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Judgment526 • 3 months ago

Maomao (excitedly): "Let's go visit the morgue and examine a corpse!"

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Maomao trying to hold in her smile lol

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

All that excitement couldn’t be contained 😂

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 3 months ago

This is what Maomao thrives on 😏

She was born way too early for Twitter lmao. Else she'd fit right in. Armchair, Poison-loving Detective xD.

arra1213 • 3 months ago

typical maomao lol

wolfycooki3s • 3 months ago

Thank god (?), she was more fixated on the ressurection drug rather than all the drug material in front of her. lol

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

That’s one of the things she typically spends her free time on lol

Masumi • 2 months ago

Dat mad scientist laugh... I love her XD

MeguminExplosion • 2 months ago

maomao laughing like senku possessed her

Vii X • 3 months ago

Like a kid in a candy store.

Esenpai • 2 months ago

Just with the small exception that the candy store is full of rotting corpses lol

Vii X • 2 months ago

So Willy Wonka's

Liban • 2 months ago

Can you explain me about the emperors family tree
I mean the previous emperor and his wife had a son who is now the current emperor. Then 10 years later previous emperor and his wife had 2nd child .At the same time previous emperor has relationship with ah-duo. Ig ah-duo and previous emperor's son is jinshi. Then in this episode jinshi said that current emperor's first son is dead
was ah-duo current emperor's concubine or previous emperor's concubine?
And jinshi said when ah-duo's uterus damaged some time after that current emperor's first child was lost/dead.
If i am incorrect then tell me

Judgment526 • 2 months ago

Trust me when I say I’m just as confused as you are, lol

Liban • 2 months ago

I see u changed ur pfp, at first I didn't notice, thought that u r not judgement526

Ouma Yuu • 2 months ago

The previous emperor which is the current emperor's father only has one concubine it seems and it is lady lishua besides the empress dowager. Lady Ah duo is the current emperor's concubine/childhood friend. She had gotten impregnated by the now current emperor and went into labor the very same day as the current emperor's mother the empress dowager. Maomao's adapted father is supposed to assist lady Ah duo's delivery but got snatched to assist the empress instead making lady Ah duo to wait. It lead to her having complications leading to the lost of her uterus but she still managed to give birth to her son.

The show implies that Ah duo's son is still alive and being raised as the 2nd child of the previous emperor with the empress dowager which lead to the possibility that a child swapping might have happened back then or perhaps her child was taken for some whatever reason that we don't know yet. Also that jinshi is the 2nd Prince and is also lady Ah duo and the current emperor's child. As to what happened to the actual child(2nd Prince) of the empress... Nothing is mentioned yet. This episode also implies that jinshi doesn't know that he might be lady Ah duo's son. He even brushed off the possibility.

Liban • 2 months ago


i dont think Jinshi is the current emperor's brother but actually his son. Ah-duo and the current emperor where childhood friends before she became a concubine. she ended up becoming his partner before he took the throne. the current emperor and the previous one i think, both had children at the same time. those children were swapped at birth. that was hinted to by maomao in the last season when she speculated about ah-duo and jinshi looking similar and how ah-duo said her son was taken from her and didn't say he passed away. Jinshi is the basically a hidden prince but because of the truth of his birth, he is treated at the younger brother of his father instead of the next crown prince.

basically, Jinshi survived and his uncle died at that time. then jinshi took on the role of his uncle and survived. this also dealt with the line of succession as the current emperor has no rival for the throne. Jinshi is basically watching his younger siblings be born by the concubines.

Liban • 2 months ago

Then lady gyoukyou's daughter is jinshi's imouto. Hehe

Sexist Okabe • 3 months ago

The same day she woke up from surviving a near death experience

naliux • 2 months ago

Maomao: having so much fun playing the villain laughs 🤣

reiko • 3 months ago

Maomao: laughing like a evil maniac
can we get my leg stitched up again...she needs to sort out her priorities xd

also now we have confirmation of Jinshi is not an eunuch!!

Saint Evo • 3 months ago

Maomao the mad apothecary, coffin looter, poison lover, and detective. She has quite a few titles lol

Judgment526 • 3 months ago

The doctor next to her in that moment: 😬

reiko • 3 months ago

Gaoshun next to her 😒

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Top tier evil laugh lol

MeguminExplosion • 2 months ago

senku laugh

Caster Elizabeth • 2 months ago

isn't hers is Saga Tanya 0f the Evil laugh tho.

ikal_man • 1 month ago

Yes, both voiced by the one and only Yuki Aoi.

