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Pietje van Dongen • 4 months ago

So Quan is MaruMaru? Never knew that
By connecting with Miracle they will move forward
The after credits 😂 Chris is btw amazing artist...

xolitaire • 4 months ago

Wait, Quan? I thought our tea-drinking friend is Niska, not Quan

Pietje van Dongen • 4 months ago

i could be wrong but in the flashback it looks like a younger version of the tea-drinking friend.

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

Who would've thought that's MaruMaru's real identity?! I'm shocked! O_O

Christian Appel • 4 months ago

Finally dark skinned girl has arrived.

Surprise surprise - marumaru is tea tomboy.

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

is tea guy a girl? I thought before she's one of the virtual idols.

xolitaire • 4 months ago

The (a bit empty) fan-wiki for this show lists tea-enthusiast as a girl named Niska

Usami Mizuki • 3 months ago

Chisato from Love Live will surely be a fan of Marumaru

Glinda • 4 months ago

A very nice episode 🤗❤️😃.
Didn't expect that the tea girl to be maru maru... It's looks like that in her past there was someone named Quan and that she was a rival to girl tea...
Oof I really want that Miracle will write her lyrics already. I wander when she will do it??