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Judgment526 • 2 months ago

Komi showing up first on Gogo? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC???

BniX • 2 months ago

Don't let it distract you from the fact that najimi slept in the girls room ๐Ÿ‘€

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Well Najimi is identified as a Najimi so it's fine lol

Y-Man • 2 months ago

You know you are unique when you have a gender that nobody ever had, Chad Najimi

Y-Man • 2 months ago

13.05 "jus marry already", that's what are all saying sensei from season1
19.30 reason for Monkeypox, boys acting sus
Nijami slept in grills room, the confusion arises again "What's Najami's gender"

Kirito • 2 months ago

Katai is so buff man and the way he pose like that impressed those three delinquents guys and at their first meeting katai said greetings and yoshi/yosh

Some guy • 2 months ago

in the manga it was actually written "just get a room already" ;)

Y-Man • 2 months ago

This cmnt is dedicated to give hate to that grey hair GEY fellow, he annoys me a lot๐Ÿ’ข๐Ÿ’ข

Kirito • 2 months ago

Well that was an unexpected friendship of the handsome protagonist and katai the guy looking delinquent

Kirito • 2 months ago

Nobody is listening to the tour guide hot girl I feel sorry for him but at the end tadano the normal guy actually listen to the tour guide hot girl look at that there's actually people who's dating it's so nice

aWildBurrito • 2 months ago

Ikr normally there's a room with a seperate gender of najimi

Con D Oriano • 2 months ago

Remind me of when there use to be a third gender called Hideyoshi

Kirito • 2 months ago

Katai forgot his lotion and now he gonna get dry skin and suddenly the handsome protagonist gave katai that lotion it's like he understand katai and he's not even scared at him he's so busy falling Inlove to his looks

Nael • 2 months ago

It's so good to see Hideyoshi is still remembered

Cheyenne Sanders • 2 months ago


BniX • 2 months ago


GreenTea Gal • 2 months ago

but he bathed with the guys :P

SinonLife • 2 months ago

no najimi went in before all the girls did

Kirito • 2 months ago

Najimi is so lucky to sleep in the girl's room playing pillow fight and acting sleeping, hiding when the teacher checks on them

Para Noid • 2 months ago

did he?

they couldnt identify that thing gender but its closer to a she than a he maybe thats why it sleeps with the girls

Eldershield • 2 months ago

โ€œItโ€ that just made my day XD

A.A.A.T • 2 months ago

Maybe because she's a girl?!

Chryslr • 2 months ago

Tadano remembers Najimi as a boy during Junior High, and Najimi didn't even denied that. Though Najimi didn't confirm it either.

doubledutch • 2 months ago

am I the only one who thinks right from the very start that she is a girl ๐Ÿ‘€

lol • 2 months ago

Even the girls are confused with Najimi's gender. (Not gonna use his/her since Najimi is a Najimi)

Kirito • 2 months ago

I'm surprised they let najimi sleep in the girl's room

Cheyenne Sanders • 2 months ago

Well the only person who calls najimi she/him is Tadano

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Gogo must've made a deal with the devil or something lol

STAX • 2 months ago

At the very least they sacrificed a goat.

DAZAI • 2 months ago

no it was time taking sacrifice made in such a way before during the rituals the OG comments were sacrificed inorder to get komi san shown up first

also nakanaka san its not kondo its gorilla des(gintama fans will get the reference)

Kirito • 2 months ago

The three delinquents, katai and the handsome protagonist is doing a manly pose it's beyond the space and tadano likes it taking that picture he got so sweaty taking that picture

aWildBurrito • 2 months ago

Gogo just being gogo lol

Kirito • 2 months ago

That tour guide hot girl remembered her old self when she was a kid even though a lot of students doesn't listen to the tour guide there's always that 1 person who listens and that's all that matters

Carrot • 2 months ago

Lucifer approved that though

Veldora • 2 months ago

Yes... but this level of darkness...

Constellation [Unknown] • 2 months ago

Gogo has the secrets of time travel, but its limited to getting anime episodes

INCURSIO XD • 2 months ago

Aren't we gonna consider the fact of Yamai chan's pure intentions XD

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Me: What Thai MindF**kery is Thee... lol

MonikaMonika • 2 months ago

what kind of sorcery ?
still a mystery

Its Komi-Magic

Lucyw18 • 2 months ago

i think gogo is ill if komi shows up this early

Mr.strange guy • 2 months ago

Yeah I know

unknown unknown • 2 months ago

Bunch of simps.

Astolfo • 2 months ago

Guide-san is right, why don't they just get married already. Agari has meat dango lol. Love the muscle poses.

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

Poor Agari lol

Kirito • 2 months ago

Dam... Agari really has a good body and big oppai no wonder they call her big dango and the girls are probably jealous if they see the oppai of agari

iCan'tDecideMyFavAnime • 2 months ago

watching all of them pretending to sleep when the teacher came to check reminded me of my childhood days, that was a wholesome scene xD

Guide-san is a big mood

Veldora • 2 months ago

Tour guide asking real questions.