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Anime & Rutabagas • 10 months ago

Yeah this was pretty much bland and droppable…

Nonetheless, as an isekai trash connoisseur I did enjoy it for what it’s worth lol

arra1213 • 10 months ago

for me the only top tier isekai this season is mushoku lol

disqus_3rpFmcccFJ • 10 months ago

i dropped that a few episodes into season 2 i just couldnt stand the mc and the overall tone of the whole shabang

Shiro Aikawa • 10 months ago

deym you dropped mushoku? to each his own ig

02bestwaifu • 10 months ago

im too stupid for the whole plot, so many things left unsaid. i tried to understand what was going on but couldnt. this time mushoku is like top 10 in summer animes for me

Shiro Aikawa • 9 months ago

honestly agree its kinda like handy man in another world,(or monogatari series and fate) where you'll only understand it all if you watch it completely

ThickSalami • 9 months ago

To me Mushoku is like a whole cake with tiers, Its not meant to be watched in one sitting, but it does take multiple episodes to get the actual picture of what goes on. It's not meant to be rushed, but it's not going at a snail's pace. A couple of slices of cake doesn't fill your stomach, there's still more slices left, might as well stop to try and enjoy it more.

KuroroSama42 • 10 months ago

Those are the reasons I dropped it a few episodes into season 1... Seems I was right to not retry it then.

disqus_3rpFmcccFJ • 10 months ago

yeah its like some people like can get into it some people just cant just like ntr hentai XD

QuadL • 9 months ago

It's more like people who believe in redemption arcs and those who they don't need some themselves. Those who do believe it's a matter of at what point do you give up on a person and say. they are trash. The other never want to look in detail of themselves so they just crit say all I deem is all that matters.

Lunatella • 9 months ago

what? mushoku is the culmination of Chinese web novel arcs, the difference is moshoku approached intro differently which is "dying and get reincarnated" which opened new subgenre. pretty much after that it's traditional Chinese web novel. xuan huan and xianxia.

watching mushoku is like watching japanization of xuanhuan - xianxia novels. with it's classic plots. and it's funny because it got so popular because it's considered new in the space.

Os • 9 months ago

If you want some popcorn though go watch damn bai xiaochun and his antics rofl on anicap a will eternal haha everytime he puts things in a pot :D

xXPORTALXx • 9 months ago

Brah, the second season is literally a dude forgetting to find missing ppl bc he can't get a boner after a one night stand lmfao wtf do you mean 'redemption arc' stfu

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

True dat 😤

shlumpy • 10 months ago

Eh, I’ve been pretty disappointed by this season of Mushoku, episode 11 was good, and 12 will probably be as well, but the rest were a big old nothing burger.

QuadL • 9 months ago

Many of the arcs in it will be continued in next season like slave girl, elf & young"knight" and of course Sylfie twist in that.

Tzadoq Eli • 10 months ago

I only watch "Mushoku" on Sundays because there is nothing else to watch. Well i haven't landed on other show.

arra1213 • 10 months ago

try dark gathering and undead nurder farce
those 2 are my top 2 anime this season

Tzadoq Eli • 9 months ago

i'll give it a shot! Thanks ;)

QuadL • 9 months ago

Try to read more manga then still watch because you know, gogo.

Jenson Guzman • 10 months ago

Try kampfer

Tzadoq Eli • 9 months ago

There's a new show of the same genre tipe it calls: "Ayakashi Triangle" if you plan to get fun for a while

Jenson Guzman • 9 months ago

Definetly going to watch it thanks.

Tzadoq Eli • 9 months ago

I know and old Show named "Kämpfer" but i doubt is the same you are naming. I'm watching Tate No Yuusha in preparation to the third season.

Rannen 19 • 9 months ago

I enjoyed the great cleric, vending machine, and last boss queen from villainness to savior even though they were generic there is something I enjoyed watching about it.

FBIagentSenpai • 10 months ago

mushoku? people are still watching that sh*t? I dropped it after season 1, regardless what people say that rudeus guy is the same 40 year old pedophile from season 1, but yeah we didn't have any good isekais this season let's see and wait for next season (Kage no Jitsuryokusha, Tate no Yuusha)

arra1213 • 10 months ago

tate? shield hero? last season is sh*t lol
lost its marble when malty exit thr spotlight
the new villain cant a hold a candle to her
and that cgi turtle lmao
eminence is another story
the waifus alone is 10/10 xd

FBIagentSenpai • 10 months ago

if I'm not mistaken third season of Tate no Yuusha is going to be better compared to last season if they are going to add everything from the LN of course, but who am i to judge? if you like an anime where a mc try to sexual assaulted under age girls, sniffs her own underwear mom, and tried to abuse of her 8 year old cousin when she was asleep because that's what rudeus guy does in mushoku then go for it

arra1213 • 10 months ago

yeah ill go for it because i dont let some fictional character ruin my life

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 10 months ago

Same here on enjoying it for what's it's worth.

uwuOver9000 • 10 months ago

Isekai trash connoisseur reporting in, Captain! o7

Room 34 of the Internet. • 10 months ago

It was pretty much another season of "How everything goes right for the MC" and "how he is the nicest, bestest person ever".

