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strange guy • 6 months ago

Great episode

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Great creampuffs lol

Yo mama • 6 months ago

amazing creampuffs*

Vii X • 6 months ago

*She wants to be cream puffed.

Orange • 6 months ago

Or cream stuffed

Sp1cy_Rubber • 6 months ago

Some Nakadashi puffs yes

Great episode, great creampuffs, BUT NO ACTION?!?

Kirito • 4 months ago

The guy did a handsome pose even though he was defeated I truly respect that

Satirical lump of dough • 6 months ago

Creampuff > gold coin

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Creampuff > Anything else lol

Mini_Minion • 6 months ago

As a Minion i would say Banana > Cream Puffs. But maybe we just need some Banana Creampuffs

Kirito • 4 months ago

Looks like they got separated

Nemesis Claus • 6 months ago

Mashle is truely op with his Creampuffmagic that turns all cooking to it

Sp1cy_Rubber • 6 months ago

The most valuelable world currency ever.

Yo mama • 6 months ago

that's common sense bro

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Lol Mash trying to save the cream puff was pretty funny and then there is Lance completely unfazed by what is happening.

✔️RadAnimeBro ✔️ • 6 months ago

Am i the only one that Notice that Explosion Guy reminds me of Megumin from Konosuba 💥💥💥

Chopper Monster • 6 months ago

I think of Bakugo from mha, just fueled by lust instead of hate, and cooler

GundamGoku • 6 months ago

Nah other then using Explosions they have different personalities. He's more like the classic Delinquent character. Think Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. Personalities are similar even if their attacks aren't.

MeguminExplosion • 5 months ago

You called?

✔️RadAnimeBro ✔️ • 5 months ago

OMG AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN 👉👈 Can you pls do an explosion ?

MeguminExplosion • 5 months ago


Master of Delusion • 6 months ago

so short

Biig Woonie • 6 months ago

only similarity is their magic. He's a poorly written character while megumin is a masterpiece

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I think you're replying to the wrong person.

Me12222 • 6 months ago

why you gotta do my boy dot like that 😭

Nick Raph • 6 months ago

Megumin is poorly written character....people are simping on her just bcuz they are pedo

Biig Woonie • 5 months ago

By anime standards, she's godly, by normal standards she's 6/10. 'main character' guy is 1/10 by anime standards and cant even be rated by normal standards, it's like someone studied bad characters for 50 years and amalgamated them together to make this character and unironically thought it was good. He's like the incarnation of "everyone hated my character so I decided he was supposed to be satire".

Nick Raph • 5 months ago

it's a surprise how she didnt get raped yet by her random party members or any random passerby after she used her explosion magic...everyone pretty much knew already she can only cast explosion once a day and became useless right after, yet nobody tried to exploit that weakness....for someone who's supposed to be a genius, her action definitely doesnt reflect that...she had so much potential, but the penalty for using that magic is way too much and making her totally useless or deadweight to people around her...if they write her as an idiot instead of a genius to begin with, it would suits her better....her character and her magic are too badly written...

Biig Woonie • 5 months ago

They aren't badly written. You just don't have a sense for humor or irony. The show is satire, and their characters are intentionally written to be contradictory to their native roll. Megumin is a high calibre genius (genius doesn't necessarily mean highly intelligent, only that one is outstanding in their discipline) but she has irrationally devoted her entire potential to a path that has little to no utility. Kazuma is a hero but possesses none of the traits, he acts acts like a terrible person and upholds barely tolerable moral standards. Aqua is a goddess, but she's steeped in idiocy and self righteousness, to the point where you could say she's literally cursed by nature even though she is a divine being. Darkness is a holy knight, someone that should naturally, by the nature of her station, act with absolute pureness and yet she's basically the incarnation of the sin of lust.

It's not poorly written, you're just a bad viewer.

Hellphy Cz • 6 months ago

who tf runs this school that they just let them kidnapp students

majaketrix • 6 months ago

ikr... its like there are no other teacher except for the principal

vovan1 • 6 months ago

i asked the same thing when watching 1st harry potter movie xD

Masumi • 6 months ago

Right? It's just part of the Harry Potter vibe XD

And somehow... It works. I'm enjoying this in a similar way to Harry Potter.

PicHor • 5 months ago

"whoopsie daisy. 'nother noble died"

Miku • 6 months ago

I just come to watch the OP. I got impatient and started the manga.

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Can't forget about the ED lol

WorldGN18 • 6 months ago

the ED is my favorite, so funky

Lily • 6 months ago


LowTierGod • 6 months ago

You in for a ride ma boy shit go crazy

Michiel Blancquaert • 3 months ago

I have some good news for you. There is this site called YouTube that has been around for over 15 years where you can watch this opening (even others!) in high quality for as many times as possible. People even make enhanced versions with dynamic lyrics!
Ok this was supposed to be a joke but on further inspection this just makes me look like an a-hole... sorry bout that...

Hawk's Eye • 5 months ago

Welcome to the bandwagon my friend. Hopefully you're now on the latest chapter.

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Big need for a plushie of Creamy lol

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago

my weekly dose of creampuff.

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

A creampuff a day keeps the doctor away lol

vovan1 • 6 months ago

the opposite,
A creampuff a day nears your diabetes, hurray.

Michiel Blancquaert • 3 months ago

The Power of Diabeetus 💪🦸‍♂️

art for everyone • 6 months ago

Each ep is dedicated to cream puffs XD

SkyNatsu • 6 months ago

Mash went to the Chamber of Secrets then met the Order of the Magia Lupis and now Prisoner of Azkaban....Hecatre!!!

EM • 6 months ago

Omg Lemon made Mash a baby