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Judgment526 • 4 months ago

Dumped by Miorine, discovered that she is clone made by her mother for Eri’s benefit, and now rejected by Eri/Aerial, Suletta really has it rough.

Douglas Stewart • 4 months ago

The show had it's fill with kicking Guel while he's down constantly, now it's Sueletta's turn smh.

FireBlossom • 4 months ago

Bro litteraly

Kirito • 4 months ago

We have been watching guel back in season 1 the character development of guel now in season 2 guel has achieve it and it's sulleta's turn

joblesshobo • 4 months ago

So she's an enhanced person too? dang.

broodo aka Dorian Brooks • 4 months ago

I don't think Suletta is an enhance person.
Enhanced people are more akin to cyber new-types. Regular people that undergo treatment later in life to have the same power as natural born new-type.
Suletta is a straight up clone of Eri. Born with whatever abilities she has.

At least that's how I feel they are presenting it

sabz • 4 months ago

she is, she is one of the survivors out of all the clone babies absorbed by ariel, theats why there are many eris

Nacht The Shadow • 3 months ago

No Suletta is not an enhanced person, the enhanced person are the ones with the cyber changes Done on the central nerve system.

Suletta is a clone of Eri but the reason suletta could stay alive and pilot Eri is (now my assumption based on the anime) enough Eris went through Aerials gundam curse till they were able to transfer Eris Consciousness, not sure if happened on accident or not. The last eri Consciousness got transfered so Suletta didn't have to deal with the curse. That where the mother's 2nd phase came into play

Give aerial the experience it needs to be self sufficient (permit score 8)

Kirito • 4 months ago

Same my guess eri is the sister of sulleta and eri is the one who died in that gundam

Vii X • 4 months ago

Aaaaaand this is dropped.

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

"If you move forward, you lose two," at this rate

Kirito • 4 months ago

Keep moving forward until i

broodo aka Dorian Brooks • 4 months ago

Suletta trying to forgetta her worries.... Then further heartbreak

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

That's gotta suck T_T

Kei • 4 months ago

I just hope Suletta, Ariel and her mom gets their revenge, after the prologue last year that's rightfully so and kick Mio's ass.
People were ranting and under misconception that her mom was using her despite whether they even watched the prologue episode but actually wanted her to live a peaceful full filling life.

Lex • 4 months ago

Everyone had enough of Suletta and her birthday curse.
Just realized today might be Gundam Lfrith/Aerial birthday, not sure which month but the prologue took place on the 20th.

Phillip Brooker • 4 months ago

Just means Suletta will rise up and fight on. At least she's got friends to watch her back.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

yeap as i predicted last ep :)

Porky Von Chop • 4 months ago

maybe grandma(dr.cardo)isnt really dead only hiding will save the day 😁 and suletta will pilot another one build by her

Supushan • 4 months ago

Maybe she will pilot that other gundam they dropped this episode

Kei • 4 months ago

But weren't people saying her mother was using her but in fact she and real Eri wanted her to live a peaceful life instead? where are those idiots who constantly yelled her mom was using her?..wish Suletta would kick Mio's ass, everything started with her and her father actually. The prologue episode shows everthing and people were treating Sulette's mom like a villain and using her bruh.

Judgment526 • 4 months ago

Uhm…looks like you completely misinterpreted the situation. Suletta’s mom WAS using her for Eri’s benefit, because to Prospera, Eri is her real daughter, and Suletta was a means to an end. Eri is the one who actually cares for Suletta but said what she did in order to free Suletta from this relationship and unhealthy dependency. Prospera simply abided by her daughter’s decision. She doesn’t care one way or the other, as long as Eri is with her and her goal is fulfilled.

Miorine is also not at fault here. Her father is guilty, but she has nothing to do with her father’s past actions. Even breaking ties with Suletta was done with Suletta's best interest in mind because it was the only way she could think of to take Aerial away from Suletta and sever her from her mother.

I think you need to rewatch.

Kei • 4 months ago

Ok Ik but Sulette's mother literally told her in her face directly that you'll be happy here in school cause she knows where and what situation she's headed with Aerial unlike Mio who kept Suleteea in the dark thus acting like this in the epi till everyone noticed and Chu Chu literally getting angry.

Judgment526 • 4 months ago

Miorine kept Suletta in the dark? Lol…like what was she going to tell Suletta? That her own mother was using her as a brainwashed puppet to further her own goals? Do you think Suletta would’ve believed Miorine against her own mother who had long conditioned her to follow her instructions without question? The only thing Miorine could do to sever Suletta’s ties with her mother was to take Aerial away from her.

Yes, Prospera knew Suletta wanted to go to school, and allowed her to do so because it aligned with her own agenda. How Prospera treats Suletta isn’t contradictory to the events of the prologue, but you need to fill in the gaps yourself to understand what happened to make her so twisted. She clearly loves her daughter, but to her, her only true daughter is Eri. We don’t know exactly what happened to Eri, but based on the fact that she can only exist in the datastorm, we can surmise that she either died, came very close to dying or something irreversible along those lines. That was likely the breaking point for Prospera, causing her to snap and do whatever was necessary to recover her daughter, even if that meant making clones of her to use as tools to aid in this goal. She might’ve been outwardly nice to Suletta, but it’s all too apparent that she’s been using her this entire time, and if you still haven’t understood that after watching this many episodes, then buddy, you really need to rewatch from the beginning and actually pay attention this time.

Kei • 4 months ago

lol no id expect Mio to say what you said but least she could do was not be so hurtful to the point of throwing the friendship keychain and everthing there.

