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Judgment526 • 1 year ago

The chief knew exactly what he was doing, sending these two on a business trip together. :P

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

Chief: "Just as planed"

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago


Time. • 1 year ago

Chief best wing man lol

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago


MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Their trip together was so sweeeeeet.

Boss Baby Himuro caught me off guard. Himuro taking business call in his big ass suit got me ded asf.

We all know the FBI was just waiting outside for Fuyutsuki to make a mistake when Himuro tripped ontop of her and onto the bed.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

too bad she doesn't have shota fetish
Also who writes emails whole night?

Lucyw18 • 1 year ago

the Chief certainly is a sly match maker

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 1 year ago

Best wingman, shipper, and mastermind XD

Master LLoyd • 7 months ago

i just break your 69 upvote😞

Lord • 1 year ago

That was good.

Kwarevo • 1 year ago

Trip only two of us .
Wow they sleep on the same room

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

FBI Intensifies

ramenmen • 1 year ago

FBI can't do shit, they are both adult not kids underage lol

Shiro Aikawa • 1 year ago

*hehe boi noises intensifies* XD

Kwarevo • 1 year ago

This season full of Ice and Sugar.
Koori zokusei is both of them

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague

Gotta admit, I had absolutely no idea about this show before I started watching. When I first saw the promo visual I was like "Why the f*ck that guy has ice around his feet?". I never had thought that he is LITERALLY an ice guy and that's kinda cool (no pun intended).

The story takes place in a world where Yokais are accepted into society. That in itself is already an interesting premise. Coupling with the whole cast of interesting characters - Himuro's bashfulness that can create an entire ice field, Fuyutsuki's tendency to crack a straight-face joke at an unexpected moment, Komori's energic personality, and Saejima who play a support and straight man role, every episode is always filled with the liveliness and cuteness.

And in case you didn't already know, Komori is my fave.

The visual is gorgeous. The detailed background and colorful color palette create. The animation, while there's not much to talk about, they are no slouch either. All of them combined to create a stunning visual that is a pleasure to watch.

The OP and ED also are my favorites this season; especially the ED. Nowlu comes back again with yet another mellow and feel-good ED with Linaria after she managed to get me hooked on Stuck On You last season. Frozen Midnight fits the theme of the show perfectly. My only gripe is that I won't be hearing them anymore (I can still listen to them from the streaming service, though).

If there's anything I found unsatisfying is that pacing of the story is quite a bit stale. Both Himuro and Fuyutsuki don't really act like grown-up adults with their bashfulness and always beating around the bush. Watching too many romance anime, it's not like I don't understand how it works but it still feels weird seeing many high school theme romcoms having more progress in one season than this.

While I hope we could see more from the main couple (and the side couples, for that matter), it's still an entertaining show overall. 7.85/10 from me.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

Also, their pupils were kinda weird. It's moving whenever they get excited and it's a little creepy for me.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

thats what makes it different from the rest. dont act like people dont dart their eyes around when talking, hell sometimes im not even looking at the person talking to me.

mo • 1 year ago

yes!! i am not the only that noticed that, I think the eyes made the whole anime! It is like the feelings are coming at you!!

Porthya • 1 year ago

We naturally move the point of focus on a person or their face because eyes move in reaction to information travelling through our brains, afaik.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

We're talking about anime in general, not in real life. If i want to compare to real life, i should brought up big eyes of the human body to begin with.

whityjack • 1 year ago

huuuh? that stuff was endearing to me. We do that a lot when we can't stop looking at someone we like, trying to catch every detail of their face. haha but i won't fault you for anything. Each anime has its own style and you either vibe with it, get used to it, or don't.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

This is the very first anime that i see with that moving pupils.

Rafay Haleem • 1 year ago

Yeah ! the moving pupils was kinda odd and creepy for me too.
Felt like those , anime Vtubers

vovan1 • 1 year ago

i can't believe i sit through this. This show had so much unused potential, so much of nothing happen xD for honor of VAs 6/10

Typecero • 1 year ago

This was a mundane show with a twist. You made an MC where he gets a giant spotlight on him anytime he blushes/gets embarrassed. That’s all his “Ice Guy” ability is.

It’s not offering anything outside of that.

Working! Is a show that takes the odd and makes great characters and romance.

You get romcoms that put two odd characters together and call them a couple, but you need something more.

Those type of romcoms have become more popular lately in terms of odd couples (Komi San, Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, My Senpai is Annoying, Tomo-Chan). some work, some don’t.

This show definitely doesn’t offer that. I would say the over the top blushing further reduces the maturity.

It gives me the “junk isekai number 245” of romcoms vibe.

Ohms Nuttachai • 1 year ago

There was another romance from Working's author which take the same premise as this (with Yokai and stuff). I wish it get animated.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

The Chief already know you two like each other.

JDC • 1 year ago

buddha cant wingman any harder and himuro kun fumbles it again.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Right JDC.

Mini_Minion • 1 year ago

everyone knows that. and all of humankind only has 2 Questions: "When will season 2 be released?" and "when will they kiss already?"

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

We will know do not worry.

Mini_Minion • 1 year ago

they have to make another season. it was such a nice and chilled anime

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Right on Mini.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

yeah but... Fuyutsuki had him at friend zone this whole time xD

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Yes was nice.

majaketrix • 1 year ago

and still no progress.

JDC • 1 year ago

less progress than the next door angel spoils me rotten and nagatoro anime which is saying something.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

For now.

Devin • 1 year ago

Tbh it's actually a 0 pace anime but it's satisfying

whityjack • 1 year ago

yeah, like to watch it before bed.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

May take some time Majaketrix.

Junnie Mae • 1 year ago

That was a good ending! Chief is the ultimate wingman mvp! I'll definitely miss this lovely series. :3

alfonso • 1 year ago

the great buddha is great lol

Endcsline • 1 year ago

his small form in his oversized suit makes him look like a penguin XD

Divine demon GOD Aris • 1 year ago

lol it did

Utsuro • 1 year ago

12 ep these day's is not enough to quench my thirst

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Beautiful episode from start to finish, this anime was amazing was very impressed so sweet Himuro was taken well care of by Fuyutsuki it was great, although he pulled an a nighter after she slept on the couch lol.

This anime was really enjoyable to watch final rating is 9.2/10.

Hopefully it gets a 2nd season would be awesome.

Great ending, beautiful cherry blossoms.

When the heck did they want to go out together, just confess to each other already (⁠ノ⁠ಠ⁠益⁠ಠ⁠)⁠ノ⁠