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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Pretty sneaky sneaking in that hug on Kanata (¬‿¬)

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

She even started sniffing him.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

She's bit of a perv xD

Choujin_TG • 4 months ago

She's just like me fr fr

Sp1cy_Rubber • 4 months ago

Downbad + Lots of braincell

Deadly duo!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

Lol Nozomi already making moves on Kanata, hopefully she will be able to keep private and business separately on the tracks. I prefer Nozomi over Ren either way.

I wonder if the guy Kyouko is interested in is Ishigami, she did say she likes older men and he's been asking for her every time.

The brake fights were cool to watch, Aiba messed up real hard though, he lost three places.

Ogata earning a year's worth of money in one day lol, well hopefully this will upgrade the car enough that Kanata will be able to rank in the next race within the top 5 at least.

Byno • 4 months ago

Oh yeah, Nozomi > Ren any day XD

UncleMoe • 4 months ago

That 3 cars battle was very similar to the one in Wangan Midnight, both very good ones.

Yakub Ng • 4 months ago

Nozomi >>> Ren all the way in every aspect . . .

A disappointed Trash Bin • 4 months ago

Although its a bit too early in the show, would be cool to see an engine swap preferably either the GR Corolla or even the new 86 engine. Though I'm sure they'll most likey just turbo the car instead.

broodo aka Dorian Brooks • 4 months ago

Um, you know you can just read the manga if you want to know what doesn't get done to the car... Shigeno pretty much stays to the racing lineage (autocross/GT) of the vehicles he chooses. So if Toyota hasn't thrown an engine in any domestic pro-comps, it's safe to say it's nt happening in MF Ghost

A disappointed Trash Bin • 4 months ago

I know the manga exist, but that's where the fun with the anime gets ruined, the only reason I would read the manga is if the anime itself has ended and knowing some things were cut-out would I go out of my way to read it. Besides, making an assumption on hoping youre right or wrong is thoughts I like to think about.

Esenpai • 4 months ago

Oml the G16E-GTS would be an amazing swap for this car. Much lighter, should be able to achieve, or at least get much closer to a 50/50 weight distribution (with one less cylinder); the center of gravity would be raised slightly but the closer the engine is to the center of balance, the less that matters. And, of course, far more capable of making reliable big power (it's like a mini 2jz). Could easily make close to 400hp on stock internals and e85 and plenty more with cams/valvetrain mods. Which would be great power for that car to be making on a course like this.

Pietje van Dongen • 4 months ago

engine swaps is of the last things to do in the car.
First make it lighter, improve brakes and more aerodynamic.
maybe he will get an engine update, but that's way later.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

8 million yen and that's just for coming in 9th?!

Time to change careers lol

$50,000 for being 9th a day,,

𝕭𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖊 • 4 months ago

Will be drained by upgrades, an 8M ¥ is = to $53K/Grand

FraZz • 4 months ago

It won't be drained so easily. Japan's economy isn't the US economy.

They can do a lot with that 8 million in Japan.

Akito Himenokouji v2 • 4 months ago

Though not entirely, the car itself already worth half of it in MSRP already lol, and the prize is for only a day, not to mention the bonuses are yet to reveal later on....

Pretty much set for life even staying at the last place

toling54 • 4 months ago

wait till they reveal the bonuses

Mango master • 4 months ago

Something -7?
Is this Japan?

Zexel • 4 months ago

The setting for this is a future where self driving electric cars are the norm, and MFG (the competition) is unique in that it doesn't allow those electric cars. I imagine the group of guys are swept up in the hype of the race, and not full blown car guys. Probably more of a reflection on the person watching this anime checking it out even without full knowledge of Initial D and cars in general.

Divine Confetti • 4 months ago

Yeah no way race enthusiasts wouldn’t instantly recognize that car especially in Japan

Katsura Kotaro • 4 months ago

Think about the setting of this anime. Everyone uses electric vehicles here.

