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Whoever • 8 months ago

End of the show
Not end of the story

Kushige talked!

Anime & Rutabagas • 8 months ago

Wouldn’t mind getting another season because I need to see the ship sail lol

Whoever • 8 months ago

yeah those two seasons felt like a long prologue

Leo Aestron • 8 months ago


Superb Villain Veigar • 8 months ago

You sure he "Talked"?
Well he sorta did in a way xD

Anime & Rutabagas • 8 months ago

Kushige talked!!!!

I must say I enjoyed this season more than the last one.
Probably cuz more of the plot thickened lol

Overall Hyoma x Botan FTW xD

arra1213 • 8 months ago

agreed this season is a huge improvement for me
first fight with karakasa is the highlight of this show
also shigure became my favorite antagonist this season
ps botan reaction to couple umbrella scene is kinda funny since shes a college already lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 8 months ago

Oh I'm the opposite I enjoyed the first season more.

But yeah, I hope we get to see more of the two next season if there is one.

xXPORTALXx • 8 months ago

I agree, but the second season getting better reviews is a good sign, we might actually get a conclusion to the story some day!

Bobby Kuhn • 8 months ago

Hyoma's growth, physically and emotionally, was just way better this season.

Crimson.Princess • 8 months ago

yeah kushige talking was probably the biggest part of the episode but yes Hyoma x Botan ftw

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 8 months ago

Oh my days, KUSHIGE ACTUALLY SPOKE! Since he didn't say anything last episode after recovering I wasn't expecting much but I'm glad he relayed how grateful he was vocally to Hyouma. I was expecting a more deeper and gruff voice so I was surprised hear Ootsuka Akio's voice come out of him.

Seeing the new technique from Hyouma with his door pulls was so cool, he actually damaged Tenjitsu quite a bit but it's unfortunate that it wasn't enough. I'm sure with him being more in sync with the door pulls and the fact that the door pulls spoke to him too, he'll be able to train his power further to become strong enough to defeat all the Warazawamashi.

Kushige giving Botan headpats and her hugging him was adorable. Nagi carrying Hyouma on his back was amusing though.

Hyouma having a big reaction when he realized Tsubaki and Kadomori were listening on their conversation was so funny, it was a sweet moment between them but it's not like anything of particular note was said. I can't imagine how he'd react if someone actually saw him kissing Botan. We did get a lot of blushing Hyouma this episode so I can't complain lol.

It's funny how the Bridal Trousseau are watching over them and making commentaries, I thought one of them was going to say they appreciate their current dynamic but I guess they want Botan to get married as fast as possible since that's what their goal as tsukumogami.

I do hope this gets another season, I'm not sure how well this did in Japan but I did enjoy it. I preferred the first season more but I don't think this season was bad.

Maka Evans • 8 months ago

I thought Yu(?) was going to jump at Hyoma more, specially at the end

Indivix • 8 months ago

While (outwardly) being against the premise of marrying off Botan, I think she has (reluctantly) given into the fact that Botan has been developing romantic feelings for Hyouma. Would she truly go against the wish of her master in such a situation?

Maka Evans • 8 months ago

I agree, but she did separate them when they returned to their side so I was expecting her to be more on edge(?) in this episodes when her friends try to "create events" between Hyoma and Botan

Ohms Nuttachai • 8 months ago

This episode's biggest revelation: Kushige can talk!

And yeah, Hyoma wanted to see Botan in her wedding dress. That was smooth.

Man! That was a disappointing ending. So, we have been watching a prologue all these times. While I enjoyed the SOL bits from this show, that was quite a bummer seeing we spent 2 seasons and the story felt like it has just started with no conflict being resolved. I will definitely watch another season to see the actual ending but, since I don't really invest that much in the overall story, I won't continue this in the manga. 6.5/10 from toying with my expectation.

By the way, I already wrote another review before watching the episode but needed to rewrite it because of this.

Anime & Rutabagas • 8 months ago

I’m actually kinda more invested in the story after watching this season lol

Ohms Nuttachai • 8 months ago

Me too but I'm not that enough invested to read the manga. That's why I said I'd prefer another season.

Sumbudee • 8 months ago

What a beast. Little girl opened the portal and my dude just sat on the couch waiting like "try it, umbrella academy".... and they all were just like "chill bro, we out"

7/10 - Not much else to say. A decent watch, kept me from being thirsty.

vovan1 • 8 months ago

7/10 too, it felt really smooth.

Leo Aestron • 8 months ago

The Three Great Houses
Bottom right is Zohei
Top right seems to be the old hag who was with Kai
Bottom left probably Yachimata.

