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Rado Senpai • 1 year ago

So I see Yamato's skirt and umbrella in the in pieces under the collapsing building and think to myself "I know she isn't there but why are her clothes? Unless she isn't using them anymore because... she is kai ni now? I'm calling it right here!", and not long after I see it, Yamato kai ni in the anime LEGS FUCKING GOOOO!!! And finally THEY FUCKING BROUGH THE FOREIGN GIRLS!!! This is huuuge. I never thought they'd have the balls to do it but they actually did, I'm very thankful for that! There were some boring episodes but this one deffinitely wasn't, I really liked it.

While the anime had many bads like: the **insane** delays, the often robotic unnecessary military dialogue, the unnecessary time saving scenes where nothing happens and the way too often "Shigure(!)" (or insert name) sentences,

there were goods as well like:
1. Getting too see soo many different girls that weren't in the old season;
2. Even though there were some weird animation moments in the first episodes the animation was indeed pretty good throught most of the season;
3. Seeing Yamato again
4. Seeing Yamato kai ni animated
5. The Kancolle anime actually acknowledging the existance of foreign girls and giving them *some* screen time, which is something I was absolutely not expecting but was really glad to witness;
6. The world felt much more alive with all these other people that were living nearby and interracting with the girls, also we finally see the TTK xD;
7. Gigachad fairies;

Zergling • 1 year ago

Very well done, you just said everything i said in my coments in the episodes, very well conclusion. GJ

In the end they made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the future, dieing for it, we then see that they may have reincarnated in the future at peace, nice ending.
Foreign ships wtf.
What a cool ending.

JadeJade • 1 year ago

After nearly 6 months, this show is finally ending, making it the last anime of the fall seasonal lineup to finish.

It's been so long and spaced out that I forget a lot that's happened. I have no idea how to rate this. What a confusing journey this has been 🥴

wwlaos • 1 year ago

Shipgirl / 10

YazrieL-san • 1 year ago

next mission : find time to rewatch all the the episodes.
this anime could be better delivered if they didn't span the release into nearly 6 months for 8 episodes.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

That was the last episode, thought it had more.

1.Anime well balanced
2.Animation is great
3.Episode was good
4.Final rate is 7.8

vovan1 • 1 year ago

7.5/10 just for this finale it was worth the wait.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Yes it was good.

vovan1 • 1 year ago

I'm not even fan of this show, but this was quite emotional finale. T_T

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago


wwlaos • 1 year ago

Arigato... arigato... ! T_T

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago

Its been a while, but has finally returned ladies and gentlemen lets enjoy episode 8 in the meantime.

Austin Clemen • 1 year ago

Well, fellow squidheads, it's been quite a run

Always fun to see Washington and $h!tty D!ck getting into each other's faces

wwlaos • 1 year ago

...now release an English translation for the game, dammit! D:<

Andrew Conde • 1 year ago

Finally my wife Iowa is here 🥰

thePRUH____ • 1 year ago

The way they timed the music to make it as emotional as possible was spot on.

Dunames • 1 year ago

wtf, would have being much better to have USS yorktown showing up to give yamato a hand at teh end. it was navy aviator from yorktown that sunk yamato during ww2, should have have yorktown give her a hand in this alternate telling.

TheDoubleDeuced • 1 year ago

I don't think Kancolle has the USS Yorktown. They had the USS Hornet, though.

Intetsuu • 1 year ago

ngl, fanservice shipgirls award goes to azur lane.
lore driven shipgirls award goes to kancolle.

was a really nice ride for this season

MeguminExplosion • 1 year ago

Shigure Retrofit Gang.

Kancolle spin off needed the original Kancolle sound track with the hype trumpets

nooneknows • 1 year ago

i was hopeful for a shout out to taffy 3, but the allied ships at the end were a nice touch, i hope they continue the story. i feel like they had so much more to say but not enough time to say it.

Lucky Mike • 1 year ago

Iowa <3

Monkey D. Luna • 1 year ago

Murica battle ships subarashi engrish, and they're also fluent in Japanese.

I'm kinda at a lost at what's going on coz of the delay, but great fight scenes and cute girls so I'm giving it 7/10

I'm definitely going to buy a Yamato figure!

Grandpa Lampshade • 1 year ago

The ridiculous delays really killed this anime, it's a shame really. I'm going to rewatch now that it's finally completed. This final episode was done really well. Kudos for the epitaphs showing how long the ships were in service.

