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ChosenOneX • 1 year ago

Wow, I didn’t expect the emperor to not want humans to normally reproduce and that he could also artificially make humans. Poor Dakini, having to erase humans’ desire for love was against her whole being.

Damn, I first thought it was fun to see the loli reading the ero book, but what happened to her later really got me. It makes sense that she was Riche’s mother. The scene where Riche told Dakini she is Toka’s daughter was actually pretty emotional.

Atar saved Yukito and the gang just in time. Sadly, she (and all the other girls) couldn't withstand Dakini's horni beam.

What I like about this anime is how it switches between fun and serious. Like, when the girls were all horni for Yukito and then all of a sudden Mitama arrived showing her power she gained by… gaining horni followers… Mitama groveling before the real Dakini was so fun. I'm glad that Roy is once again on Mitama's side.

Anime & Rutabagas • 1 year ago

Roy is just the horny wildcard lol

Honestly tho, this anime is such a fever dream... AND I LOVE IT!

I know people will crucify me for this, but...
I honestly enjoy this more than this Konosuba Megumin backstory season.

Dbz Directioner • 1 year ago

Me too. I also think this more fun than Megumin's backstory. I don't hate it but comparatively this is much better.

Testarossa • 1 year ago

Lol better for worst reason just interestingly ummm forgot the word for it hahaha but like konosuba back story is just unnecessary like I mean in some part it explains why she did that but like is a comedy Isekai who needs backstory like c'mon now waited so many years for a backstory fuck them

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

" Comparatively this is better" what?

Are you serious like in what sort?

This annime can't be even compared " Konosuba : kono subarashi sekai ni bakuen wo".

And you are saying this is better.

Come on dude, there is a limit to a persons delusion.

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

No no no... You are misunderstanding. What I'm saying is that "It's better than Megumin spinoff".

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

Heh... I am talking about" Megumin spinoff" and mind you my friend it is much more than megumin spinoff.

And this what should have been a hentai series would never be able to come close near to even Megumin spinoff.

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

Ohhhh, then I am absolutely dead serious. Kamikatsu is definitely much, much, much better series than the "Megumin spinoff".

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

Ohhhh myyy Godddddd dude it is literally just a hentai with some sex jokes in it.

Tell me one thing in which this anime excels to new season of Konosuba.

Dbz Directioner • 11 months ago

Well might be, but who said hentai can't have a better plot than an Anime.

And once again, I am talking about "Megumin spinoff" not Konosuba in general.

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

See see even you think so , my friend.

Now we all good , Ok then as jobless, freeloading parasites sucking our parents hard money dry lets enjoy this together hentai together.

losers like you are desperate for females like konosuba i'm guessing

usucdik • 11 months ago

KonoSuba is trash tier overrated by too many teen boys that don't know taste yet. To pretend this is "just hentai" when the other is just the same lame jokes over and over by the same characters, it's basically like half of the are Roy from this one, but with fewer plot twists to make it funny.

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

Konosuba overrated?

Says the guy defending hentai with a decent plot.

People like you do exist huh?.

Whose brains are incapable of understanding comedy.

usucdik • 10 months ago

Sorry bro, KonoSuba is still mostly just bad, overrated, and constantly the same jokes over and over with the same degenerate characters, and it doesn't matter how much you claim this anime is hentai after defending some other brand of filth.

YOSHIDA MAN • 10 months ago

" constantly the same jokes over and over" Yeah, but it's your baseless opinion.

The irony is that the guy who says he doesn't like same jokes over and over again is enjoying the show which isn't unique in anysense. Same cliche plot and story again and again.
The surprising fact is that this kind of anime still don't usually fail because of people like you who get thier softcore hentai needs fulfilled from these kind of anime.

Withthat said I am no exception, but it's arrogant and ignorant to compare this kind if anime with such as konosuba.

Lights Zub • 1 year ago

Tbh, konosuba without Kazuma and gang are completely boring.

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 year ago

That one has better graphics.
This one is unapologetically camp.

God Of Urging • 1 year ago

Yeah, Konosuba's still my favorite, but its comedy works because of the character dynamics between Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua and Darkness. Removing three fourths of the central cast really weakens the effect, with the normally pretty robust supporting cast failing to pick up the slack.

