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Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 11 months ago

Lol I'm liking the headmistress' character, I thought she'd be the serious kind or evil but the way she's laughing at and teasing Hiroto was fun.

Kirito • 11 months ago

I'm just like what just happened he's now living in a mansion that's called a dorm and now he has a cute maid

I'm_H0rny • 11 months ago


Deus The Great • 11 months ago

Her character is likable but idk man.

AnimatorME • 11 months ago

dunno if u r talking about the character brother 🤣
I think she will be very predictable and help the mc while lying/deceive him classic anime writing

Karuto • 11 months ago

She's very cringe to me. I hate how much she underestimate mc.

The Birth of Ecstasy • 11 months ago

People who can only call stuff cringe are blatantly showing off their stupidity.

Son Goku Desu • 11 months ago

ikr lol I would say she is smart not cringe. She use her wit to manipulate both mc and the girl.

Karuto • 11 months ago

Stupid enough not to assuming other people's intelligence.

The Birth of Ecstasy • 11 months ago

Let me rephrase then, it means you are annoying.

AnimatorME • 11 months ago

so you called him annoying for calling other people basically more/less annoying ?
the irony

Navi • 10 months ago

You're annoying too

yalocaldex • 8 months ago

Well let me tell you something. You're annoying.

osaru-kun • 11 months ago

yeah she's already annoying me as fuck

Trogdorian • 11 months ago

saaaaaame. She's manipulative as hell and it was painful to listen to her. I'm sure she knew the truth behind the double too. She must have an alterior motive.

Whoever • 11 months ago

Sprinklers 2 - 0 "Empress"

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 11 months ago

*Fake Empress.

Kirito • 11 months ago

Looks like he didn't have to say that lie that he's a seven star lol

Golb89 • 11 months ago

"Eh, amateur..."
- Ross Geller ("Friends")

Shihir0 • 11 months ago

i dun really like misunderstanding genre but this one is very amusing.. i like it <3

Lord • 11 months ago

They always win.

30170 • 11 months ago

I couldn't careless, that empress might actually be a great waifu.

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

Well.....more interesting than that Level 1 isekai.

OP by May'n is good too!

vovan1 • 11 months ago

Nice example on "How to win an argument?"
-> Let the opponents argue against themselves xD

Meggido • 11 months ago

If you look at the homepage it kinda looks like lvl 1 isekai is pointing a gun at "liar liar" cover

Leo Aestron • 11 months ago

It is LMAO

Justin Posey • 11 months ago

eh I'd disagree with you there, but I actually enjoy isekai anime, and going by views... the majority of people who watch on here and other sites, Liar Liar has barely a 1/4th the views as the other anime you mentioned, but the great thing about anime, is we all can enjoy whatever we prefer and there is never a need to jump on someone simply because they like something different, not that I'm saying that is what you're doing. Simply making a point that we can all enjoy different things and still respectfully talk about anime.

K boy • 11 months ago

I agree but it seems like people are more fond of insulting your intelligence for liking something they don't and the irony is that you see them complaining continuously/ like if you hate it that much stop watching instead of ruining other people's experience I am not saying everybody doesn't have a right to post their opinion but continuing to drink milk when you're lactose intolerant is just idiocy

NoFiah • 11 months ago

I do that. Cheese is just too good. I will NEVER stop. Nobody can stop me. *Stomach noise commences*

K boy • 11 months ago

Well... Gl bro 🙏RIP

Anime & Rutabagas • 11 months ago

Liar liar pants on fire lol

Meggido • 11 months ago

My pants are feeling hot already lol

naliux • 10 months ago

A bit to soon innit?

Ohms Nuttachai • 11 months ago

Hiroto: "What are you talking about?"
Rina: "Fine. I will explain my secret in full detail; including my real identity"
Why, though?

Can't believe Rina has been holding the red star all this time considering how she can't even win against Hiroto in her own game while the guy literally did nothing. Feels like this would happen when you read Kaguya-sama, take it too seriously, and believe everything has a hidden meaning behind it.

Double episode this week but Bleach has a higher priority for me.

Deus The Great • 11 months ago

She fools herself, started her own game, challenged her own game, set her own rules, used advantaged item, and still lose, then reveal her lies. This must be the most chaotic idiotic 1st episode i have seen in awhile lmao.

Kirito • 11 months ago

When you tell the truth they think it's a lie lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 11 months ago

For me, it's Horimiya, Edens Zero S2, My Tiny Senpai, and Atelier Ryza.

Mainly Edens Zero S2.

Deus The Great • 11 months ago

This is when you maxed out you luck but doubt your luck lmao. This kinda remined me of Kazuma and Aqua in Konosuba, you're lucky but you're unlucky at the same time.

Claude • 11 months ago

Your luck negated by your companion luck

Kirito • 11 months ago

Everything just happened without even trying he already has a red star without even trying lol

DesuYoda • 11 months ago

Liar Liar??? Where's Jim Carrey?
I feel cheated lol. 🤣🤣🤣

Hammad Ahmad • 11 months ago

2 episodes released :O
I thought Gogo was high again

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

Ah the Walmart version of "NGNL". This is, We have "NGNL" at home.😂

snaukball • 11 months ago

Synopsis: "At Academy Island, everything is settled through "Games""
Me: So No Game No Life?

Golb89 • 11 months ago

"Mondaiji-tachi" too, though for some reason nobody remembers that one...

Trogdorian • 11 months ago

will have to look that one up.

Me12222 • 11 months ago

because ngnl is much better than mondaiji lmao

Golb89 • 11 months ago

Gintama is much better than any other anime ever made, but people remembers all the others as well anyway.

RazzaQ • 11 months ago

Different genres..

Golb89 • 11 months ago

"Gintama" encompasses ALL genres.