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Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago

This is disappointingly the same episode as Lostorage Conflated Ep1.

Despite this, it's back when WIXOSS was grittier.

Jacman99 • 1 year ago

What manhwa is your pfp from?

Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago

Nami from Sex Stopwatch

Dick Festival • 9 months ago

Thanks bruzza. My uhhh.. friend's grand..mother needed this.. yeah definitely :3

Qween Qingzanor • 1 year ago

Seriously, why release an OVA then reuse the same OVA as a new season premiere?

Alec Hampton • 1 year ago

i love wixoss lol very interesting

vovan1 • 1 year ago

the most underrated yu-gi-oh clone is back :D
can't wait to see more brutal show-downs xD

KianMaster • 1 year ago

i watched the first season when i was in dry mode. didnt realized they was even a second

Sena Izumi • 1 year ago

so is this how piruluk met ruko?

Sexy_Thanos • 1 year ago

Another Weak Sauce. How many more must we endure?

Anime God • 1 year ago

Most violent Yu-Gi Oh ever

vovan1 • 1 year ago


Neyney • 1 year ago

Just came to profess my love of wixoss, the mangas, the anime and the tcg in both JP and EN.
I've been playing the tcg since the original launch in Japan and only got stuck as an LRIG twice. 10/10 recommend

xolitaire • 1 year ago

Ooooh I remember this show. It's the only series of wixoss I've ever seen. This should be interesting. But damnit, these subtitles hurt my brain

Alex • 1 year ago

Oh god, I hate this anime but I can't stop watching everything that comes out new from it

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

Card game???!!! Bye.

Gohan • 1 year ago


Jullian J. Weskier • 1 year ago


Ghelmet • 1 year ago

Is this a continuation or just a new Storyline in the same world?

kiccccc • 1 year ago

Seems like a continuation to the lost storage storyline as is will follow Homura

killermoon • 1 year ago

If you watched Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS then there is no need to watch this because it is exactly same as the first episode