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Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

Well if anything the entrance and design of the demon is really amazing, the studio once again is impressive.

At this point Tanjiro should give up trying to have moral debates with overly cruel demons, some he may be able to persuade but others are just plain ruthless and uncaring.

Haganesuka really surprised me with his looks, though for a moment he reminded me a little of inosuke.

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Haganesuka with that lvl 99 smithing, lvl 99 crafting, lvl 99hp and lvl 99 def

Sprayquaza • 1 year ago

every demon since the lower demons is basically like "Oh this aint even my final form yet".

Mabey • 1 year ago

but Tanjiro got that level 100 plot armor

Ace of Fire🔥 • 1 year ago

Tanjiro somehow got out of the freez mode by debating over who is fiend after Hantengu paralized them with his deep voice.

Btw, personally I think the little boy (Kotetsu) did far more thane his ancestors, by giving Tokito Muhichiro his breath while being hunted by one of Upper five's minions.

Now talk about Haganizuk's handsome face and lets not forget his level of concentration, which can surpases even Hashiras😎😎😍😉.

wwlaos • 1 year ago

Total Concentration Sword-Polishing! XD

Kirito • 1 year ago

Tanjiro keeps getting stronger and he was fighting 4 of them all by himself

LightninStar • 1 year ago

I'm 50/50 on the plot armor. There seems to be something off about Tanjiro. his whole close family except his mom to be more precise. I can't put my finger on it, but I think there's a lot more that needs to be revealed later on in the series that may explain how Tanjiro is able to come out on top of semingly dire situations to this point.

Lord Of Pandemonium • 1 year ago

To be honest Muzan should have killed tanjiro on the spot, I don't think he somehow couldn't recognize the demon slayer mark when he clearly remembered the earrings, I mean with his speed he could have easily chopped of his head. But obviously plot armor.

Eldershield • 1 year ago

That or the initial shock/fear of seeing those earrings and mark of the only man that almost killed him, I mean that would affect anyone’s judgement

Porthya • 11 months ago

Since his Yoriichi PTSD gets triggered even into the cells he's long since passed to other demons, it's definitely the fear. And he has very tangible reasons to dread directly fighting a bearer of the hanafuda earrings. If one was able to do it, who's to assure him the other won't? Why risk it when he can run and hide and send henchmen instead? Tamayo knows him far too well.

Kirito • 1 year ago

That would end the anime fast and be boring

Porthya • 11 months ago

Should, however not could, he's too cowardly and terrified to try it directly, unless he's out of options. Tamayo's explained it ever since her first appearance, he's too cowardly and we've seen how the slightest reference to Yoriichi sends him running for the hills.

LightninStar • 1 year ago

that is true tbh lol

Kirito • 1 year ago

Muichiro's dad also has red eyes just like tanjiro

Lenroy Lewis • 1 year ago

he really doesnt

And for side characters as well xD. That double-barrel shotgun guy just basically turned into a demon lmao.

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago

Runescape player?

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Definitely a runescape reference.

Justin Posey • 1 year ago

Probably was one at one point, I actually just got my account back last night that was hacked, the person who hacked it was using it tho and didn't take anything.... if they go to try to log back on it, they're in for a shock.... glad Jagex's customer support got a tiny bit better

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago

Played during Middle to Highschool back then. Was F2P. 88 in almost everything in F2P world.

Where’s my darling? • 1 year ago

Now you really are sounding like yamada

Kirito • 1 year ago

That demon could have killed haganezuka but he chose to destroy his concentration lol

Retad • 1 year ago

lvl 99 concentration too lmao bro wasnt even flinching

Bj Gurung • 1 year ago

I think he have trimmed skill cape.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

For real.

Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

Indeed the most committed Blacksmith ever

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 year ago

Haganesuka stocks are on the rise now lol

Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

Indeed they are

The supreme one • 1 year ago

Haganesuka is totally giving new vibes now.. hes hot !🔥🔥

Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

Yeah I thought he has some scars in the face, but the guy is rocking some great genetics.

Where’s my darling? • 1 year ago

Ufotable doesn’t play around when we are hungry for some animation. Gotta admire their creativity and work fr

I didn’t expect the 4 demons to emerge and to create that demon looking monster. He even went and talked about destroying the ones who chase after the weaklings when they themselves have eaten innocent people. Foolish demon

Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

True Ufotable doesn't disappoint.

Otaku-chan • 1 year ago

Ufotable has done works with the best animations:

The Fate franchise: Astounding and fluid, as well as colourful
Kimetsu no Yaiba: Likewise and a focus on the contrast and colours
Upcoming Genshin Impact anime adaptation: EXTREMELY realistic landscapes, real time fluid animations.

Tell me if you have more examples. I’m tired so I only have those examples but I’m positive there is way more to the list.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Ufotable went all in 🔥🔥.

Chryslr • 1 year ago

He reminds me more of Tsukasa from Dr. Stone. Chad-ganezuka focus even surpasses John Wick and Gyokko! LOL!

THE OMNI KING • 1 year ago

ikr i dont know why deepshits keep saying it lacks a good story like wtf

Batista • 1 year ago

I mean it's good but the story is also basic. Classic good vs evil, very cliche in how bad the bad guys are and how good the good guys are. In the real world and masterful stories there is a lot more nuance. It's also very formulaic. It's pretty much fight against the next demon who is one rank higher than the previous one. We lose at the beginning and have a lot of dramatic moments and then win by some sudden insight or whatever.

It's definitely enjoyable but I can see why people may think the story isn't that great.

Elias001 • 1 year ago

This show really reminds me of Saint Seiya, at first you get beating the shit out of you within an inch of your life. Then a bunch of flash-back and expositions. Finally, that will motivate you to power up and beat up the villian. Rinse and repeat.

Renaud • 1 year ago

Yes it's very basic, but it's well done and didn't fall into the trap of over-extending like most.
And the way they find their enemies is sort of original. In usual shonen, they search the final boss during a few seasons. Here, when he started to look for him, a Muzan Jackson appeared instantly 😂

xX_RandomHuman_Xx • 1 year ago

it fell into the trap of being slightly too short

Salamansky • 1 year ago

The plot doesn't have nuance? You mean the demons in the previous fights in the previous seasons NEVER had any nuanced backstories about how they came to be demons and their justifications?

Lenroy Lewis • 1 year ago

your not watching Demon Slayer then you probroly watching Troll Slayer because in demon slayer they show the backstory of the 12 when they are about to die or after

Eldershield • 1 year ago

I mean yeah it’s a basic formula, but the way it’s being done makes it so much better, and the fact that some demons where human and we see their stories makes it better, the only one that looks truly evil is Muzan since he transformed all those people into the monsters they are now

James Murphy • 1 year ago

It's cu those deep shits are really shallow shits :D

Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

Everyone is going to have their own views on stuff.

Porthya • 1 year ago

Tanjiro's not having a moral debate with this trash, he's merely calling out his bs and passing the sentence.

Darkred Emperor • 1 year ago

Fair point, I didn't paid enough attention to the scene the first time.

Time. • 1 year ago

Haganesuka finna be everywhere today lol

Gabre • 1 year ago

I think Tanjiro was more just pissed off about being called a fiend by a creature that slaughters families for power, not accepting the hatred thrown at him, what also losens the power of the demon over him.
That's why he can move unlike the other one