Zergling • 1 year ago

What a finale, the despair, and the greatest sacrifice was done here.
In the end they all died to be able to secure the future, and is kinda nice we see they where able to do it in the end, and may have reincarnated has normal people in the future.

Was not expecting the other nations shipgirls to appear, the first time we see them, realy nice too, this season of kancolle had so many new things appearing.

Well it was a rollercoaster with this anime, still hate the dialogue of it but we got nice animation and lore, still liked to see it.
May the shipgirls have now peace in the future.

THOMBA23 • 1 year ago

Then I should try it

Andrew Conde • 1 year ago

Eriko from priconne shares Iowa's voice

Azureink • 1 year ago

Yukukaze lasted until the 70s?
Long lifespan for a WW2 Japanese warship.

CC-BEN-V • 1 year ago

wow... that was an Emotional Final Episode.

(╥_╥) F for the Shipgirls on that Final Battle. It was Epic 8/10

StandEmperor • 1 year ago

What a closure to an anime.

Marcelus • 1 year ago


Georg Elpons • 1 year ago

A bit confusing story telling and what the heck was the scene with the royal navy and the iowa? They stayed so long at least to the history, but that would mean the monsters are the allied forces...

StandEmperor • 1 year ago

technically the allied force was also fighting the abyssal fleet on another continent. That's why they never showed up until the recent episode.

Georg Elpons • 1 year ago

They showed tactic etc. of a famous battle in ww2, that pretty much went like the real one... Its stil a bit of a slide to show in the last episode the ones, that would have been normally the enemy of that battle, as allies.

StandEmperor • 1 year ago

well the game says otherwise, they're just staying true to the game which is allies and axis teaming up. We haven't seen Jean Bart or Bismarck yet, i don't know whether they will announce another anime but i guess thats all for the last episode.

Georg Elpons • 1 year ago

Its stil a bit funny, to base the battle on a ww2 battle, let the japanese look cute and the enemy look like monster. Than show for a minute in 8 episodes, the "allies" that were in reality the opposisition of japan. Its like scapegoating by showing, no no the enemy is a fictional race not the ones they resemble throughout the anime.

StandEmperor • 1 year ago

Its been said that the abyssal is coming from the sea on the first eps, well its not like they literally changed it the last second

Jin • 1 year ago

So they all died?!

YazrieL-san • 1 year ago

yep, most of them were sunk during ww2.

Paradise SLU • 1 year ago


Sasword 2099 • 10 months ago

one of the anime that made me Cried like a B1tch!

Frielle • 11 months ago

So this was the reason why Yamato became Hotel Yamato and also the reason why she doesn't wanna go fighting the Abyssals again...

It is me or many comment don't understand the non japan ship there is just an illustion because they all glowing and gone when the last 4 ship do the "kamikaze".

Bullet Masangkay • 1 year ago

That ending, I guess all girls died in their past life in 1944 and now reincarnated as a new life in the year 2023. Smh

Grandpa Lampshade • 1 year ago

Just finished the rewatch without the absurd delays. This is a really great anime that suffered from two things:
1. As mentioned, the delays were basically a torpedo hit to the main gun magazine and as such, this show really never stood a chance.
2. Eight episodes when this should have been twelve. Of course with the delays it wouldn't have mattered (we'd still be watching this in 2024 lol) but had they managed to get this done minus the delays, it really needed 12 episodes. On the rewatch it was really obvious that they were trying to cram a lot of story into not enough episodes.

Sadly I'm sure this will probably be it. All and all, still a great watch.

Wilfredo Fernandez • 1 year ago

not really sure of the American side's name in kantai collection. but Royal Navy is the same here.

Wilfredo Fernandez • 1 year ago

i wish there was a kantai collection counterpart of Enterprise.

Wilfredo Fernandez • 1 year ago

holy shit!!!!!!! Roayl Navy and Eagle Union makes an appearance at the end!

satori • 1 year ago

you know they are desperate when they called 2 aviation battleship a light carrier and the first carrier in the world a carrier division
not a single fleet carrier remains

Christian Appel • 1 year ago

Everyone has a date but not Shigure and Yuki or she waits for her on the boat and that is all private offscreen. Maybe more than a kiss on the cheek from Yuki to Shigure this time.

For me, this isn´t S2 but more like a spin off. I need an official one with the original cast.