Add that to all the biggest questions that the backstory could have answered (the cause of Megumin's fixation on Explosion, Yunyun's sacrifice to let her pursue that obsession) being resolved in the first half of the season, and the result doesn't measure up to the main series at all.

that anime is trash

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

Disclaimer: Viewers please don't smoke and drink while watching anime, don't watch anime under influence of any kind of drugs or you might start to get stupid thoughts like this dude here.
No we aren't such diabolical. We will just wait for you to sober up and if necessary we might need to perform purification and bath you in the holy water
from axis church because there is also a possibility that you might have been possessed by evil minions of demonlord.. then when you get sober we will ask you whether you really mean such blasphemy. If you don't we all good but if you do actually mean it there is nothing that can be done to you cause. We can exorcise or purify body and soul but we can't cure brain a dead person.

the anime you like is trash

YOSHIDA MAN • 11 months ago

Come guys , come come at me more with your stupid dead brains.

I have left enough braincells, to correct your stupid opinion and put some wisdom inside your brains.

InvalidUser00 • 1 year ago

I agree.

I dont like konosuba at all, its for simps

Dbz Directioner • 1 year ago

He literally joined the Enemy. He is not a Wild card. He is just a Useless Basterd.

RifaMan • 1 year ago

It's hilarious the horniest man in the village is so creepy even in the sex cult they be like use your right hand ✋

Vii X • 1 year ago

So Loki is...Loki. One is essentially Bast, protecting her man. We have the horny goddess of lu... I mean..

Lord Julius Hawkins • 1 year ago

Didnt he got nuked in the blast?? :O

Dagrah • 1 year ago

He has horny plot armor.

Deus The Great • 1 year ago

Yeah, the emperor became twisted over time. Also, i was wondering if the emperor wanted Archons to do as he please, couldn't he just erase their emotion and made them with robot personalities instead? It made me wondering if they have some kind of rule and some restriction to created Archons. This anime seems to have some logic behind in its own way since the first time they reveal that Yukito wasn't isekai and how the empire became in that state.

I like how Mitama bragged as if all gods are below her until they showed her groveled and begged before the real Dakini lmao. Yukito really have her craves for his d*ck.

xXPORTALXx • 1 year ago

Pretty sure it was just computer algorithms in charge at that point, the 'emperor' was a hologram hiding bones

Supushan • 1 year ago

Maybe they could only create archons mimicking true gods.

Rustin Landis • 1 year ago

Yeah, I would believe in that method as well. I am just not sure why the emperor chose Dakini when it's system chose to label all members of the assembly as Archons. You'd think it'd named Dakini someone from the Greek-side of pantheons. Like... wasn't there a snake goddess of fertility from Crete?

xXPORTALXx • 1 year ago

Tbh man it's a japanese cartoon, pretty sure the author didn't nor needed to be that methodical over the details of eurpean mythologies lmfao

Supushan • 1 year ago

Up to now we got Loki (nordic), Atar (zoroastrian) and Dakini (Hinduism and Buddhism) so name-wise they got gods from all places

Medinhou • 1 year ago

Well, reproduction means evolution, and this means change. The emperor wanted the world to stay as is, and that also includes humans.

Especially with humanity being reduced to a few ten thousand people, it can easily (thinking on long enough time scales) happen that they evolve themselves into a corner, which would mean the end for humanity

Lobstronomous • 1 year ago

Yeah, but they established that these gods have no power without followers. Maybe it is because she had the same name, but that seems kind of shitty. The real dakini should have been shriveled up and powerless just like mitama as she didn't have any followers.
And since Mitama had followers at the time, even though it was like 2, she should have been ahead. Plus the fact that she is the goddess of earth not just some crappy fuck god.

RifaMan • 1 year ago

I feel bad for Daikini but at least her end goal is actually in line with Yukito so she will be a good ally, I guess next episode will be lore explained episode huh but on that note how does follower count power works? Mitama lost all her follower when she comes in this time but she can go to God realm and beg the real Dakini to help her, should real Dakini lose all follower too considering this world is earth but in near future?

Jullian J. Weskier • 1 year ago

That wasnt a loli it was a shojo.
Shoujo = young girl
Loli = petite girl. Can also be used to describe a young girl. Centers on body type. Like our green haired god.

Sorry to focus on this one part, but we gotta start using this term correctly

PrintScreen • 9 months ago

petite girls are very different

Mitama is a just loli, she looks like a kid

Jullian J. Weskier • 9 months ago

Can be true as well. Its a thing for me anyway

Kino • 1 year ago

sorry but everytime we see a remotely a loli

it became a loli

Same goes for me when I know the true meaning of fanservice yet I still call those boobs fanservice (Cuz I like them)

Jullian J. Weskier • 1 year ago

:p i totally get it.

kyoshiromibu • 1 year ago

When you get too technology advanced, you stop thinking like a human being, and start thinking like a machine. So yeah this was to be expected.

Judgment526 • 1 year ago

Horny projectile attack!

Master of Delusion • 1 year ago


Paradise SLU • 1 year ago


Rashawn T Ketchens • 1 year ago