A disappointed Trash Bin • 4 months ago

kinda crazy how this Author somewhat predicted the future of the
automotive world where everything on the road now is electric and with
governments forcing manufacturers to stop new production of ICE by 2035 this is like seeing the future of now considered "ancient" cars on a race track.

Akito Himenokouji v2 • 4 months ago

So its pretty much California except you're filthy rich to even drive a sh*tbox

A disappointed Trash Bin • 4 months ago

Although I despise California with a passion with their bullsh*t car regulations and would be nice to gtfo if I had the money, Singapore I believe is even worse with just trying to own the car can cost even more than the car's worth and it that has nothing to do with buying the car...

Kai Kazuhiro • 4 months ago

tbf, with a country that small, you don't want too many cars on the road, and hence why the public transport is really good there. Like it's 170x smaller than new york.

Akito Himenokouji v2 • 4 months ago

You'd be surprised the amount of car collection owners there in Japan, some of them even have warehouses of their car collections. Even though oftentimes they don't drive all of them all the time, their cars still hold up their value like crazy after many years, which is the exact opposite to EVs and modern european luxury vehicles

arra1213 • 4 months ago

so the result of this race will be their starting position in the next race?

TempFxD • 4 months ago

I thought every race had something like a qualifying round and the times from the qualifying would determine the starting position

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Imagine everyone staring behind Kanatagiri's sh*tbox during the next race. Emotional damage.

FraZz • 4 months ago

I'm sure that 8 mil will be used to upgrade the shitbox into a box.

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

Sh*t box plus +

Os • 4 months ago

Lmao best way to word it

Byno • 4 months ago

This just makes me think Mario Kart XD

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 4 months ago

I think that was the case for this race.

Sp1cy_Rubber • 4 months ago

Unfortunately no. They do qualifying lap time on next as usual, just like F1. Tho, it has to be pretty hilariously humiliating if it got to be like that, like it screams "Skill issue" in front of their faces

YowaiSenshi • 4 months ago

they do a qualifying lap first then decide their starting positions, just like f1


Mango master • 4 months ago

while some cars are being hauled away on trailers or parked in their respective crew garage, the 86 goes on the street like an everyday family car after kicking ass.

veltron • 4 months ago


Souma's Headband • 4 months ago

Yo they did a good job animating the race, not just Kanata's part but the others as well
I clenched my fist during that 3 cars battle and the last Kanata's scene lol
glad they really went all out with the animation and music during important moments
I don't mind if the next ep will be a filler or something, at least we know that they're still able to make cool race eps

Hallreaver • 4 months ago

RX-7, my favorite car! ^^
And that intro to the episode with Keisuke and Kenta was fantastic xD

Fahad • 4 months ago

True, but since 20 years has passed, I wanna know if Keisuke and Kenta got married or not?

Mr. FNM • 4 months ago

Featured Eurobeat:
Go2 - Gotta Go
Go2 - Hot Hot Racing Car
Mega NRG Man - Rock Me

wolfycooki3s • 4 months ago

A yellow car with RX7 ?!
Hitting with the nostalgia.

The race was so good and hyped !!!

I know this isn't the end yet but I already really want a second season.
I want to see Kanata racing with an upgraded car.

Shawn Frost • 4 months ago

I legit thought Kanata gonna pull an anime classic where he's gonna win the race because he's the main character for the series, but thank god he didn't. I assume "update" (the next episode) is going to focused on Kanata and/or Ogata upgrading the car specs? Because honestly, I'm down for that (I hope his 86 receive the same treatment like Takumi's 86 in a sense of specs upgrade). Can't wait for the next episode!

Poor Aiba lol good luck on the next race pal!

vsmarzt • 4 months ago

the hell? how did you think he is gonna win lol, teleport 10 positions up imao ? i am actually surprised he didn't end up 10th cuz of the last straight

veltron • 4 months ago

Bro really clawed it back there (his impeccable tire management won him the dub). Its so hard to believe they're taught to know how to heat up and cool down the tire as needed to preserve it... like excuse me??