I called it! Too much waste not to have him unable to procreate. He just needs a male heir born to the concubine (and have him survive its first years) and we can actively pursue the maomao jinshi ship. Good riddance that the baby killing powder is banned already. So now need to watch out for actual assassins being sent or something. I doubt that powder was a mere coincidence. Someone just wants to get rid of the monarchy or something.

reiko • 2 months ago

you're going in right direction I must say..but you'll have to wait for next season to get into their depth..even manga hasn't revealed much about this!!

arra1213 • 3 months ago

maomao laughing like a maniac lmao

reiko • 3 months ago

that's why her father has stopped her from going near dead bodies earlier..her excitement can't be contained xd

Bob • 3 months ago

Did we even NEED a confirmation? It was obvious right from the start. We all knew he was royalty. Whether he's the Emperor's son or the Emperor's brother, it matters not. People in that era would NEVER turn a royal into a eunuch unless they did something really bad, and even then, i doubt it'd happen.

reiko • 3 months ago

I've been seeing comments online where people were still doubting this logic..so a solid confirmation is good!!

Sexist Okabe • 3 months ago

Kinda surprised that that reveal happened this soon (if you can call 20 episodes "soon"), having read the manga I thought it would come either at the end of the season or next

reiko • 3 months ago

they are going according to manga..this reveal chapter came just after suiren's chapter..I think they'll end the season with Lakan's backstory!!

Sexist Okabe • 3 months ago

I didn't mean to say that they're doing stuff out of order or anything, just that the anime is moving at a faster pace than I had expected. That being said, the adaptation has been both good and faithful, so I'm certainly not complaining

reiko • 3 months ago

ahh it might seem like that!!
& yes.. both Frieren and this are faithful to the source and for this I'm grateful ^^

Captain_Conway • 2 months ago

Anime only: "Yay! confirmation he's not a Eunuch!"
Manga & LN readers: Hehe, Frog

reiko • 2 months ago

Lol we need that animated soon!!!

Sexist Okabe • 3 months ago

It's very impressive that a show about an apothecary in ancient China manages to do detective-style mysteries better than most detective shows. Every element leading up to the assassination attempt on Jinshi ended up tying together perfecly. Suirei's strange behaviour and interest in drugs, the metalworker's technique, the doctor that was close to Suirei, everything ended up being important. It's put together incredibly well.

Mystery fiction writers: this is how you build to a climax

Side note: anyone else thing Gaoshun looks really damn good for someone old enough to have two adult children and a grandchild?

Bob • 3 months ago

This is one of the very rare china style anime that i enjoy watching. Most of anything china related is full of narcissistic characters. I like this anime, because it doesnt have any. No narcissistic characters, no white lotuses, the bullying is toned down dramatically (there was some, but resolved fairly quickly, therefore tolerable). Basically, none of the typical chinese copy-paste villain personalities. You know the ones i'm talking about. The ones that are narcissistic, arrogant, ignorant, stupid, angry, lustful, hypocritical, greedy, basically all of them rolled together.

PicHor • 3 months ago

it's kinda hard to compare an anime (japanese animation) with a donghua (chinese animation) in the first place. only recently have donghuas started to boom and most of them still suck. meanwhile animes have a bigger leap in everything, like theories, medias, contact to the outside world, etc. china has so many censorships and one of them is ego-driven (example: china good). while in japan it is okay to be loser (bocchi the rock for an example).

I understand what you're trying to say. the sad truth is, that china is just built different to what audience across the different world wants to see or likes to see. aside that, ancient china sucks in many too.

edit: or you could get confused because everyone is calling asian animated media an "anime", which is true in some sense. like i explained, it's their cultures and laws what's setting them aside. that's why solo leveling, returner's magic, alien stage (aeris) are close to what we know of japanese animes, while not being sole japanese animes, as they have korean staff members too.
but the ones you mean are probably 100% chinese animations with 101 [insert your last sentence here] characters. that's just what chinese people want to watch, a strong contrast to what japanese viewers watch.

Yoi Ya • 2 months ago

are you talking about donhua or japanese anime with chinese setting?

Lunatella • 3 months ago

I mean sure there was a bullying happening, but I like the after bullying situation, which is "MC got feared by the bullies". in china style stuff, they still don't acknowledge you, even though you beat the shit out of them.

Lis • 3 months ago

It is indeed very pleasant

TroyBolton • 3 months ago

Gaoshun's probably in his 40's which isn't that old. Back then, it was very common to have children quite young. If you consider what he said about Basen being old enough to get married (19-20), assume that his older son isn't that much older (20-25), and assume that Gaoshun got married and had kids in his early 20's, it makes sense

Lunatella • 3 months ago

I am very sure gaoshun is in his thirties.