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Timbeans • 5 months ago

"newtype" is probably synonymous with "high functioning autism" in the real world... i mean it is.. at least as far as a pre-determined physiological situation.. however, anyone can achieve this conscious state of awareness...

anime just reflects the author experience of life itself and this is their way of expressing to the world the truth... and.. anime is such a rare example of this in the world, at least as far as holding such constant examples

Timbeans • 5 months ago

this include manga material doesn't it? it is not a recap... come on now people.. but it is much like Reconguista in G, where its just a bunch of scenes. (not complaining)

either way. Gundam

porcorollos • 6 months ago

Want to remind people this is basically a recap movie series, BUT i think they do a really poor job on pacing and honestly you're better off watching the show. I was a huge fan of the recap trilogy movie for the OG gundam series but this one is just all over the place. This one genuinely requires having watched the original Zeta series.

anarekist • 6 months ago

Recap movies from the serise

anarekist • 6 months ago

Nvm, they added some so newer scenes

Yasir Amin • 6 months ago

I got recommended this today,30/5/2033.... everything is happening too fast and hard to understand what's happening

Eh bro idk either just Gundam stuff.
Go on Google and search up how to watch in order.
Don't take ppl recommendations so quickly these gen Z idiots r clowns 🤡🤡 and they are all over the place.

Yasir Amin • 6 months ago

Yea I have watched alot of Gundam,it's just that this 3 movie was recommended to me by gogo and hence watched it...
Also what's gen z????

Gen Z r the ppl that were born after 2000AD.
For example:
The ppl who supports LGBTQ shit and do some random lunatic BS.

Gen Z is commonly used to refer to these type of ppl or an insult.

Yasir Amin • 5 months ago

Ahh.. Im glad im from 19s

ssj3rd • 6 months ago

This is all over the place…

silicondrifter82 • 6 months ago

Welcome to Zeta. Zeta Z made more sense imo

Catharina Smith • 6 months ago

What is your point??

ssj3rd • 5 months ago

The movies are not a good summary of the series, that’s my point.

Truck-Kun • 6 months ago

first time watching gundam? lol

ssj3rd • 5 months ago

Not at all, I loved almost all the series. But this movies are just garbage, the original series is way better (watched it now).