears • 6 months ago

uuuh, no, this is the last episode, where the fourth teacher and student wrap up their relationship...

LesK • 6 months ago

gogo has the special, but only in subs. i can't recall if ep13 was originally censored or not... but since it was a disk-only unaired episode i doubt it was cen. i don't know why gogo doesn't have the English dub of ep13.

Kevin • 6 months ago

wrong! there is a 13th ep. google it.

Void • 6 months ago

I don't remember anything to be uncensored for this anime lol

Devin wong • 6 months ago

Blu-ray release 6 months after original show had come out apparently was uncensored

MRpaisan • 6 months ago

Well not a bad ecchi. always down to watch a good ecchi anime. This one is a cut above. downside is so short.

Ohms Nuttachai • 6 months ago

Why now of all time, though?

zephyro • 6 months ago

Unc .??

L Sir • 6 months ago

AH yes, you ACCIDENTALLY slip into her 'melos' , A tragic but sucking it would be something else. 10/10

taijitu • 6 months ago

It's been a while since I've watched this series

The HOLY Comment • 6 months ago

It's no coincidence that we all gathered here. my dear cultured.

Arpeet • 6 months ago

There's another episode

OneAnk • 6 months ago

Wow I watched this one back when it was Weekly if I remember correctly it was in spring season 2019 I waited for the uncensored version for so long finally its out gonna re-watch it

Ravneet Singh • 6 months ago

Ahh, I accidentally fell on her nipples what a bad day

Usami Mizuki • 6 months ago

"2019" 💀
It's been a while since I saw this again.

Rohan Vidhate • 6 months ago

I would never open this anime but they wrote in title uncensored

LesK • 6 months ago

and there you have it folks, three happy couples... and one sexually frustrated one. :> heh! Suzuki man... seriously? sure, she's a LOT shorter than you... but... it isn't that difficult to figure out the logistics! if she's on top alot it'll work out great! :D

Arturs Paskevics • 6 months ago

Deff one of best echi anime :)

SimpLee • 6 months ago

i need episode 13

Saint Kazuma • 6 months ago

Yeah Masterpiece!!

Milk • 6 months ago

They Ended all the best old anime wth

I'm_H0rny • 6 months ago

Bruh if only this existed earlier

LesK • 6 months ago

it actually came out in Spring 2019. Sentai Filmworks licensed it and streamed their subs for the censored version on HIDIVE. several MONTHS later the BR/DVD disks were released in Japan fully uncensored. after that, they were ALL (13 episodes) released on HIDIVE in one batch, uncensored in both subs n dub. :D you'll have to find the uncen dubs elsewhere, because gogo doesn't seem to have found it yet.

Arturs Paskevics • 6 months ago

actually I watched this like many years ago.. But still glad it was renewed here on anime list, one of rare animes what I rewatched :)

the_shepherd • 6 months ago

Okay either I hit my head REALLY HARD but this was already on GoGo for a while but not on this current domain. Gogo did change like how many domains up until today? Like 40?

LesK • 6 months ago

actually no, gogo hasn't had the fully uncensored subtitled version this whole time. they don't have the uncen English dub either. :(

suryam gangwal • 6 months ago

it was kinda nice even tho it was nothing but fan service

Another • 6 months ago

hmm ... do i need to think to click or nah?
just ma hand do the the thing automatically ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

Kuzurine • 6 months ago

Nande [Nande Koko ni Seisei ga] Koki ni?! 😄

Craft GamerZ • 6 months ago

Seriously? after all these years they came with the uncensored version just now?

SmokeDaPen • 3 months ago

This is so good, i am in tears....... Welp.
Onto the Special Ep (OVA)

Sojtus • 5 months ago

Not gonna lie, I half expected that instead of an graduation it will either end with police raid. Or an orgy. :D

The HOLY Comment • 6 months ago

ehemmmmm ehemmmm hmmmmm

Rip TF • 6 months ago

It was a waste of a good manga, they used dozens of chapter for the worst MC

Astera Lililuke • 6 months ago

Welcome to anime that's barely porn