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Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Actually surprised that Ami didn't mess up making coffee lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

I'd be d***ed.

Better than the Mad Dog Ouka.

Puppet Dollieca • 5 months ago

Because with his training..she gain a good muscle control and estimation 😂

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

Because it's just pouring in the water and anyone can do!!


Endcsline • 5 months ago

I thought he was just an average dude, but he was a gigachad woman magnet

Golb89 • 5 months ago

"Eh, amateur!"
- Gintoki "White Perm" Sakata ("Gintama")

RestingMouse37 • 5 months ago

Yeah, he takes the 3rd place in the most good-looking harem anime male protagonist ever. The first and second place for me is Kanade Amakusa from NouCome and Shidou Itsuka from Date A Live respectively.

A disappointed Trash Bin • 3 months ago

I bet you say that for Shidou just because he can be best "girl" ain't it?

RestingMouse37 • 3 months ago

Yeah you caught me there!

Hades Infernii • 5 months ago

For some reason this reminds me of Quitessential Quintuplets. Hopefully it doesn't follow the same pattern for the winning girl, or we'll end up with Ami winning XD

I mean... I absolutely adore Ami, but she's definitely not GF material.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

That might be because this was released by Tezuka Productions, the studio behind Gotoubun S1 (Quintessential Quintuplets S1), Girlfriend Girlfriend, Dororo 2019, and a few others.

And this was directed by Satoshi Kuwahara, who directed Gotoubun and Girlfriend Girlfriend. Also script was handled by Keiichirou Oochi, who also did the script for Gotoubun and Girlfriend Girlfriend.

RestingMouse37 • 5 months ago

So that's why this has the feels of a Korean webtoon rather than a manga. The execution of Girlfriend, Girlfriend was smooth like butter and Quintuplets S1 was phenomenal. I don't know why their respective franchises dropped them?

Hades Infernii • 5 months ago

That... might indeed be why, then! XD

I had no idea, thank you!

RAW • 5 months ago

I had the same thought and I was right. The fluidity is the same as Quintessential Quintuplets.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

It so does but surprising Seo Kuji whom done this did this series this way which he must have gotten inspiration from Quintuplets.

Pukoy • 5 months ago

There's no way he'll choose Ami. They have no chemistry, she's like a little sister for him.

Hades Infernii • 5 months ago

If you watched Quitessential Quintuplets, did you think there was any chemistry between MC and winning girl in that anime? XD

Still, I agree with you that he'll probably not choose Ami. Although he kinda sees all of them sorta like sisters, at this point.

Guest • 5 months ago
GreasedLightning • 5 months ago

The athletic moron. Yotsuba

Me12222 • 5 months ago

maybe mark as spoiler? tbh the results have been out for a while but maybe someone hasn't read the manga or watched the movie yet

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

ami's tits will guide him

Golb89 • 5 months ago

And it only took you 9 episodes to notice the similarity?

Hades Infernii • 5 months ago

LMAO, guilty as charged!

Ruvion • 5 months ago

It's the new Harem format actually, having 5 different personality types. Back in the mid 2000s it was mainly 4. I agree in the sense where I hope Ami doesn't win. She's funny, but there is no chemistry, at least right now. Also, there isn't a backstory of the MC chasing after one of the girls in the past. They've been focusing on Riho for a number of episodes now and seem to keep coming back to her, so it might be too obvious to pick her, but I guess we'll find out.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

Pouty Riho

Kwarevo • 5 months ago

After sleep, everything is ok

Junnie Mae • 5 months ago

Ami wearing masks while scaring the sh** out of those thugs was hilarious!~ Goofy Ami saved Riho!~

Monkey D. Luna • 5 months ago

Also with the turtle fart.

Gotta admit, Ami can be pretty funny at times. She just needs to tone down her dumbasserry.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago


DCMARVELfan0326 • 5 months ago

2 straight beach episodes 👙
Uhhh it went from summer to horror; Jason Vorhees, Pennywise, and Scream reference
8:30 is the reason we watch this episode lol
Did not expect that child star backstory *ehem* Oshi no ko *ehem*

SkyNatsu • 5 months ago

Ami went horror style on those goons

RamResRoas • 5 months ago

I vote for riho but akane's chemistry with mc is better. I would love if riho change a bit but that's her character.

Kurizu • 5 months ago

I'm all for Akane myself. Sadly I fear we'll both be disappointed and he'll get paired up with Ono who he apparently has some sort of past with, though he doesn't realize it yet.

RamResRoas • 5 months ago

Knowing this is a quintessential rip-off i am preparing for the worst. Didn't read the manga yet but i had the same feeling as well.

Souma's Headband • 5 months ago

i'd say this is closer to Love Hina than quintessential
the OG of 5 girls harem anime

RamResRoas • 5 months ago

Oh one of my childhood animes how could i forgot about that yea you're right. Might as well rewatch it to pass time

ObLiviouS • 5 months ago

ululman LOL

More Riho scenes pls

cnedd11 • 5 months ago

Jesus there were a lot of waifus on that beach

Annecy Change • 5 months ago

Dam she a child star. She gonna make a good comeback if she decide to return to TV.
The dude can get girls without even trying. lol

BlacKyScYthe • 5 months ago

Pretty sure that`s just a standard cliche. We have 5 really cute girls, 1 dude. They have to "Make" the dude be a "Mob Character" magnet, to make the real prospects Jealous & want MC more. Otherwise we would have seen it more naturally over the episodes until now, with random characters or others making the compliments to MC over various encounters.

looserr • 5 months ago

Ohhhhh yesss beach episode (though I guess every episode is with the beach hut.)... and actually a pretty nice and refreshing episode.

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Nice episode, it was really enjoyable.

SPACE-86 • 5 months ago

do i think the dad left her because he couldnt afford to see his daughter suffering and he couldnt do anything about it because of the mother thats why they divorced or actually i think its the mothers fault why the father cant see his daughter anymore like an agreement but bad dad hes a wimp ngl

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

Back to the beach for the 2nd week in a row!


Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Hayato is popular with the ladies, meanwhile Riho does not approve.

Lots of girls are by him, I understand where she is coming from, but the girls will always come and talk to him, he is a good guy with looks.

In time she will understand.

RAW • 5 months ago

true true

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

Exactly RAW, thank you for your generous reply.

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Ami really pulled out that Jason Voorheis Mask. 🤣🤣🤣

This show genuinely makes me feel emotions. When I started this, show I would have never thought it would capable of doing that. This goes to show that this is much more than your "Daily Run of the mill Harem Anime". This is some good writing.

Golb89 • 5 months ago

Same: at the beginning of the season i would have never guessed that
this series wouldn't be among the ones i was gonna drop before the
halfway point, especially considering how Friday is so packed.

(For the chronicles, we are talking about 10 series out of 20+, 5 of which airs on Friday)

Mecazor • 5 months ago