Samoan Joseph • 4 months ago

To me the "villainous" part of "Suletta should be happy and free" is not in simply telling her that that's what they're doing. If they said, "This is so you don't have to fight anymore" or "you can live in peace now", great. But what they say instead is "we don't need you anymore". Now imagine if your bride, and then your entire family, said that. I suspect they're trying to make it so that Suletta is so mad at them that she doesn't miss them as much. That's why Chuchu is pissed, because despite the intent it LOOKS like Suletta was abandoned. And surely felt that way.

More importantly, no one has actually asked Suletta what she wants. Suppose she wants to marry Miorine or stay with her family more than a school life? Why does she have to give up EVERYTHING else for school? Eri's father was willing to die for his family, is it so strange that Suletta might prefer to stay with them? And why does not piloting instantly mean total abandonment? She just found out about Eri, and now can't talk to her anymore?

Also, they were using Suletta: she was the "key" until Quiet Zero was up and running. Now that it is, that's why Aerial doesn't need a pilot anymore. The only thing that sucks more than being revealed as a clone is being told you're no longer necessary. You have no purpose then. At least Elan was killed when he served his, so his heartbreak was short lived. And at this point if Suletta does not end up strapped into killer mobile suit by Grassley or Peil that razes the Earth like a reborn Destroy, I will be extremely impressed. School life wasn't cutting it before, it really won't now.

Kei • 4 months ago

how can you misinterpret? go and watch the prologue.
And btw her mother literally told her she'll be happy here to her directly and didn't act like Mio keeping Sul in the dark

Hallreaver • 4 months ago

Hell no her mom did not tell her directly that she'd be happy there, sure she said "Go back to School, it has everything to fill your heart", but that is not the same as saying she'll be happy there or that she wants her to live a happy life without fighting, she was cold to Suletta and ofcause Suletta takes it as if she is completely unwanted because of how convoluted everyones messages was... It is distasteful and hurtful, if they truely wanted to tell her they would have, but they keep secrets from her, choose her path and that is why she is hurt..

Kei • 4 months ago

year agree with this point but her mom and Eri deserves their revenge on Mio's father or the companies and me personally I wuld want Mio getting her arsed kicked and betrayed. She forced Suletta in her 1st duel, then tells her if she can seperate from Aerial whom Suletta considers family and at last made her lose the duel and was her her and even went as far as throwing the keychain.

Ohms Nuttachai • 4 months ago

Sunrise: "GUNDBit? No. It's Gunnode now"
Great! Another new buzzword.

I don't know whether they truly wanted to let Suletta live a better life but they can't just tell her to live her life freely. She's been manipulated and told what to do for her whole life. There's no way she would suddenly know what to do with her newfound freedom. They just practically dumped her after no longer being useful.

Guel going back to Earth seems like it will set up for a big development.

Judgment526 • 4 months ago

I feel bad for Suletta, but ngl I am so much more invested in Guel and Miorine’s story now, lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

I just want some good for Guel.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Same here

vovan1 • 4 months ago

3-some ftw

wwlaos • 4 months ago

Guel, Miorine, and... Prospera? :P

Dazed • 4 months ago

It was about time they did, because it's a necessary process for her growth.

sabz • 4 months ago

she has ptsd now for like 4 betrayals in a row, shes more likely to commit suicide at this point since she is just empty, she found out shes an artificial human, got betrayed by her sister, her girlfriend and her mom.

Dazed • 4 months ago

She can finally 'move forward, gain two...', ironically.

How do you think they should've gone about it, sabz? The timing to tell her the truth is also interesting.

An interesting question: Can you be betrayed by someone whose been deceiving you?

In any case, keeping up the deception would be the path of least suffering, but it would be a pseudolife.

broodo aka Dorian Brooks • 4 months ago

I think Suletta is soo broken at this point she's in eternal fetal position phase

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

What doesnt kill you makes you stronger

Guestman Jack • 3 months ago

Unless it cripples you.... In which case, you are fckd.

choicho • 4 months ago

hey that equals eight

Reemus • 4 months ago

You can be sure that she cares for Suletta to some extent, as letting Suletta go like that makes her a liability. Suletta now knows about most of the plan, if she just repeats what she had heard it's enough to put all point bulletin on both Aeriel and Prospera.

Quendi • 4 months ago

I mean they quite literally dumped Suletta into the big wide space.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

It was sad seeing Suletta fake cheerfulness when it's obvious she'd be hurting from losing two important people to her. Now with the scene at the end, Aeriel/Eri and Prospera have pushed her away so that she can live freely but for Suletta, her life has been revolved so much around them I'm sure she feels like she has nothing to live for anymore.

I wonder who will be the one to knock some sense into her that she will need to try to obtain what she wants without relying on Aeriel, Prospera and Miorine.

I wonder who the title for the next is based on, I have a feeling the trip to Earth is not going to go well for Miorine. I am sure she is going to end up fighting or maybe, Aerial and Prospera will decide to fight regardless of Miorine's wishes for Gundam's in their company not to be seen as weapons.

Lol Guel's reaction to the Commander, I guess it's been years since he last saw him.

I hope that girl doesn't go spreading the truth about what Martin did to Nika, the guilt is already eating him up. I wonder if he will confess to the Earth House and Nika what he did, that'd be preferable than them finding out through word of mouth.

Azureink • 4 months ago

I hope it is Chuchu and the Earth Scoobie Gang that bring Suletta around.

wwlaos • 4 months ago

The question is, then, would Suletta be Shaggy... or Scooby. :/

Azureink • 4 months ago

That is a tough one.

Typecero • 4 months ago

The plot in this show has always willed things to happen not for the characters, but for the sake of the story.

Things will not go well for Miorine because they have also not gone well for Gruel and Suletta.

This is the first gundam show where I have felt the story is making the decisions, not the characters.

FireBlossom • 4 months ago

Litteraly what? Give one example of a time the plot forced something to happen where it didn't feel like a natural progression of the story or pay off