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Whoever • 7 months ago

Today's death count: 4
Total: 137

Bottom G • 7 months ago

always look forward for your comment

Nemesis Claus • 7 months ago

can we make it to 1000?

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 7 months ago

Koyuki must not get to hear someone say outright her food is delicious with how excited she looked and how eager she was to prepare more.

When Draluc woke up in his younger form I thought he'd be stuck in it much longer, I didn't think dying would return him to normal, I thought he'd still return to the young form.

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 7 months ago

I loved that Detective Conan reference when Draluc woke up! :))))))))))

Amano erika. • 7 months ago

This poor guy didn’t mean any harm, he just wants to play strip Rock Paper Scissors like your average pervert lol. That omelette looked almost Lovecraftian. Yakyuken has brought on his own death! Love how she tried to serve him a deep fried Passionate Kiss. Him walking out into the rain butt ass naked was great lol.

Little Draluc was expecting praise, ended up getting shit talked about how useless he is lol. Man, his momma must be strong if she can make him into a kid. If only Draluc’s pops communicated better with his wife!

Very touching to see little John reunite with Draluc. The little guy sure loves Draluc as much as Hinaichi loves his cooking lol. He sure gave his momma a real talking to! She’s a good mom, just awkward and awful at communicating a bit like his pops I guess...

vovan1 • 7 months ago

i admit the guy has guts, he was willing to play until nothing was left xD

ayaka • 7 months ago

I saw your comment on reddit too lol

Noah Winns-Cromer • 7 months ago

Bro....WHY admit your plan to play strip rock paper scissors?

You dope!!!

FaithfulAizen • 7 months ago

He really wants to play

reese's • 7 months ago

"did it get warped into another dimension between steps 1 and 2? why does the parfait suddenly look like the flu virus?!!"

CaptainNero • 7 months ago

Little Draluc didn't forget John. And his mother is cute too

Divine demon GOD Aris • 7 months ago

ronaldo needed to seduce his mom

Harbinger of Truth • 5 months ago

Might be due to Draluc having shared his blood with John

STAX • 7 months ago

Mira is Top Tier MILF, way to go Draluc's Dad.
Koyuki is boss, can't be taken down. XD

Golb89 • 7 months ago

Handa's mom is better imo.

STAX • 7 months ago

There can be more than one Top Tier Milf.
I too prefer the one that's available. ;)

Divine demon GOD Aris • 7 months ago

draluc's aunt is hot

CLT • 7 months ago

If her power interferes with the powers of other vampires, i wonder if thats why all of Draluc's abilities are so weird.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 7 months ago

thats a good point

PicHor • 7 months ago

it would explain it well

Noah Winns-Cromer • 7 months ago

And here I thought Gogo forgot about this....

Paradise SLU • 7 months ago

Draluc mother is pretty.

Golb89 • 7 months ago

I still prefer Handa's mom though.

Paradise SLU • 7 months ago

Cool Golb89.

ayaka • 7 months ago

koyuki so cutee~ kiss getting fried and just left rolled out outside lol

small draluc <3 (he's so cute holding john) and ronaldo fawning over him xD
ayo the conan reference is very appreciated nice
it's really nice to have these touching scenes sometimes too :)
13:04 why is john's reaction here so funny
13:44 lmaoo
mira milf alert

Nymphaea • 7 months ago

Oh no, John crying hurt :(

Smol Draluc is so cute, I wouldn't mind if he reappears in that form again haha. Also I'm not sure if I'm more terrified of Koyuki's strength or her food...

Bowser's Big Bean Burrito • 7 months ago

Draluc is a Wundertale player? I sure hope he didn’t kill Times New Roman and Jokerman in his playthrough.

reese's • 7 months ago


Divine demon GOD Aris • 7 months ago

guildmaster daughter is cute

Golb89 • 7 months ago

7:00 >"Eh, amateur..." - WA2000 ("Girls' Frontline")

11:25 > Amen.

21:10 > And then they had hot kinky sex. Maybe.

(I still prefer Handa's mom though)

Divine demon GOD Aris • 7 months ago

draluc's aunt is hot too

Alpha Neko • 7 months ago

Episode went by so fastttt

Kungfu Kenny • 7 months ago



Bittersweet Revenge • 7 months ago

This was a good episode 😆

Paradise SLU • 7 months ago

Cool episode lovely bonding Draluc mother and father.

Shadow Bison • 6 months ago

0:34 Oh Shidd!!!
3:50 Oh, she must have graduated from Shion's School of Culinary Arts.🤢
4:51 Lawd.
11:48 She thinks of him as a vending machine, Lol.
13:15 What? Lol.
14:47 Whoa.

Thought I recognize the VA for Yakyuken Lover. Shigeru Chiba is also the VA for Sebas Tian from Overlord.

And the VA for Koyuki is Yūki Takada, who is also the VA for Elma from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

Sho Hayami was the VA for Dralc's father, Draus. Most know him as Aizen from Bleach.

And Atsuko Tanaka as Mira, Dralc's mother. Long time VA of Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell series.

Great episode with some serious OG VA all stars.

Toya • 7 months ago

I made a corona joke when that parfait looking like that

Faynke • 7 months ago

Ahhhhh I love Detective Conan references in other anime!!

Levi2512 • 7 months ago

I couldn't breath from laughter when Draluc started referencing Conan in details
I loved this episode

Blep • 7 months ago

Detective Conan reference!

NekoMG2 • 7 months ago

You gonna get "real" little brother soon, Draluc....

Divine demon GOD Aris • 7 months ago

a whole baseball team

Trix • 7 months ago

I support ya Mira and the girl working at the place. Work on cooking tho....

motokare • 7 months ago

i love this anime so damn much

alfonso • 7 months ago

weired seeing dracs dad like that lol used to him being eccentrically confident and all powerful
anyone else feel like this new season isnt hitting the same way the first one was

Shay_Mendez • 7 months ago

His mom just wanted to try and give him better memories than just seeing her leave for work.

Bad execution, but my god was it cute!

Glinda • 5 months ago

Good episode 🤗

Neroooooooo • 7 months ago


Helia • 7 months ago

Smol ~ 💕