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Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Getting drunk off of disinfecting wipes it's so ridiculous that it’s hilarious lol

SkyNatsu • 3 months ago

She’ll get drunk on anything

Sprayquaza • 3 months ago

I dont mind , more t!ts me happy.

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

For real.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Now that's a total light weight lol.

Lai Sing Wei • 3 months ago

anything that stinks to a slight extent, like his father's stockings or something

Byno • 3 months ago

Keep her out of hospitals...those disinfectants will get her drunk real quick, and that's the last place you want her to be horny XD

Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

kiku will make all the patients happy

Puppet Dollieca • 3 months ago

That’s stupid for them kept it a secret for her own good LOL…they should take a video or atleast inform her about her alcohol problem for her own safety/good

Junnie Mae • 3 months ago

This girl is wild alright.~

Souma's Headband • 3 months ago

If I work there, i'd be:
Working Hard ✕
Hard at work ✓

MeguminExplosion • 3 months ago



Alpha5 • 3 months ago

Wagashi lady was the main attraction of the episode.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

she was very hot

Monkey D. Luna • 3 months ago

highlight of the episode... scratch that... highlight of my day!

Dbz Directioner • 3 months ago

I totally agree.

Omnipresent, V2 • 2 months ago

Ripped as hell DAMN

Fuck does she do to keep that kind of physique I need to know.

Lux • 3 months ago

Sexy Attack!

STAX • 3 months ago

Who wouldn't follow the Wagashi lady everywhere? She's Smokin hot, I am surprised the Cafe didn't just burst into flame cause she showed up. DAYUM.

kodi_cody • 3 months ago

How can you get drunk off wipes?
They're just trying find anything to make Shiragiku drunk 🤣

Garfunkle • 3 months ago

Alcohol what else lol, every alcohol is alcohol to her

GreasedLightning • 3 months ago


Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

and hella tits

alfonso • 3 months ago

who is she?

Garfunkle • 3 months ago

I think she's just someone from the community or she was that lady when he was having a polite talk about re-opening the cafe to the suppliers

alfonso • 3 months ago

she doesn't ring a bell at all but your probably right

Void • 3 months ago

A patron I think.

Damy Accou • 3 months ago

pa pa pa pa kuru kuru, this opening is masterpiece

Dbz Directioner • 3 months ago

I know man, I totally love this opening.

Kwarevo • 3 months ago

New dummbles haha

Divine demon GOD Aris • 3 months ago

new broken laptop

DCMARVELfan0326 • 2 months ago

Akane straight up going on the offense after the previous episode
LMFAO Hayato and Ami talking in theri robot voice though
Beach episodes never fails in fanservice
The Wagashi lady being hot confirmed #SexyAttack
Riho is taking initiative with Hayato as well damn

john • 3 months ago

woahh!! wagashi lady has abs!!

Monkey D. Luna • 3 months ago

I found best girl. That oneesan with the skimpy swimsuit and abs.

She's hot... and doesn't stay long enough to be annoying.

Dbz Directioner • 3 months ago

Those abs though. That got me Sweating. Honestly I was both Horny and Impressed at the same time.

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

Nice episode, the beach hut was a success Riho needs to rest once its hot so you must rest or what happened to her might even happen to you.

Wow, cool swimsuits its a bit revealing though.

Puppet Dollieca • 3 months ago

Akane and kiku still my top choice for the ship LOL…4 of them aware their feeling toward him but not ami 😂
I guess riho don’t wanna be abandoned again…that’s why she’s being childish and afraid that akane will keep hayato for herself…I hope this don’t lead to a clichè plot that akane will draw back from the competition for riho….but hayato is smart enough to not biased with any of them to keep the cafè running and to keep the girl friendship/familia intact..because when more than one girl in the group falling for one guy and the guy choose her….the group will surely broken down…talking from experiences..girls is scary 🥹🥹🥹🥹

Junnie Mae • 3 months ago

Goofy Ami goes viral!~~ And that Wagashi lady sure is hot in that swimsuit!~ Those abs are ripped!~

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Also great cheeks too clapped (¬‿¬)

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

Sexy Attack!!!

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

There are two options of swimsuits to wear the Riho option is good but I rather the 1st one.

LesK • 3 months ago

she was showing a bit TOO much with Ouka's first version... it is a FAMILY business remember? even Hooters waitresses in the US wear MORE than those girls were in the beach hut.

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

They had to dress decent.

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

Thats true Lesk good point, how are you doing this Tuesday?

LesK • 3 months ago

fine n dandy! :D

Paradise SLU • 3 months ago

Wonderful. 👍

RestingMouse37 • 3 months ago

That cafe business is booming to be honest. It just took him 4 months of revenue to make a seaside extension of the cafe! Hayato will soon be a business tycoon in the future!

looserr • 3 months ago

having cute girls helps a lot h

RestingMouse37 • 3 months ago

True. People go to places just to see cute girls.