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Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

1 more ep to go.
That ending gave me feels T_T

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago


disqus_B71aIc56lI • 1 year ago

MACROSS super dimensional fortress activated😎

Liquasa • 1 year ago

I need to wait again

Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

me: but i cant w8..

SD • 1 year ago

That was quite the episode. That ED hit the feels.

Some good news: the Megaton Musashi game is scheduled to release internationally sometime this year under the name "Megaton Musashi W/Megaton Musashi Wired". It'll release on Switch, Steam, PS4 and PS5, and will have crossplay.

KrondaliX • 1 year ago

That's some good news ! I wanted to play it but with it's actual partial translation it's a no no.

Aleste • 1 year ago

For a moment there I almost thought this was the end... Nope, the real climax is next week.

LesK • 1 year ago

of course in the middle of a crazy swarm fight against around 100 enemies... we've got the pause for the dramatic argument... 'nooo brah! you can't sacrifice yourself! we'll save you! we'll find a waaaay!' annnd some dude who was just the enemy runs off and saves his buddies, and his mech, while he turns himself into a bomb... annnd most probably the weirdo Earth/aliens saved him for some reasons to be revealed somehow ...

queen goes boom. daughter goes wah wah. BOYFRIEND GOES BOOM! GIRL GOES BUG EFFING NUTS... literally BUG PARTS SHOOTING OUT OF HER BODY... gobbles up weird alien parts from king... annnd sits in gestation throne to 'breed' some new soldiers/citizens... and she's queen

big ol honkin explosive spaceship hope for mankind all busted up crashing to Earth making huge nuked to kingdom-come crater.... TRANSFORMING SPACESHIP TURNS INTO ROBOT! tries to catch crashing hope for mankind but nope! juuuust a lil too much English on that cue ball... annnd the half human half alien baby saves the day crying over a wet/squishy diaper!

and there you have it folks. the three major plotlines of this episode and suchforth summarized in three short paragraphs. damn. what are they going to think up next? let's find out! since the episodes were delayed so long, i let the final 2 pile up so i could devour it whole.

Felix Nascimento • 1 year ago

Will Adam use Yamato as a sort of brainwashed pilot to defeat the Sidr and the humans siding with them?

JuuginJefe • 1 year ago

yamato still alive i see

Carlos Sánchez • 1 year ago

WOW I can't believe they had THE BALLS to to kill off the protagonist and it was awesome and very sad, it felt very old school, like 70s mecha anime old school with all parties involved crying their eyes out and offering to do it instead there are, however, the two very big differences, I see were that it's usually the broody rival who does it and that the one who does it usually spends his last moments thinking of his friends or his rival, the protagonist, specifically instead of the woman he loves

Weiss Pieceman • 1 year ago

No season 3 and next is the last episode?

tinitits • 1 year ago

so yamato dead is something like izumi dead from muv luv

Marcelus • 1 year ago


Fayt Leingod • 1 year ago

so adam save yamato
and arshem lost it...looks like yamato is the only one that can calm arshem down..

Christian Ng • 1 year ago

I am sure that is why they saved him. So elzed home was earth all the time and they went to space to get a new home

Alisson Johns • 1 year ago

Ok this drama + drama + DRAMA is killing me AHHHH
That ED... Bruh this show is not good and has lots of plot holes/devices but damn do they have THE PRODUCTION