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ᗪonoᗪesu • 6 months ago

And then there's Eri and Suletta. :P

Lx kchkvsk • 6 months ago

Still part of Dark History. :P

Trunghuynh90 • 5 months ago

Through our evolution, I'm surprise earth is still in tact.

Pha Yang • 5 months ago

This is a nice summary of Gundam in universal century. Which, I considered canon because they all followed the same timeline. And it also showed that char is a badass antagonist, but in my opinion he's also a protagonist.

vaudeville • 6 months ago

Light of hope? this is Bullsh*t i watch Gundam series because of cool Mecha fights

☆ Cyborgwolf ☆ • 6 months ago

I watch gundam for the depression, the war crimes & the murder of teenagers.

toling54 • 6 months ago

wow mass gundam update

Ninja Turtle • 6 months ago


DeathKnown • 6 months ago