DarkerDarkness • 8 months ago

This anime really peaks at the romance parts and the beautifull OST (the ost somewhat remind me of the uta VNs)

Utsuro • 8 months ago

It's just been a few days and all the kyoto saenome have changed the way they view Botan

Fayt Leingod • 8 months ago

w8 till botan control her inner god

DesuYoda • 8 months ago

Disappointed in the GI Joe "I"ll get you next time, Joe!" Cobra escape, but the other parts were fun. Fun anime. Hope there are more seasons, and this was not just a "buy the Manga!" season...

Big Banana • 8 months ago

This is BS they attack them and then run away boring as hell.

Fayt Leingod • 8 months ago

they run because war armor kai might join

Hueey Holiday • 8 months ago

trust me and it takes like 35 ppl to fight like 5 people and 4 v 2 LOL sht is wild.

Ashfuego • 8 months ago

"I'll keep BOTAN safe" ♾️ times
So fucking cringe

Mebius • 8 months ago

Really great 2 seasons, glad to see more of these "older" shounen manga getting anime adaptations. Might just because I grew up with these kind of manga/anime, but really dig them.

Alecavalleri ♀️ • 8 months ago

2014 is already considered old?

Mebius • 8 months ago

That's why I added the quotation mark, there's always so many new series coming out every year it feels like 2014 is considered quite a long time ago (at least for me).

possiblyabird • 7 months ago

2014 isn't "old" it's pre-historic

Alecavalleri ♀️ • 8 months ago

Fair enough, I too sometimes think "this is something that aired before 2000" and then find out it's from like 2009. I'd say the main culprit is the art style, I get this feeling that nowadays anime are more clean and bright, both in colors and graphics, so whenever I see something different I tend to backdate it.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 8 months ago

End of story. This one was one of the better ones in terms of action and story! The battles were entertaining, only that they end too much on a cliff-hanger without deciding whom is stronger than whom. KUSHIGE TALKED!!! Miracles do happen I guess lol! I hope this one gets another season! The reason why Botan is so important to keep the balance restored makes more sense now, and I am sure Ryoma will get his revenge even if he doesn't hate tsukumogami anymore! Great story anyway! :)

Overall Score: 8/10! Sayonara and see you in season 3! :)

Shadows_Edge • 8 months ago

I am actually so disappointed they went with the good guy/protector route. It would have been so cool if we got an icecold Anti-hero Hyoma who unleashes hell on them instead of this weak version. Well I guess I can still dream of that power fantasy ^_^


Enemy Of Humanity (Alice) • 7 months ago

Well well well this is unfortunate. I don't see any signs for a third season. The popularity of this series is really low. Goodbye Shigure, my beloved pink haired umbrella lady.

Isaac • 7 months ago

Not bad

bari • 8 months ago

its fine

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 8 months ago

I wonder if they’re going to make another season… I’m not invested enough to pick up the manga >:p

Passing Witness • 8 months ago

training arc please

Monkey D. Luna • 8 months ago

very nice! 9/10

Ryu.リュウ • 8 months ago

I like this series, although I hoped Hyouma would be op, considering he is Eren.

Kqmden • 8 months ago

Damn dude, couldn't've they have at least had a throw away umbrella character for him to defeat with his new Rasenshuriken? Hyoma actually did 0 nothing at all, but i guess the romance aspect wasn't bad

KingKrash • 8 months ago


Winstøn • 8 months ago

Unpopular opinion but i think this second season was pretty much garbage.

Don't get me wrong, im not saying it wasn't worth watching, but i think it wasted it's whole potential. Season one built up this whole "mc goes rage mode because of hatred" and mystery of the bad guys and it was honestly a nice story of revenge with all the changes in Hyoma. But then season 2 suddenly he switches 180` because..plot and forced love. And what pisses me off the most, is how freaking weak he got. In season one he was a badass who wiped the floor with most of the enemies and then suddenly he can't do shit. Then the last fight and the whole reveal of the bad guys was just honestly lame af and just badly written, i mean look at his final attack with his mastered rings stuff lmao. It was WEAK af!

As i said, i don't think this series is not enjoyable, but just not my cup of tea in regards of story building and how stuff was revealed or the mc's development 6/10.

Iceknight Magna • 8 months ago

The ending was pretty good, but the overall quality of this series has really dropped in this second season. Granted, season 1 wasn't the best anime ever, but it was still very good.

Then, there's Kushige's surprise during the dinner party!

Leo Aestron • 8 months ago

Kagami onee-san form.

Michael • 8 months ago

:O Kushige talked !!! Btw its kinda bugging me because i swear i know that voice from somewhere does anybody know the Voice Actor or witch other anime i could check