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Spoderman • 1 year ago

damn tough crowd here lol series start to get boring

Freeman • 1 year ago

Man, I wish this show had a tighter plot; it didn't feel like anything consequential even happened.

LesK • 1 year ago

fight, boy gets beat down by thugs. fight, girl trips over new long skirt and loses to thug leader. guy comes in, he gets beat up. while he's being beaten girl uses magic dog to heal boy and they hide. thugs leave after guy hands them cash. guy, girl, magic dog, and boy go to sword-school dojo. students at dojo argue, master of dojo comes in and gives a harsh scolding to students. thugs have now beaten up three students of that dojo and first was a girl whom thugs probably gang-raped after beating her up. master of dojo is a wuss pacifist, girl argues with master. guy from before is a moron who has fallen for the con-artist dwarf's schemes and his little brother with the glasses. girl and dojo master come to some form of understanding.

somewhere else in this city... during all this other stuff... Orphen, the show's male lead chases off after the leader of the thugs whom he thinks he recognized. Orphen loses sight of thug leader. some random dude who was sitting on a bench talking to himself sees Orphen looking for the thug leader. rando dude thinks HE recognizes Orphen from somewhere and follows Orphen.
episode ends. did you get all that?

LesK • 1 year ago

oookay, just spoil the central plotline for the next episode in the preview... sigh... somebody needs to teach Mr. Hamana the director NOT to do that.

LegoOnTheGroundYouMissed • 1 year ago

Really makes me want to play the PS2 game

the Finance Guy • 1 year ago

Claiomh wearing a dress? That's a surprise.

LesK • 1 year ago

skirt, not a dress. that's her normal blouse.

Porthya • 1 year ago

Claiomh's evolving into a Mya, nyaa! And I might need to rewatch the previous seasons, cause I don't have a clue who the mystery guy talking to "himself" is...though Ed looks like one of Orphen and Azalie's old schoolmates.

LesK • 1 year ago

he kinda sorta looked like Orphen's old Master, Clayman. but i thought he was dead/in suspended animation in the Tower after Azalie stuck his mind in her dragon body and she ran around in his body for a while. or something like that, the earlier seasons are kinda jumbled up in my head like they are in yours. :D

Porthya • 1 year ago

I think Azalie eventually killed Childman or he sacrificed himself(he was trying to "save" her, feeling guilty for indirectly leading her astray), to me the guy looks alot like Forte Puckingham too, he was tall and muscular, but I'd forgotten he had nothing to do with swordsmanship.

james trenton • 1 year ago

i cant believe they made an episode out of this bullshit. was mildy entertaining though and it was over almost before i knew it.

LesK • 1 year ago

did you read the novels then? if not, be quiet.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

oh... It's those 2 shorties again... :/

Iced Up Dragon • 1 year ago

sighs....this is like blue lock....without the narration just talks

hau huynh • 1 year ago

this anime is bad

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

So, this is what happened when your face and your voice don't match. Mannn...It's so hard to watch and listen to a guy with old face speaks with young man voice lmao.

Yasir Amin • 1 year ago

I would have loved it if the gang thought her a lesson

LesK • 1 year ago

do you want those poor idiot thugs killed by the MAGICAL DOG that rides around on her head all the time? girl's got impossible levels of plot-armor with him around.

Yasir Amin • 1 year ago

Welp at least she would have learned that there are consequences for every actions

LesK • 1 year ago

yeah, that's her baseline character setting. she's the eldest daughter of a noble household that upholds truth, justice, chivalry, and doing the right thing. plus swordplay, her family loves swordfighting.

Yasir Amin • 1 year ago

Idk man,she seems like a dead weight to orphen

MakoShin • 1 year ago

what kind of lesson is that bro?

Yasir Amin • 1 year ago

Think before act,not be a burden to orphen..have some ways to help both of her companions

MakoShin • 1 year ago

Ahhh that lesson, I see

Rival11236 • 1 year ago

That Ed looks suspiciously similar to Corgon. Are we finally able to unravel all of Childman's students?

Daemon Redfox • 1 year ago

claimoh: talks a lot
lotte: I lost

you what? lose what? XD

Marcelus • 1 year ago