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Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Watching to game of your rival > Coaching your son’s game lol

Vince :D • 4 months ago

they're such trolls 🤣
but it worked, it prevented them from getting used to Touma's pitches naturally!
A shame the memory missing guy didn't meet the disguised coach, I wonder what their relationship is

SkyNatsu • 4 months ago

If you watch Touch. You'll understand their relationship

Guy Incognito • 4 months ago

I love all the call backs to touch in this ep

Trix • 4 months ago

That handicap tho. Shout out Touch.

Guy Incognito • 4 months ago

The call backs to the first serious are always appreciated

Adrian Jimenez • 4 months ago

Yeah you don't joke about truck-kun around the original cast of Touch.

Souma's Headband • 4 months ago

dammit cameraman! nice job

SkyNatsu • 4 months ago

Wow that.......

wwlaos • 4 months ago

Otomi, don't tell random people your brother's weaknesses. :P

guesswho • 4 months ago

Sou is such a crazy bastard lmao and Akai big bro is still hot

Alex • 4 months ago

older brothers are scary ^^ Just because he is going to lose his precious lil sister, this is jealousy

wwlaos • 4 months ago

Don't mess with a man's imouto! :P

Byno • 4 months ago

lmao, brother traitor XD

Kirito • 3 months ago

Sou trolling the whole team

Angelito Malveda • 4 months ago

this is best :)