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Namikaze • 5 months ago

i didn't expect Muichiro to be so funny不不不不不

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

That creep smile he did was pretty funny lol

Namikaze • 5 months ago

he might funnier than Zenitsu and Inosuke combined

CrimsonPotato • 5 months ago

zenitsu is never funny to begin with so that leaves inosuke.

Kirito • 5 months ago

Inosuke always makes me laugh like at that last scene he said senpachiro that boar is so funny

Comedy is quite fascinating to see in what'd otherwise be quite a bleak world.

Kirito • 5 months ago

Kanroji saves the day and she easily destroyed that dragon wood style thing with no problem because there's no way tanjiro and friends could defeat this hatred demon by themselves

Poke Chan • 5 months ago

All he had to do was be friend with Tanjiro.. xD

Jullian J. Weskier • 5 months ago

Is ur profile pic rukia. With. A drawn on mustache?

Poke Chan • 5 months ago


Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

His creep smile and remarks were also savage to XD

RAM • 5 months ago

I even screen shot that smile

Sprayquaza • 5 months ago

the mu in mu ichiro stands for infinite Komedy.

Ace of Fire • 5 months ago

At the beginning the anime showcased Muichiri as a senseless character, but then they changed it dramatically in only 8 episodes, and TBH you can't dislike this new Muichiro.

BTW, I didn't expect upper 5 to get decapitated this soon and this so easy. I wish upper 4 give us a better fight.

Weeb24 • 5 months ago

bruh upper 5 even weaker than upper 6 bro

DUST RITH • 5 months ago

i agree because even muzan said that gyutaro could be on the level of an upper moon 4 and 3 but because of his care for daki muzan knew that daki is going to hinder her brothers work so muzan gave him the title upper moon 6 as a token of respect to gyutaro s loyalty and dedication to serve him after the fucker 2 put a word to it

Satria • 5 months ago

The power level is established the way it is simply bcs they really are. Gyokko the UP5 was not weaker than Gyutaro the UP6, Gyokko have a vast skills & survival ability than Gyutaro & Daki alone, he might not be the best fighter but no doubt a brilliant infiltrator & info gatherer for hundred of years. Muichirou just that strong (plus he developed the Slayer Marks) and that good in catching his opponent off guard with his mist breathing technique so before Gyokko realize its too late to get serious, he's dead. The outcome might be differ should Gyutaro went to fight Muichirou in 2nd Season. I don't recall the info of Muzan saying such thing in the manga, is that even legit?

Deidara • 5 months ago

The former upper six would literally wipe his ass

Satria • 3 months ago

The logic just doesn't adds up, just like UP1 said, they're always open for a rank match. If UP6 was stronger, it should've been settled with a rank match. But why it doesn't? Simple, bcs it isn't.

Yo Shindo II • 5 months ago

He literally isn't, if Gyokko is weaker than Gyutaro and Daki then they'd be UM5. Please stop saying BS, their actual power rankings are already established.

Nikola Nikolov • 5 months ago

from the showcase of the upper demons the top 3 are actual fighters the others are specialized in there mascaraing the weak not necessary strong vs Hashiras but really hard to kill because of there cunning nature for me so far the power lvl is balanced they aren't defeated that easily by any means and they dont seem too OP to make me wonder how did they not kill all humans and rule the world already if they're that strong you know

Shadow • 5 months ago

To be fair he got no memories but vengeance for demons

Lord Of Pandemonium • 5 months ago

Upper 5 was too weak kinda makes me wonder how it survived for a 100 years or was Muichiro really that strong??

Its a snake, so it hides or pretends to get defeated to run away like orochimaru

Poke Chan • 5 months ago

He only attacked the weak, and runs away when someone strong appears (According to what I see)

LameboBaggings • 5 months ago

isnt that exactly why muzan got rid of the lower moons tho? talking the big game when up against weaklings and then turn tail and running when something strong shows up?

Michael Lennys • 5 months ago

To be fair, Muichiro awakened his mark

Aka Inu • 5 months ago

UM5 is not weak. He'd have killed Tokito easily, werent't it for the little blacksmith. Also, UM5 is not weaker than UM6. Gyutaro only has fighting and poison. UM5 has poison, vase teleportation, various vase techniques, diamond hard scales (not around his neck, apparently), various underlings in huge quantities.

Zho • 5 months ago

Its because of spoiler reasons lol

ciro di marzia • 5 months ago

muichiro is strong because he is the descendant of rank 1

Kimimomo • 5 months ago

yeah bro got no diffed by Mui, seems like gyutaro is way stronger than gyokko

The sister is also probably stronger than upper 5. PS uppersix would have won if he didn't try to ask tanjiro to be a demon. also uppersix would have beat the flashy guy if he was by himself

eagle boi • 5 months ago

upper six was stronger then upper 5
but upper 4 is on a different level

Jerjoker007 • 5 months ago

Oh it will.

Iloveaquariums • 5 months ago

you can't dislike any Muichiro TBH

Satria • 5 months ago

The misconception of how Gyutaro was stronger than Gyoko was so funny.

First, within the wikia, databook & manga; Goto-sensei the Manga Author did put an info about ranking of power & speed between the Hashira's. Muichirou was not even at the top 3 among those monsters, but he is a prodigy none the less. Considering he got to be a Hashira only 2 month prior to him joining the Slayer Corp.

Second reason is, Gyutaro fight in Season 2 was also taking a real historical event of Great Fire at Tokyo's Yoshiwara Red Light District (1911). Without these historical theme's of town destroyed in flame, Gyutaro fight might just destroys a couple of houses, not the entire district of Tokyo. So gauging the power of Upper Moon strength based on their fight effect in environment is entirely based perspective

Namikaze • 5 months ago

Kirito • 5 months ago

He finally got his memory back

MeguminExplosion • 5 months ago

Muichiro waited his whole life for this very moment. Roast-chiro woke up and chose violence. Mist hashira out here bringing the fog with him because the upper moon wanted the smoke.

Namikaze • 5 months ago

He's very similar to Tangiro too when they look confused

kaeyasupremacy • 5 months ago

His abs got me lol

Namikaze • 5 months ago

Dude buff as hell

Ny3 • 5 months ago

This week: The troll hashira
Next week: The love hashira

Michael Lennys • 5 months ago

Oh yes! Love hashira, another interesting one, I can't wait!

The supreme one • 5 months ago

I didnt expect him to clapp the upper moon so easly ngl the slim potty seemed pretty weak for a upper moon

Namikaze • 5 months ago

Muichiro was just too strong bruh

Monkey D Goofy • 5 months ago

slim potty 不

Iceknight Magna • 5 months ago

Wasn't that a little too easy? The way he dealt with that upper-rank, I mean.

TheBigFool • 5 months ago

No, is because Muichiro is that strong and because of the mark. Mark is a very important plot.

Monkey D Goofy • 5 months ago

we're going to have a whole ass arc about the mark , very important