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Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I'm guessing that divine light is Kazuma being reincarnated and Aqua being brought along with him.

I liked how the two realized how childish they were being after the little girl made a comment on them.

Sosuke63 • 6 months ago

In the first LN, that light that you see, is why the Dullahan was ordered by the Demon King to investigate Axel. The Demon King felt that all the way from the castle.

Gabre • 6 months ago

So... Kazuma taking Aqua with him directly caused the attack on the town... Figures

IExistMe Official • 6 months ago

Its technically Aqua's fault again lol.

Judging by the like ratio, it seems more people would rather blame Aqua lmao.

lavi2112 • 6 months ago

Again with the Useless Goddess🤦

Bloodyraven54 • 6 months ago

ooh, ok

Fayt Leingod • 6 months ago

sending a divine on that world is quite a taboo?

LesK • 4 months ago

yup! she's a full on 100% goddess. that's like sending a battalion's worth of soldiers to swat a fly.

Abhinav Neoharys Varma • 3 months ago

So Demon King is actually upto evil stuff? I thought he was just some guy doing his stuff and everyone pins all the shit on him

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Sooo Kazuma screen time when? lol

Renaud • 6 months ago

Likely in last scene of last episode

Ace Zenfu • 6 months ago

With Aqua covered in slime!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

I do wanna see best boy.

James • 6 months ago

Kazuma has a lot of cameo in manga spinoff

ohmiodio • 6 months ago

there has been a little cameo in the anime too (when Megumin thinks about the hero party, the image is blurry but the scheme color of the other three are apparent)

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

Maybe in the final episode? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yeah, likely at the end of the season. even though they are summoned, now they do the part time jobs and sleep in the barn for who knows how long before becoming real adventurers.

Deus The Great • 6 months ago

Lol that divine light probably just Aqua haha

UncleMoe • 6 months ago

I think that while Arnes was being defeated, Aqua was screaming -PAUSE- and then screaming again non stop.

Bees • 6 months ago

Most likely, though I suppose it could have been Eris descending as Chris.

the Finance Guy • 6 months ago

Doubtful since Eris secretly comes down to Axel all the time. It would be pretty suspicious if a divine light appear everytime Chris shows up.

Bees • 6 months ago

I definitely agree. Though to be fair, Aqua and Kazuma came down with unchanged appearance (goddess/tracksuit) and she even told a priest she was the goddess to try and get funds, but no one batted an eye. If I remember right, Eris originally took up the Chris persona to answer Darkness' prayer to Eris for a companion that would adventure with her sometimes. So the timeline kinda roughly fits for both.

LesK • 4 months ago

just ask Darkness, she's Chris' 'in' with Kazu and company. she and Dark have been best buddies since forever.

SynthShade • 6 months ago

She also goes down as Chris to reclaim and seal the cheat items they give people like Kazuma.

Fayt Leingod • 6 months ago

oh a forgot about her

Dbz Directioner • 6 months ago

Yeah, I think so too.

Ovis Militaris • 6 months ago

Useless or not, Aqua is still one of the senior divinity. She's probably the most powerful being on the planet, but her stupidity and laziness means she's not a threat to anyone. LoL

Fayt Leingod • 6 months ago

i dunno but i think thats the same little girl that give kazuma axis cult form on alcanretia

Klaxxi • 6 months ago

But didnt megumin blast explosions for a year at some generals castle?
Then again the light has to be aqua or eris

that guy • 6 months ago

that was *after* Kuzuma and the gang got together

Anime & Rutabagas • 6 months ago

Megumin yeeting Chomusuke...

She's such a great owner lol

the Finance Guy • 6 months ago

Surprise scrawny arms loli can throw a cat that hard and far.

Sosuke63 • 6 months ago

Megumin’s Str was apparently higher than Kazuma’s, all the way to Season 2/Alcanretia (he was underleveled and had to level up from no Boss EXP.) Dodonko also commented on Megumin’s grip in Episode 2.

BijuuBulat • 5 months ago


Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 6 months ago

Such a great owner that she was ready to blow Chomusuke up too.

MeguminExplosion • 6 months ago


Dbz Directioner • 6 months ago

Some sacrifices are needed for greater good.

LesK • 4 months ago

tiny little bat wings entirely USELESS and utterly unable to even slow her fall. :>

Whoever • 6 months ago

18:33 Our boy and useless goddess are here

Ohms Nuttachai • 6 months ago

Our goddess has finally answered our prayer 🙏

Master Vadgers • 6 months ago

Party's gonna be lit

Ohms Nuttachai • 6 months ago

Fun fact: You won't be punished even if you broke a contract with demon. Source: Axis sect.

How desperate Yunyun was to even pray for Aqua...
So this was when Kazuma was summoned. What would be her reaction to knowing that the goddess she prayed for is going to live in the stable, I wonder?

I kinda want to believe that Arnes is the true protagonist of this show. She really fits a tragic heroine role lol

Judgment526 • 6 months ago

Poor Arnes, I hope she didn't really get obliterated by that Explosion spell. T^T

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 6 months ago

I hope so as well. (-🙏-)

Dreamblade • 1 month ago

Apparently demons who die in this series just go back to hell until they are summoned again. Even if she doesn't come back in the LN, they could still write her back into the anime like they did with those two demon generals in the movie.

That said, Konosuba makes you feel sorry for pretty much all the demons. They are usually more honorable than most of the "good guys". It's like a running gag. The Dullahan just politely asks that they stop exploding his castle and Megumin is like "No, I must follow my heart." Lol.

Hououin Kyouma • 3 months ago

But why? Because she has boobs?

Judgment526 • 3 months ago

Because she seems like an interesting character? And not purely evil, as far as I could tell.

Hououin Kyouma • 3 months ago

None of the characters we've seen so far seem purely evil. Except maybe Hans. But Arnes did her time, may she RIP.

Void • 6 months ago

I would be sad if Arnes really died.
She's very dutiful and loyal to her master.
A loyal subject that dedicated their life to die for the sake of their master is worth honored.

For Arnes, cheers!🥂