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Jacob • 5 months ago

If it's a harvest festival... what are they harvesting? They don't have seasonal harvests because they don't have farms because everything is dropped by monsters.

Carl • 5 months ago


Krazy_Kirby • 5 months ago

guild girl definitely wants to harvest Ryota's organ

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

and to sell his holes

No, please... Not that!

Nick • 5 months ago

Not only what are they harvesting, they said EVERYTHING comes from dungeons... Why are they freaking out about their salary and mortgage BRO SOCIETY IS ABOUT TO CRUMBLE IF THIS KEEPS UP ARE WE LIVING IN THE SAME REALM OF THINKING? Anyways yeah, I think the author needed a bit more practice with continuity on such a CRAZY idea such as EVERYTHING comes from dungeons (personally, fuck this world I'd never wanna come here). Hard to keep something like that in place for a long plot.

Azureink • 5 months ago

Yeah, if all drops stopped, it would be an extinction-level event.

No food or water, no anything.

Water comes from rain pretty sure xd.

Mebius • 5 months ago

Maybe they might already have a surplus of food from all the hunting, which is why they are willing to trade these seemingly essentials for money in the first place. So perhaps food security is still there for now, but their daily salary from their gigs aren't coming in

Nick • 5 months ago

Bro, I'm not trying to be mean, but this situation is extinction level for this world. Just consider the US has all it's reserves of food right now, right? Probably a lot. Silos full of grain and stuff. Now imagine you told the US that food can't be grown, raised, or born anymore for an undetermined amount of time. How do you think people and society are going to react? And that's JUST food. They get EVERYTHING other than water from dungeons. Trust me, the level of societal disruption this would cause would be catastrophic.

Mebius • 5 months ago

Yeah I shut down my brain watching these kind of shows, and just replied trying to explain what they did with all the loopholes ignored, but yeah it obviously ain't enough :') , because like you mentioned, this thing is just not feasible at all.

I'm pretty sure this was also why humans went from nomadic to settling down with agriculture, because just constantly hunting wasn't gonna cut it.

AniCritiQual-RetroD • 5 months ago

How could they even make a surplus? Anything that sits around turns into a stray.

Mebius • 5 months ago

I believe that only occurs if they sat around without humans nearby?

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 5 months ago

The story certainly has a variety of plot-holes;
I have YET to see any shows where the author is capable of coming up with a world-system that does NOT rely on the same kind of «monetary system» that has everybody gripped under the hands/fingers of international-banksters;
Mortgages ? Bills ? Seriously ? There actually shouldn't be any such things as «loans» in that world unless someone has central-control of that world's money supply which is essentially a corporate-monopoly. That sort of world doesn't even NEED the existence nor systems revolving around so-called «money» (and, seriously, more people need to learn about and watch a hell of a lot more documentaries about the history of so-called money) and if everything «manifests» from dungeon-drops then there needs to be some damn good explanations for how that world was even formed, how any of the forests or mountains or oceans or lakes or other terrain came into existence, especially if anything like a farm or vegetation exists anywhere (putting to question why anybody needs to go into dungeons for any food to eat).

Ex_go1 • 5 months ago

Isnt harvest festival related to dungeons just a mob grind festa?

Jacob • 5 months ago

Harvest festivals are seasonal. When dungeons drop everything, then you don't need a seasonal festival, not do you actually harvest anything, you're just murdering monsters for food.

Ex_go1 • 5 months ago

Since even humans drop in the dungeons soooo... Consider that all of them are isekai'ed people that tried to fit in and made something that reminds them of their home. And monsters are like animals,if you dont kill them you die to them,plenty of such examples i already saw when "animal friendly" people got their fingers pulled out from their bodies(with the hand bones)by the animals they love so much. Like lions(big cats basically),dogs,wolves,crocodiles,sharks.

