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WinterFrost • 5 months ago

Ed - Cured
Bone - Buried
Crush - Married
Done and dusted, out of this world.

TheCabra • 5 months ago

Mom - Still gone

Nikola Nikolov • 5 months ago

we'll thats our next destination probably go save Mom

not exactly. first we have sister problems.

L??... L!! • 5 months ago

what does he need to bone her too? -_-

Can't spell anime without incest after all xD.

Tecno • 2 months ago

who the fuck taught this dude english

Amazing • 2 months ago

Bri what 💀

lol made my day 😂

MC has really grown a lot on me lol. He was very much an Alpha when he had ED... let's see what happens now.

Nikola Nikolov • 5 months ago

we'll have to see once P2 comes out i just want to see a weeding before anything else even if it's just Princess Ariel alone giving them the vows and we can go from there :D :D :D

Aka Inu • 5 months ago

Spoiler tag?

vovan1 • 5 months ago

by now i could not care less. this shipping was underwhelming.

RareMartian • 5 months ago

Yep we save a mom that can no longer speak because of curse of that monkey labyrinth then we have to see his dad die in rescue mission. Things are abt to get sad in the next arc

Kevin Sears • 5 months ago

true, but at least he gets to keep the cherry he popped this time, unlike the last one who ran off for another man and ended up blissfully happy with the guy twice her age... that intro of her reaching out to the prince's hand drove me nuts, what animator came up with that...

ryukimega • 5 months ago

She never goes on to find another man, you must be mixing things from other novels

Nikola Nikolov • 5 months ago

well those are probably Rudis thoughts but we the viewers know why Eris left and her main reason is to train and be on equel footing to Rudi as a warrior and a woman to be worthy of him in her mind. I'm sure we'll see her back at some point I'm definitely looking forward to that reunion when ever it happens especially now with Syphy in the mix

Soul Blade • 5 months ago

He has to collect all three birdies - Green for Sylphie, then Blue for Roxy, then Red for Eris. Although, a lot happens in the meantime. Just expect that every time something good happens to Rudy and he's finally happy, he gets another slap in the face from "life." By the time Eris rejoins his family, we start to learn/confirm some of the why behind his endless torture...

Sven Stevenson • 5 months ago

namely hitogami/orsted non sense.

Kei • 4 months ago

So the dominator and most loved, OP everthing here must be red according to anime logic..it resembles quite a bit here from Tensura like red primordial Guy Crimson, Blue primordial Rain and green primordial Misery.

Havoc • 4 months ago

My man got the RGB sex life in the future, he is a fucking GAMER😂🤣🤣🤣

Ajay -kirito_ • 3 months ago

You know Rudy slept with Eris.....and it was first time for both of them (focus here)... In morning bed was not dirty...he is only 13 and Eris was 15 ..i think Rudi little Rudy not going in right place....,😂😂 that's why she left .. to waiting for Rudi become rody..

Syed Rex • 1 month ago

lmaoooooo broooooooooo you roasted him aliveeeeee

Dan • 5 months ago

Bruh she left to go meet the sword God and train to be stronger for Rudeus

QuadL • 5 months ago

that's an Okie- Doke. She has her own adventure manga and that dude , I don;t see him keepin' up with "Mad Dog" Eris

Sven Stevenson • 5 months ago

side story rather, it was in the novel then adapted to the manga.

Lex • 5 months ago

What nonsense are you speaking of? Are you trolling? Or do you actually seriously believe that? The girl in the intro is Sylphy, if you haven't figured that out yet... Odds are that you're trolling since it's hard to understand how anyone could have not realized that after 12 episodes in...

Gherbi Med YaçiNe • 5 months ago

you're right, after watching ep12 i came to confirme that girl is sylphie

Gizmo 2024 • 5 months ago

It's none of the above. The intro is a daydream about the birds caught up in the MC's mind, that he is desperately trying to get back into him. The birds being the 3 girls he likes. They're not real. It's HIS perception via a daydream, as well as his fears and desires. In other words, its a feeling.

naliux • 5 months ago

It hit me so hard when he thought that she was gone as well, but so freaking glad when she came back 🥺🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Lord shuv-row Yo' know • 5 months ago

Dude, no man is evil enough to write that sort of story, we respect ed, no way anyone would write shit about Rudy.
Eris left because she felt she was not worthy of Rudy, and that if she stayed she either have to marry to the douchebag price or be declared as traitor along with Rudy so she left Rudy. Eris still loves Rudy, even if I think she could have stayed with Rudy.

