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Solar • 5 months ago

So nostalgic seeing the coffin of eternal darkness again

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

True Solar.

Solar • 5 months ago

Hey what’s up it’s been a while

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

I am good Solar and you?

Solar • 5 months ago

All good watching shows here and there

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

I am watching anime and movies, enjoy them.

Solar • 5 months ago

Cool 👍

Kami_Whis • 3 months ago

Of Eternal Dorkness

Albedio • 5 months ago

however isnt that meliodas' sword?u mean his sword is the seal?

Solar • 5 months ago

It wasn’t Actually a sword but Meliodas did held on to it after Elizabeth’s last reincarnation was killed back when she was a redhead

Jacky-Chan • 5 months ago

No more Goddess for trigger? Is Elizabeth not alive? 🤔

Marry off to his son? Was he talking about Percival which he assumed dead or is there another one lol..

When Anne mentioned the bad son, I was like MC is gonna say it out loud that's me.. 😅

Except Percival, every other member is holding secrets as we saw the black dots, meaning there's more DLC content for them lol.

Also, Anne's background story kinda feels similar to Noelle Silva.

Esenpai • 5 months ago

He was probably talking about marring her off to Percival considering that she said "he's probably just as bad (as his father)". Exactly the sort of misdirection anime loves dropping on viewers lol

Karma akabane • 4 months ago

Well percival dose have a brother in the manga

Porthya • 5 months ago

Well, the Percival in rl literature did have at least a sister...and this franchise does have a female Merlin...so, who knows?! Anyways, maybe Anne won't mind Percy for a potential husband. That is, if she can change her ideal image of a "real" man 😂🤣😂🤣
I'm just as confused as anyone for the way Ironside means to use the CoED here...Idk what the mangaka was thinking, later on he seems to remember that it was technically a device meant for sealing away demons...so it could/should be needed to get rid of characters like Meliodas, Zeldris and their people. And Elizabeth is alright, pestered by her pervy husband as always, to their teenage son's despair and utter embarrassment.
The difference between Anne and Noelle is that Anne had the chance to be raised by her mother for a while, she died not many years ago, and the mother got to teach the daughter what she knows as a fighter. Also Anne's magic awakened when her mother died.

arra1213 • 5 months ago

cant wait for next week
i wonder what the 7ds are doing at this time
im sure that fox is connected to merlin

Karma akabane • 4 months ago

Nope someone else from the 7ds

uchihaAinz • 5 months ago

Setting up his marriage behind his back.
Dad's skipping quite a few steps here lol

LowJack187 • 5 months ago

You never had a choice!

Daemon Redfox • 5 months ago

ah yes, the coffin of eternal darkness....just destroy that thing already XD

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 4 months ago

So does Ironside have lots of kids???

Mecazor • 5 months ago

typical brat behaviour jumping right into danger 😂 so meliodas relic is here and those small things identified it meaning there is some relation to his powers. angahad new member then, funny how she was expecting percy to lie and he was fully clean 😂😂

Linkyubie • 4 months ago

Where episode 7?

nah Ironside definitely has another son if he was considering to marry him off to Anne Cause he only found out Percival was still alive towards the end of this episode

NetroLancer • 5 months ago

Percival always rushing into danger.

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Awesome episode.

Porthya • 5 months ago

Ironside (heh's in Ludociel): Lady Anghalhad, I have some match-making ideas...
Diodra( in his best mini-Mael impersonation): Hi
Anne: Request denied! Would you look at that cute chibi-perv antagonising my father and his allies?!
Melizabeth( all the way from Liones): 👀👍

Maka Evans • 5 months ago

I'm surprised we didn't see what they did after Percy left(?) and just jumped to that vision from Kaleidoscope

Porthya • 5 months ago

Same here, Nakaba must be cooking some plot-twists about the rest of the group and is building suspense by omission
Not very nice, but, eh...

Trix • 5 months ago


Power Ed • 5 months ago


Syncist • 5 months ago


Glinda • 1 month ago

Great episode.

Mike • 4 months ago

I'm glad i don't see many negative comments about this anime it is really good quality story wise and animation the manga is also super great if they keep up with this animation it will surpass peoples expectations i am just glad that atrocity 3D CGI movie that netflix had didn't turn people away because this is Leagues better.

Malerious10 • 4 months ago

If mod is reading this, ep 7 is out.

Syncist • 4 months ago

the wating game

Albedio • 5 months ago

what kinda liar says hes fighting for humans then goes on to sacrifice a whole town of them to do god knows what?and have the nerve to call himself a holy knight?

Dazed • 5 months ago

Percival needs to desperately deal with his 'ironsh*t'.

Jiro • 5 months ago

Where's the original 7 deadly sin?

Porthya • 5 months ago

At their respective homes. They don't have time for gallivanting anymore. It's these kids' time to rise and fix most of the stuff. The 5 Deadly Sins are meant to be in the background, at best, now.

Maka Evans • 5 months ago

That is considering Merlin is with Arthur, right?

Karma akabane • 4 months ago


Porthya • 5 months ago

Wherever she deems home...

Deniz Bircan • 5 months ago

only 16 years later? where is everyone then with these keep making havoc and killing

i had hoped it was 100 years later so hardere to imagene any of the old team coming

Porthya • 5 months ago

Don't trust the maths, Nakaba botched the timeline and nobody bothered to correct him. It should be 17 going on 18. The situation is a lot more complicated than in Taizai, most of the Sins are acting kings and queens now who need to focus on their main territories, and we've only scratched the surface with the havoc Arthur and his minions are causing. Just wait till the gang leaves Sistana and reaches other points on the road to Liones.

Maka Evans • 5 months ago

i always thought it was like: the mothers got pregnant in the same year (post wars) and 16 years had passed 🤔

Porthya • 5 months ago

All teens, particularly the 4 KotA, are listed as 16, Percy left the FoG after his 16th b-day(which is 15th of April), and it takes them almost 1 year to reach Liones, the CiL arc happens on March 1st, if we go by a certain abomination's b-day( from the fanbook). So by that arc the KotA should be closer to 17 in age, Gawain being the youngest of the 4, in June. It wouldn't make any sense for Percy to be 1-2 years older, since even Diodra was portrayed as older than baby Percy during the ritual, and Diodra was confirmed to have been in his mother's womb during the fight with the DK
The only women I really think synchronised are Elizabeth, Elaine and Isolde's mother, those 3 are born literally within days of one-another.
Also, even if Elizabeth was a few months along during CbL, the timeline should still be around 17 years later.
Oh, wait, forgot, it gets messier, cause what with the biggest plot-twist about Percy, Varghese wouldn't have any way of knowing Percy's real birthday, so April 15th might very well be the day the ritual happened

Maka Evans • 5 months ago

I see, thanks! I hadn't given it much thought 😅

Porthya • 5 months ago

It's okay, Nakaba is already famous for being bad with the timeline, he gave vague references to passing time in Taizai, and then ignored them himself, making the same references to past events, without adding the newly passed months, years, etc. Not to mention that he gave us one of the slowest instances of 3 days passing with Elizabeth's curse in the DK arc.

Maka Evans • 4 months ago

Right! I remember now! Thanks again Porthya!

Alucard Pawpad • 5 months ago

don't know why but the art style hella reminds me of DBZ...