Nick Raph • 5 months ago

well, not for them i guess....our logic dont work on them...they could say murdering the mobs for drops are their way of harvesting material, cuz it's their logic, not ours.....they could just pick the day as some sort of date to commemorate the dungeon every year....they also collect more drops for that festival...since they got the drops from the dungeon, we could say they are harvesting their good from the dungeon all year long...but before the festival, they are harvesting more than usual....

stop trying to use our logic on magic or fantasy anime lol....the author can make up anything and mess up the logic....it's their fantasy world lol.

Nemesis Claus • 5 months ago

you should watch latest season of Slime Datta. There was Harvest Festival arc.. It is basically a festival of killing

anonymous • 5 months ago

My Theory: Maybe is called harvest festival, because is the day that dungeons starting to appear after a massive shortage of food and could not grow on the surface anymore.

I recall that in this world, everything was harvested through drops. But for a world that revolves adventurers, every NPC is hella weak.

marvin palaganas • 5 months ago

Well, they are adventurers, so when they talk about "harvest", it would obviously be about "farming" monsters, like we do in rpgs. Maybe monsters have higher drop rates during that period or something.

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Finally get to see the power of the Neptune family….

And I was quite impressed lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Since they gave the leader wings, I like to see more than that tho.

Azureink • 5 months ago

They are RED BULL.

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Yeah, "God's blessing and Devil's curse". They do seem like OP moves.

James • 5 months ago

Looks like the little girl's going to have a dungeon master as a companion.

Ohms Nuttachai • 5 months ago

Go home Glass! You are in the wrong anime!

Endcsline • 5 months ago

when an isekai gets mediocre, just add an enemy in kimono I guess

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Poor glass. She got lost.😂

Nick Raph • 5 months ago

not enough blood i guess....she's not allowed to massacre the world naofumi is living anymore....so her sneaky ass slipped into this world instead...

Hades Infernii • 5 months ago

*Sees pretty girl in Nihonium.

*Just assumes it's the dungeon master and proceeds to shoot at her, no questions asked.

I guess that's what happens when you already have a harem at home, LMAO. Gotta make sure to exclude ANY possibility of adding more waifus XD

A Refined Gentleman • 5 months ago

It looks like Neptune wants Ryōta's Uranus. The planets may align there.

Krazy_Kirby • 5 months ago

Neptune is clearly a bottom

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

he will fill ryouta up

Nick Raph • 5 months ago

he wants Ryota's gun inside his hole...

Kwarevo • 5 months ago

Fireworks 🎇

Usami Mizuki • 5 months ago

[09:53]"Ninjin is dead-to"

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

😂 Yeah I died laughing when she said it.

ObLiviouS • 5 months ago

bro didnt hesitate to shoot a waifu in kimono lol what a chad

Divine demon GOD Aris • 5 months ago

if she's not in his harem she deserves to die

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Wait, they are calling it "Mickey mouse". That's funny. 😂 and Nihonium has a dungeon master. Interesting....

zEscOOt • 5 months ago

That fact that nothing is dropping would be an insane crisis since apparently get everything for dungeons. Yet the sugar liking guy only asks Ryouta to find out what's happening instead of asking EVERYONE

Dbz Directioner • 5 months ago

Yeah, Neptune has no respect on the streets, man.

Azureink • 5 months ago

Extinction-level event.

A Refined Gentleman • 5 months ago
Would you like some coffee with your sugar cubes?

Lol, dang that cup with more sugar cubes than coffee was something.

Krazy_Kirby • 5 months ago

he ate them by the handful during the dungeon feud episodes

A Refined Gentleman • 5 months ago

Is there a reason our MC doesn't like using erasing bullets against really strong monsters? Like the goblin?

Robert FakeLastName • 5 months ago

it is hard to make other characters relevant when mc is op. this leads to poor writing in making op exceedingly stupid when there is such a straight forward answer. it also wasn't clear if the goblin resisted physical attacks because in spite of physical attacks they kept doing them rather than switching to elemental magic.

FBIagentSenpai • 5 months ago

Goblin slayer : did someone say goblin?