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EM • 5 months ago

Seems like all Elans are destined to have their love ruined...
Are gundams always this depressing?

Ohms Nuttachai • 5 months ago

Serious answer: Mostly, yes.
Like, 80% of them.

Douglas Stewart • 5 months ago

I wanna say G Gundam is probably one of the more light-hearted ones (Though it still does have some tragic moments in it).

Ohms Nuttachai • 5 months ago

I'll still love how Domon can kick the Suit's butt barehand lol

Alex Tallmadge • 5 months ago

Wing wasnt depressing either.

NeoCloudZero • 5 months ago

Wing was plenty depressing, 5 kids getting trained to go to war with earth on their own? Getting betrayed 1/3 their way into their journey by their home? Although there was not much of a character tragedy in the actual series but their back story are not very light hearted either lol. The thing with wing is that the everyone was suffering from ppl on earth to ppl in space, so there wasn't really a main point that you can pin point to say it it was depressing.

Ppl on earth was constantly at war cuz the earth sphere alliance was power tripped, while oz was back stabbing them in the name of justice but in fact they were also power hungry. Citizens on earth wasn't living their peaceful life, they were all either fear of war or getting oppress by one of their fraction fighting. While you have ppl in space who built everything on their own, wanted to live their peaceful life but earth assassinates their leader. Going out in space putting up massive amount of space mines to isolate all the people and oppressing them while taking all their natural resource. There's way more to it then that too lol.

Its plenty tragic and depressing.

Kei • 5 months ago

wow how could you forget the destruction of Mercury and Suleta's mothers family and friends massacre by spacians, namely Mio's dad.

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Man I cry during master asia n domon

Renn Stkevid Loloy • 4 months ago

yeah when i watch G it feels weird. theres like war within two groups and was being portrayed like its light hearted.

MeguminExplosion • 5 months ago

finding out your love interest is your sister is definitely depressing and tragic

Erikthonius • 5 months ago

LMAO Tomino was definitely on crack

Kirito • 5 months ago

So many people died here because of that fake elan got rage and angry because that earthian died

broodo aka Dorian Brooks • 5 months ago

If it's not heart wrenching it's not Gundam
If this is making you sad then don't watch IBO or Victory Gundam

Kirito • 5 months ago

Petra died in aot and here in gundam

Kei • 5 months ago

But IBO is best..only thing is the depressing part.

Elias001 • 5 months ago

Seed is less depressing than IBO.

Dramen • 5 months ago

TBF a lot of Gundam series are a lot less depressing than Iron Blood Orphans, IBO just went that extra mile to see if they could

Blade • 5 months ago

and due to the extra mile it became the most impactful anime for me, since only Akame ga kill had gone a similar route..

DanTE1203 • 5 months ago

And that made it more memorable. As far as I know it’s the only gundam wit THAT kind of ending

Kai Kazuhiro • 5 months ago

It's easier to just list Gundams that's not depressing, than trying to see which ones are more/less depressing.

Lots of Characters Deaths in Seed too.

Ammear Fai • 5 months ago

is this the 1st gundam series that you watch?

EM • 5 months ago

Yeah, this is the first one for me

Spectator • 5 months ago

You can watch Iron Blooded Orphans while waiting. It's a wholesome gundam. Trust me.

Druid1 • 5 months ago

Hahaha wholesome. I love iron blooded orphans though. Going to watch it again rn

Phillip Brooker • 5 months ago

Iron Blooded Orphans, 00 and Wing are my top three. It was tricky to decide between Wing and SEED for the third spot.

Ace Zenfu • 5 months ago

Ah the jokes, if you want light hearted gundam go for the Gundam Build Fighters series and it's sequels. Which gives off small bits of other series lore, and lots of cameos that you might not pick up with seeing memes or the actual series.

For all it's faults Gundam Seed isn't as bad as most

But Seed Destiny you either hate or love no in between

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Yeah easpically rinko and sekai sister ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Ahem ogre cough*

Ricky Styles Jr. • 5 months ago

Thats was the best one to me

Elias001 • 5 months ago

if you want wholesome Gundam, watch Gundam reconguista in G. Do not watch Iron blooded Orphans for wholesomeness. Also you might try Seed and Seed Destiny. Not as depressing.

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Reconguista g is meh the story dang confusing but the mobile suit design is dope tho the only problem is the story and the ballet thing

Kranesh • 5 months ago

But Reconguista is bad tho... probably the worst Gundam show ever.

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Agree with u but g self design pretty dope too bad no mg kit

vovan1 • 5 months ago

They each had almost 3 episodes of relationship, fair enough xD
if there be no drama, it just be PEW PEW! BAM!

Meltz • 5 months ago

That's usually the case for most Gundams. Example: Miharu and Kai (3 Episodes), Gahrma and Blondy (2 Episodes). The romance is only there to humanize the character before death, or else fans wont care.

Guestman Jack • 5 months ago

Would be neat to have lasting romances though... The psycho powered girls in particular have a tragic fate 10/11

vovan1 • 5 months ago

works for, me i'm still .·°՞(≧□≦)՞°·.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Sadly mostly yes 😔

I only watched like 7 Gundam shows when I started watching Gundam since Gundam Wing.

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Wing the goat

Phillip Brooker • 5 months ago

I remember Gundam Wing was my very first series and I got hooked.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Same here

Mr_SoandSo • 5 months ago

TBH the thing that got me into the whole mecha genre was Robotech then it became Wing -> Seed

Shugo • 5 months ago

Remember when this started off light hearted and everyone went off the deep end saying it wasn't real gundam. Well blame them, I do. This shit hits my heart strings anytime I see someone get RIPed. However....I do love it...always have...really feels alive with all the shit that goes on. Not just some fairy tale.

Linkyubie • 5 months ago

Yup it's always being

Aki • 5 months ago

theres a saying:
Its not gundam if it ends the way you wanted it to...

Violetta Bertini • 5 months ago

This hardly counts as depressing: try some original works from Tomino and you are in a completely different ballpark; War in the Pocket (AKA Gundam 0080) is a well-known example of this, but the original show from 1979 itself had so much tragedy that the sponsors got pissed and threatened to step out of the project (it was supposed to be aimed at kids).

Makaveli Musolini • 5 months ago

Watch the 6 part gundam the origin anime. It's the best one, most mature and I guess not so depressing.

Kai Kazuhiro • 5 months ago

Welcome To Gundam LOL.
and yeah this is the consequence of frontloading all the fluff. ALL WE GET IS PAIN NOW, XD

Remember OG gundam, the colony attack was episode 1.

MeguminExplosion • 5 months ago

Gundam mass shooting at school, 😰

Guestman Jack • 5 months ago

True sign that Gundam went American.