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Beastiestmode • 2 months ago

astounding episode

NetroLancer • 2 months ago

Lancelot dominating that 4v1 battle.

Gherbi Med YaçiNe • 2 months ago

My boy Lancelot has grown up and looking dope

NetroLancer • 2 months ago

Lancelot is quite OP.

Albedio • 1 month ago

hes definitely a full fledged holy knight n showed the 4 talismans the true power of one.

Deniz Bircan • 2 months ago

For everyone who not follow watch the movie: The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh or Nanatsu no Taizai: Ensa no Edinburgh for japanese name

there you see Tristran Liones & Lancelot ban´s Son in action

Power Ed • 2 months ago

half assed 3D animation scared me off that one sadly

darkfirekirin • 2 months ago

your loss, dont get how everyone is pissy over it.

Power Ed • 1 month ago

Because 7DS have let us down with poor animation before, i have read the mange so i think I'm good

SkyNatsu • 2 months ago

Lancelot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Saw episode 17 and so excited for this arc

StoneColdWolfer • 2 months ago

Finally the most obvious of all reveals

femme_fatale • 2 months ago

Please remind me as it has been ages since 7ds. elaine can read minds? and that's why her son can, as well?

Nick • 2 months ago

Yes. Elaine could read hearts- minds and that s why she fell in love with Ban. Ban s words and thoughts were one and the same.

Porthya • 2 months ago

Yes, and was better at it than her brother. That's how she instantly became besties with Elizabeth, when they were paired up at the Vaizel Tournament. She read Elizabeth's reactions to herself and to Meliodas and Ban and their friendship

Porthya • 2 months ago

They give us episode 16 when 17 is already out 😭.
Rewatching cause I want to see how the subs go and if they made changes in conversations from the manga.

SkyNatsu • 2 months ago

Apocalyptic subs with help of Passer By finished subbing this some time ago. So Episode 17 will probably be the same.

Porthya • 2 months ago

Yeah, I forgot to activate them, I don't normally download movies/series anymore, what with so much streaming going on.
Already watched 17, cause I couldn't wait anymore, my favourite arc is starting. Had wonky artwork for the old characters, but they did their best with the mains and supporting mains...and the VA-ing is niiiiice. And I haven't watched much of Ayumu Murase's work, but he's doing a new pitch that still runs close to Yuki Kaji's to give us that father-son connection. 🤩

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 month ago

Öh wow the plot finally moves forward :o

Mecazor • 1 month ago

HOLY SHIIIIIT, what a turn of events. despair turned into fighting spirit. those brutes discovered correctly sin was the brains. but then he revealed his true self and fucked them all with ichigeki lmfao 😂😂 he can read minds so he must be from fairy clan as nasiens called. finally in lioness oukoku. hope we get to see meliodas next ep

Anime God • 1 month ago

More likely Ban and Elaines Child. he has the Looks of ban the eyes and the strength and speed the ability to read minds and shape shift.

Be glad Escanor didn't have a child and they think Lancelot is scary ooo boy that be bad news.

Daemon Redfox • 2 months ago

lancelot, till now, the most OP character of the new generation XD

Solar • 2 months ago

oh now, these people Decided to air this on Gogo, They should’ve done it DAYS AGO! This is why they should let Crunchyroll do the streaming and not Netflix that only airs weekly in Japan and makes us wait months months MONTHS later to stream it on Netflix worldwide!

Maka Evans • 1 month ago

And it's another nightmare than only the first part is there, not sharing this new chapters so far

QQr • 2 months ago

so they could've just tp'd the whole time

Wink • 2 months ago

I think he took it from the enemy leader.

Porthya • 1 month ago

No, he had some all along.

Reemus • 2 months ago

It teleported them to Liones, which is safe to assume it was wired to teleport them there to begin with. He has shown to have these stones with him before.

Hooman Amin • 2 months ago

yeah but lance was searching too so he just went along the journey (they did at one point use another teleport and one of them said why didn't you use it to the place but he avoided answering)

Knight • 2 months ago

Damn. Lancelot looking dope in here compared to awful animation from Grudge of Edinburgh.

Maka Evans • 1 month ago

Edinburgh might have happened two to three years ago

Who dis?

PJ Lavador • 2 months ago

Lancelot son of ban and elaine

Namikaze • 2 months ago

Damn, no wonder he reminds me of ban especially that cocky attitude of his.

Vasper! • 2 months ago

I thought it was escanor and marlin son. over power strength and magic.. his soo prideful

Shadow Moon • 2 months ago

nah, its closer to ban's audacity than pride. even his fighting style mirrors ban's a good bit.
its also befitting that the son of the fox sin would disguise himself as a fox named sin.

StoneColdWolfer • 2 months ago

His move literally traced his opponent and he straight up chooses to be a fox... If that doesn't scream Ban idk what does lmao

Porthya • 2 months ago

Has Ban's eyes, Elaine's hair colour, Ban's and Elaine's colours in both fur and clothing, he said in a previous episode that the Fairy King taught him fairy enchantments( Harlequin couldn't/wouldn't do that with someone who's not at least part fairy) and he can read hearts, something mainly fairy royalty can do. Forgot if Helbram was able to do it, but Elaine, King, Gloxinia did it. Oh, and he can shape-shift like powerful fairies too, and his favourite form is a fox...going by the name "Sin".
To quote Gowther: "A fox...Sin...Fox's Sin...Oh!"

Faceless Evolution • 1 week ago

Who's that you ask? That's Vegeta, who else could it be?!

ddx • 1 month ago

this show has everything, a krillin, a bulma, a goku and trunks. epic show, even looks like them also

Ricardo Araújo • 1 month ago

hmm i thought Sin was someone else like King's son but it kinda makes sense Fox Sin's Son LOL Lancelot is mutch stronger now

Malerious10 • 1 month ago

Search @4koa_subs on X for episode 17

Big Banana • 1 month ago

They are using Merlins magic items

Shoykot • 2 months ago


Shiny Bidoof • 2 months ago

maybe 2 more

Porthya • 1 month ago

Nope, episode 17. They messed up his design big times 🤣

Shoykot • 1 month ago

wha... that's long

Shiny Bidoof • 1 month ago


uchihaAinz • 2 months ago

Fox named sin and fairy powers ! Ban and elaine's kid ?

Maka Evans • 1 month ago


EvilCodeMaster • 2 months ago