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EM • 4 months ago

The voice actors and animators really went all out on those kisses damn.
And here is the moment I was waiting for: Hakari x Karane yuri! Thank god they included the volume 2 bonus at the end lol. It also said "Separating the two of them was the biggest struggle".
These references LMFAO.
I always love it when they make fake credits in the anime. Liked the glitch effect too. This must be a reference to something too right?
This was probably the best episode so far. It's so good to see one of my favorite manga be adapted with flying colors man.

Certain Insert • 4 months ago

The episode so far is great, makes me really excited for the next arc

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Can't wait (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) lol

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago

Spoilers please

Certain Insert • 4 months ago

why don't you have chicken with egg on the side

You'll find out what that means sooner or later, I hope

So you mean... Mommy is coming home?!?

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago


Grail Symphony • 4 months ago

ahem, Oyako Don, Rentaro, ahem ahem.

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago


Grail Symphony • 4 months ago

Read manga, it's not good to hear from others. It's better to read it yourself.

Certain Insert • 4 months ago

If you want to be spoiled, go read the mangaaround chp 10 or something. I'd prefer if we keep it spoiler-friendly here :/

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago

Ahaa i admire the spirit to keep ot spoiler free, imma gonna wait for the anime eps now

BunnyLuvr • 4 months ago

Excited how exactly (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Certain Insert • 4 months ago

stay tuned next week ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

TheCabra • 4 months ago

Hakari x Karane kiss was such a nice surprise,this basically confirms that the two are into each other as well,as much as they might have trouble admitting it. I like that,a harem is always better when everyone loves each other.

Keith McMillan • 4 months ago

Nah, it def is just a comedy subplot. The zing thing only revolves to one person, and not dissemination

TGN • 4 months ago

Did you think just because they aren't soulmates, they can't be lovers? Fool.

TheCabra • 4 months ago

Nothing so far can prove or disprove that. So far,with the spark,their interactions and the kisses it leads me to believe they like each other as well. I do agree that the author will treat it more like a gag,but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Keith McMillan • 4 months ago

Literally explained by the Kami himself in EP 1 hence if Rentarou won't date them, they'll die. But go believe your headcanon all u want lol

TheCabra • 4 months ago

Once again,that disproves nothing. And even then,there are examples of Rentaro soulmates liking other people before him in the manga,even if they aren’t soulmates doesn’t mean they can’t like each other too. Sure,it’s a headcanon,but one that has basis on the story(tho I don’t think the author will ever confirm or deny it)

Keith McMillan • 4 months ago

They literally stated it already in EP 1 bruh. The Kami himself (God) in the universe that Retarou Is the central of the soulmate system. If that still doesn't disprove anything, then you're delusional 😭😂

Darkness • 4 months ago

Lol yeah they both love Rentaro and he is the person they love the most but even throughout the manga there is a yuri subplot with them. Nothing wrong with it. More fun for Rentaro.

Keith McMillan • 4 months ago

There's a difference between a subplot and comedy relief scenes. Like those scenes in Naruto where Madara and Tobirama are seen getting along and whatnot

Darkness • 4 months ago

For some reason I feel like you are trying hard to deny any yuri in this series I wonder what you are going to do when Hahari and the maid imouto shows up lmao.

Haruto Michishige • 3 months ago

It's called polyamory

T_DS • 2 months ago

The only thing 'EP 1' confirms is that if Rentaro were to meet and yet not acquire a soulmate, that the poor soulmate is doomed.
That only thing that does, is provide an ethical excuse for Rentaro to continue adding to his harem; not that he needs it since he truly wants them all 😂

It at no point states nor implies anything extra.

If anything, it shows it's possible but rare to have multiple soulmates as a single person; Rentaro's case itself proves that it is possible.

Furthermore it would be way more likely for the girls to be close to one another, since they share a similar taste in soulmate and are willing to share among themselves.
That would not be possible if they didn't also feel a connection to one a other.

They also all have supplementary traits, making them go well together.

It is more like the soul of Rentaro's soulmate got spilt over different girls instead of being condensed into one girl.

Furthermore, if the one you love, loves something dearly ... would you yourself not, eventually, care for it as well?

All of this, to me, give a lot more weight to the assumption that yuri among some of the girls is likely to occur.

Same as when the girls helped Shizuka this episode, they have a bond together.

Leo Aestron • 4 months ago

Nano's "Johnny's here!" reference XD

Imouto Lover • 4 months ago

I think those credits somehow reminds me of the glitching and music of Doki Doki Literature Club game which is a pretty shocking game if you dive in blind

EM • 4 months ago

Yeah, I know about it. My favorite horror game actually (not that I played that many).

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago

I saw a playthrough and it was legit horrifying

TheCabra • 4 months ago

I remember years ago I was watching xQc play it in the middle of the night and I thought many times of dropping that stream and going to sleep. But then THE hanging scene happened and I was shook to my core,I did not expect that. Needless to say,I watched the rest of the stream after that. Even if that ADHD brain kept skipping dialogue it was still one of the most entertaining stream I’ve ever watched.

AnimeVibesYT • 4 months ago

I desperately need a yt video showing all horror moments only, without having to watch a 4 5 hours long playthrough again

Emergency Sustenance • 4 months ago

It wasn't glitch effect, the joke was that they fastforwarded the scene because the kissing was not stopping.

EM • 4 months ago

The text and the characters' movements don't appear to be sped up so I don't think this is true

xXPORTALXx • 4 months ago

Good point. It's almost the opposite actually, that sound is like when a record is turning at the wrong (slower) speed.

Kwarevo • 4 months ago

Zom girlfriend

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Instead of double tap it's double kiss lol

Sexist Okabe • 4 months ago

Kusuri's favourite perk is Druggernog

TheCabra • 4 months ago

🎶 Dystopia Song of the Kissu 🎶

Saint Evo • 4 months ago

Zom 100 girlfriends 🤨

Yagami Kou • 4 months ago

It's cute that even though they're single-minded kiss zombies, they're still helping Shizuka who can't keep up with the chase.

TheAnimeList.net • 4 months ago


Youllneverknowmynamehaha • 4 months ago

no way those are the actual translations lmaooo

brianuuu • 4 months ago

Karane said: イケメンすぎんのよ which mean "he's way too handsome (cool)" so chad is probably ok but not completely accurate
Hakari said: びしょびしょ which literally means "soaked"

veltron • 4 months ago

Somehow that's worse 🤣🤣

Sweetbabyinc can suck it. • 3 months ago

Localizers showing again that they're replaceable as fuck.
It's like they WANT to ruin every anime that is good.
Still, at least they didn't make up shit in this occasion by completely switching lines to change a characters genre.

TheAnimeList.net • 3 months ago

Saw they will be soon replaced by AI so hopefully we will get better subs soon, HNY btw.

Sweetbabyinc can suck it. • 3 months ago

As localizers find might find difficult to say correctly say, akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.

But for real all the anime they ruined for me. I just wanna enjoy some anime and they have to plunge their dck all over my hobby

TheAnimeList.net • 3 months ago

Sometimes wrong subs do - atleast for me - ruine my immersion :/
I made subs one for an older Anime and i know its sometimes super difficult todo, so i also respect the work, but high quality in subs should be the norm, how i said earlier I'am super excited if we could automate those subtitles someday.

Anime & Rutabagas • 4 months ago

Kiss zombie Shizuka: *falls*

Rentaro: [Must Protecc Intensifies] lol