Nostos156 • 5 months ago

Wait what

Sven Stevenson • 5 months ago

animator? this is a novel as source material, quite talking out your ass.

Trolman !!! • 4 months ago

Why did you put a spoiler for season3? UGH.
At least start your message as SEASON 3 SPOILER.

Sven Stevenson • 5 months ago

ah yes... turning point 3... let the tears flow... only thing worse is the journal for turning point 4

Trash - Gone

KrondaliX • 5 months ago

Yeep, finally ended ! Once for all !

Seriously a whole 12 eps for curing his impotence what a joke is this arc... I just can't stand Rudeus at all. He's the kind of guy i hate the most.

Not even one second he though about Eris's feelings or trying to understand her letter with the cut hairs, nor he researched her location to find an explantation from her. Neither he searched for his family members (more way more important than curing his f*king impotence). He just chose to despair and being helped by an aphrodisiac from his childhood friend's connections after all this time. Damn dumbass !!!

Frankly i stopped the Manga after the wedding. It's like play house with mama and papa.

I realllllyyyy hope Eris will come back way more stronger than Rudeus to put him back in his place and push some sense forcefully in his head because he's not matured enough !

Yayy, i'm feeling better now, wanted to say this :)

Kookok • 5 months ago

I think I speak for a lot of people when they say it's not normal to keep pining for a girl that just ghosts you without any proper explanation except writing up her tsundere tendencies via a farewell letter.

I've said this many times to some mates in real life, but AGAIN, tsunderes are T R A S H. They are cute in anime, but in real life, they are absolute trash. They are the same Tiktokers who say "rizz" and "if u dun luv me at my worst u dun deserve me at my best, so i wont change for u" bullshit.

Eris is the same trash. She's violent, and she's a tsundere. I don't like Sylphie because of the lack of development other than their childhood memories, but she's a far, FAR better match for Rudeus. She's a waifu material.

Rudeus is an adult trash though. I don't dislike him nor like him because of the fact that he is the way he is because of his previous life. Noone helped him, and still noone's helping him but himself right now.

KrondaliX • 5 months ago

I got your feelings bro. I'm just talking about the anime, i'm not comparing to real-life people because my answer would be extremely different.

The fact is Eris was "really a little teenager girl" with no real life experience expect what they lived until then. Being at her place i most understand why she did that. There is no Tsundere behavior.

At first yes she was, but when they got teleported she gradually changed while traveling with him and Ruijerd. She even became more less violent and agressive after seeing Rudeus almost dying in front of her during the fight with Ostred. There's absolutely no way a teenager would not be afraid, shocked or feeling insecure being forced to those life experiences. She also developed love or more like admiration for Rudeus that caused her a feeling of being weak aside of him.

I though this was obvious for everyone she parted ways because she wanted to be stronger to be a good match for him.

In the contrary, Rudeus used his "past life memories and experience" at his advantage from birth to this actual incident. Because yeah even if he had no love experiences that only prove he was just living an easygoing life until then and since he already died one time he was not afraid of what happened...

If we compare Eris to Rudeus, they had easy childhood lives but Eris is a real child which Rudeus isn't and there's a big difference because of that.

I understand that's not easy to pass through your first love breakdown. I'm okay with that and i know it may take time to recover. But with past 30 years of living knowledge being impotent and worrying about that during a crisis where you lost family members you should be searching for and being miraculously saved after the Ostred fight. Just because of a teenager girl telling him "we're not a good match for now" without taking the fact that she's a child into account and going to cure his impotence before everything else is really proof that Rudeus is the worst trash of this anime nothing else.