Do scumbags ever get isekaid?

goob1in • 9 months ago

i must say that is a very interesting pfp and name you have

Lunatella • 9 months ago

well well well. look at mushoku. scumbag pervert getting isekai'd.

Room 34 of the Internet. • 9 months ago

XD XD...You are right..
But asides from horny, Rudeus is a 'Nice guy tho.

Regulus Magnus • 10 months ago

The bunny hoe made it worse for me, if not for her this would have been 5/10 instead its 3/10

Krazy_Kirby • 10 months ago

Eve best girl.
Eve > Alice > Celeste > guild girl > princess > random mage from the cart merchant > Emily.

Mini_Minion • 10 months ago

so you are giving Eve 10/10 carrots? :D

Zayu • 9 months ago

he can't give her 10/10 carrots he only have one carrot if you know what i mean :)

Mini_Minion • 9 months ago

but it is a 10/10 carrot. Eve wont take a smaller one in her mouth ;)

Rannen 19 • 9 months ago

The dungeon master could have been part of his harem but he killed it off. such a waste.

Kevin Sears • 1 month ago

no, she couldn't join... we have 5 girls and 1 guy... any successful harem has an odd number of females. the logistics behind this has to do with sleeping rotations and pairs...
everyone should always have a sleeping partner... and there's a set rotational pattern that allows each individual to sleep with a different individual each night of the rotation, so that everyone gets to bond with eachother 1 on 1, and noone sleeps alone.

an even number of women in the harem means there has to be a threesome worked into this rotation... this works with a harem that is a multiple of 4, as you can rotate a threesome through the group as well, but if it is not a multiple of 4, this rotation will not work until you reach a multiple of 30 which can work with 3x threesomes in the rotation...

its all about numbers and optimizing a harem so noone gets left out...

it's part of the wisdom of King Solomon, who was blessed by God Himself with the knowledge to keep his 340 wives happy...

Os • 9 months ago

Indeed our raccoon tastes are refined we get to it slowly :)

Sven Stevenson • 9 months ago

Honestly about what I expected out of the anime having read a decent chunk of the novel.

I ultimately dropped it once the author started pulling some wierd shenanigans with the drop system of the world that is already janky semi breaking his own established rules of how the world worked.

Zayu • 9 months ago

i see what you mean,but i just checked the manga,the ones that made the anime i found out they made 51 chapters of the manga in 12 episode,so lot of stuff got lost thats why you think it's bland,the last episode is made from chapter 49 50 and 51,so much is cut from the manga to make 12 episode anime,nice anime anyway isekai so i will watch it maybe some one will pick up the manga and translate it because of the anime,there are other good isekai manga out there and they don't get an anime adaptation and that is sad.

Some animes are worth sticking around only for the girls. And in this case, Ninjin or die was top tier. Droppable, indeed, definitely. Back in 2012-2015 when I was watching like 20 animes a season, I would have dropped this one. However this was a slow season. This was one of like 5 anime I watched this season. and unfortunately one of the best.

Leo Aestron • 10 months ago

Princess: Want MC to receive all of her firsts.
Dwayne Johnson:

Ryota is top top tier FOOL. When a woman offers you all of her first, you don't run the other way. Also, when a beautiful woman in a kimono is fighting you, and you've got her pinned down, and aimed for the head, the last thing you do is shoot. That's when the charming starts.... Ryouta baka!!

frentzy • 10 months ago

Watching this show made me become aromantic and asexual, I also got ED and now I see only men instead of women. I finally understand how the MC see the world now.

ChosenOneX • 10 months ago

The last episode was quite enjoyable – Ryota killing the boss (it was too short, but the music was great) and sharing EXP was nice. Also, the second half of the episode concluded the anime well.

As for the whole anime - it’s just your casual OP protag isekai. The manga is a nice read when you've got the time to spend, but I don’t think the anime is really that worth watching.

Though the story itself is not awful. The idea that everything in that world comes from monster drops is actually pretty interesting. Also, the idea that Ryota has S rank drop rate so he can get items others cannot, is not bad at all. What I also liked about the story is that it’s quite lighthearted.
But overall, the story is one that you will forget, and you wouldn’t lose anything if you didn't watch it. If you want to entertain yourself with this story, just read the manga – that’s more optimal (timewise). And I’ve gotta say that I had a fun time reading it. You may also grab the novel.

As for the character - Emily is adorable and Eve is just a fun gag character. I find her love for carrots entertaining. Alice with her monster taming ability and her cute pets is nice, too. Celeste is also OK. Even Princess Margaret was fine. Considering Ryota… well, he is just an isekai protag. Period.

My final rating for the OP Lvl 1 anime is – 6/10.