Shekels • 5 months ago

After the butler got him out of slumber he did try to spread his name to her or he can get news from his mother. He did not focus on his ed cure, the school and ed cure arc is the result of push from the "GOD" which only helped him in general and made him believe its more efficient.

And the fuck with that expectancy with trying to find Eris? After such a stupid note that impossible to deduce her thoughts and not a breakup without viewer viewpoint.

And later he gets info about mother and his father being on the way for her. Since its not modern world, travels taking months/years so he wouldn't reach his father anyway with his trust to his father and his team make him complacent.

tbh, mc with 'i must be the one doing/ordering everything others are useless' mentality when they have willing and capable people around is used too much with current op-mc stories which is getting boring

KrondaliX • 5 months ago

I know he's following this GOD's push. I'm not complaining about that.

I wasn't expecting him to find Eris at all. Just his reaction was more childish than i though at first when she parted ways with him. Before that he shown a lot more of adult behaviors and decisive choices that a child cannot do at his age. But the second he's emotionally hurt, he returned to his childish self-centered side even with 30 years of a past life (like he was always in his old world). If i take into account the actual "crisis" happened in this other world anime there was more important priorities than wondering about his d*ck not working anymore...

I know it's the author choice, i don't complain about what happened at all. I just tell what is my though about it and how i dislike him. I'm sorry if you though i was expecting anything else. This was my own opinion of what i could think facing that same situation. Since i'm not a shut-in it's possible i cannot understand how after 30 years you could react like a self-centered child in front of this.

Tatjana Michel • 5 months ago

the way i see it, its exactly because of his past life experience why he gets to shocked over her leaving.
in his past life he was mocked and ridiculed and pretty much disliked over all, he didnt get loved or even liked, no friends or fake friends(?). i cant remember everything anymore neither aboutt his relationship with his family. but experiencing stuff like that will scar you for life. essentially after over 30 years of life experiences, he was emotionally unstable even after being reincarnated.

so after getting along with eris he thought he has finally found a person who liked or even loved him. and after lovemaking, an act that might be the highest form of trust and bonding 2 persons can experience, the shock afterwards with her gone and not really understanding her letter, was disastrous. all the bad experiences he had from his past life came rushing over him and it felt like the biggest betrayal ever. emotionally he was like a child because he never really experiences anything like love, at least not from non-family members. he just couldnt cope with having once again failed at life so to say.

so yeah... i personally understood him and felt the pain quite well.

KrondaliX • 5 months ago

Your statment is exactly right !

I very much felt what he went through and i know how shocking it would be at some degrees. I just can't stand his behavior. Well there's plenty of room for him to grow so there's still hope. Thanks for your detailed information. I was thinking pretty similar as you when it occured but yours is more precise :)

Kira Hiro • 5 months ago

u took the words outta my mouth

Kira Hiro • 5 months ago

I tot agree with u.
I dislike Rudeus's char.
Especially since hes an adult.

At that time Eris was a young girl who had her first time with an adult, yet he got sick cuz she left him,
like come on ur an adult, how the hell did u get traumatized?!
and all this arc he just want a cure when his fam is missing!!!
The show plot is interesting but the MC 😑

ryukimega • 5 months ago

But he didnt keep pinning for Eris, he had a hard time letting go of attachments but he never even tried looking for her, if you think about it it was funny how he didnt even bother searching for her right after her departure since her and Ghislaine had very striking features, even if the buttle didnt help simply asking around would help

Lobstronomous • 5 months ago

Why would he go looking for the girl that decided to leave him that way? From his perspective she made the choice. It fucked him up, why would he go and get hurt more by trying to find her? Plus, she's with Ghislaine. She is covered. It's more mature to try and get on with your life instead of holding on to something he thinks is over.
So he turned his attentions to finding his mom then to following what the Man God said to do.
How hard is it to understand this shit? He's not a simp and he won't stand for cucking (at least as much as I have read in the novel). He was dumped by Eris (he believes) and now has his silver haired elf girl.

komo cakeps • 5 months ago

eris belongs to the streets. yes.

Gizmo 2024 • 5 months ago

Goblin Slayer, this one right here. This goblin has been trying to sell humans again.

SAO Survivor • 5 months ago